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thermal store

  1. M

    Thermal store combi boiler, hot water flow rate.

    Can anyone tell me the hot water flow rate on a thermal store combi boiler? As opposed. To a 40kw combi that will deliver nearly 16litres per minute. And any recommendations for a good thermal store boiler thanks.
  2. J

    Thermal store nightmare

    Sorry for a long post but we have a complicated thermal store situation Over the summer we had a new solid fuel stovax back boiler installed and upgraded our hot water storage tank to a thermal store. We have not had reliable hot water since. Initially we only used the emersion and after...
  3. siricosm

    Cylinder for DIY thermal store

    I am looking to install a thermal store to replace my current vented cylinder. I plan to use an external plate exchanger for DHW and heat the store directly from my existing vented boiler. So what I am looking for is a plain stainless steel tank (no internal coils) with a variety of connections...
  4. siricosm

    Suggestion for a thermal store?

    I am moving house and looking to install a thermal store in the new place. I was thinking of an unvented store around 300l, with a single corrugated stainless coil for DHW. Any suggestions on make/model/supplier?
  5. Chris Churchman

    Replacement for TS Range Flowmax Cylinder

    Hello... Looking for advice regarding a replacement for my old Range Flowmax 140 Thermal Store combination cylinder that is starting to show its age. I wondered if anyone had any recomendation for which manufacturers to look at? I know they are not cheap anyway, but I dont mind spend a bit extra...
  6. S

    Serious and pre-existing leak or thermal store error?

    Now sorted... don’t bother reading this stupid long post. Hi, I’ve got a bit of a head scratcher here and wondered what you guys would make of it. I was called by a landlord to do a gas safety check on a property that is now at the latter stages of being sold and the buyers wanted the usual...
  7. S

    Thermal store - very low hot water pressure. Help/ideas

    Very low (trickle) hot water pressure at outlets. Albion mainsflow indirect cylinder. Help and ideas please!
  8. D

    Gravity and vented thermal store.

    Apologies for the unusual question, as I am an interested DIYer. The question is, why do you need a gravity coil, on a thermal store? Surely, you'd get better flow rate from direct connections to the side, as there would be no friction and you could use 35mm or 42mm copper pipe, to a 2 inch...
  9. R

    Thermal Store “Boiler-Pump” query

    Hi, I'm a newbie and need some advice please. My 4 bed house has gas central heating with the Regular boiler (BG 330 set to 18Kw output) located in the garage. The boiler is connected directly to the header tank (vented system) and is also connected via a dedicated system pump to a thermal...
  10. C

    Thermal store for Solar PV and oil - 2 immersions?

    Hi, I'm new here and have arrived on this forum as I have a question on the above. I'm talking to a solar PV supplier about a 4kw system with which will come and Eddi controller which can feed 2 immersion heaters. I'm a bit lost when it comes to the cylinders/thermal stores. We currently have...
  11. S

    So many thermal store questions!

    So the plan is this. Currently I have all rooms individually controllable through programmable TRVs allowing me to heat only the rooms that are being used on different profiles during the day and night. So far so good. But I have three main problems with my boiler. 1. there is no boiler...
  12. O

    Mitsubishi ASHP and Heatbank Xcel Thermal Store

    Hi, We have recently had a quote to fully supply and fit a Mitsubishi Ecodan System in our home...I would have liked to have a wood burner connected to it in order to subsidise the heat production and lower our electricity bills in the winter, however, with this configuration it is not...
  13. M

    Thermal store replacement

    Hello, got to change a PULSARCOIL 2000, anyone have experience of these, what would be a good replacement ? have fitted a TRISTOR MANUAL FILL before to replace a combi cylinder, found it quite straight forward to install, and was impressed with quality and performance. But always ready to take...
  14. G

    Electrical counter for CH

    Hiya new to forums so sorry if the wrong place. I'm currently planning a thermal store installation for a new property being converted into a hmo . I would like to zone every single bedroom and give the teanants a switch (like a light switch) which is also run into a tamper proof thermostat set...
  15. P

    log burner and gas boiler into thermal store = persistent problem frustrating for me the homeowner

    In 2012 we had a thermal store installed with a log burner and regular gas boiler feeding it. pretty much since then it hasn't worked properly, the original fitter has since retired and a couple of plumbers and an electrician have looked at it but cannot get it to work effectively. The idea...
  16. J

    Positioning Heat Sink Radiator on a Gravity Fed System

    Hi - I am putting in a new multifuel boiler stove (max 9.6kw to water), connected up to my vented thermal store, which I am looking to do on 100% gravity. The pipework runs 2m vertically from the stove, 2x45 degree bends, then a 7m horizontal run (with a very slight incline), another 2x45 degree...
  17. D

    Thermal store - dangerous

    I just finished writing up a four page report on a thermal store I was called out to on Friday. The lower immersion heater was rigged up to a timer as there was no available white meter (economy 7 ect). The timer is a Nobo 500, which is transmited to via RF from the consumer unit. I opened it...
  18. T

    Thermal store/heat pump setup

    Hello from a newbie - we're renovating a detached bungalow (70 sq m), not on gas, and oil/LPG both undesirable/impractical. The plan is underfloor heating with an Ecodan air source heat pump, and a thermal store which will eventually have solar thermal added - also keeping options open and will...
  19. G

    pipe sizing help please

    Hi, Im here to see if I can get any help with my boiler cycling which I think may due to wrong bore pipework in my old house. Ive installed a thermal store indirect coil tank in the loft, connected to my existing system with a condensing boiler, pump and 2 x 2way valves, one for CH and one for...