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Seem to be quite a few making them nowadays... Saxon, Shark but don't want to fork out for Bosch if I can help it, just a fair value assorted pack for timber/plastic. Which are decent?


Advent Win
I have used bosch and dewalt blades and they're better than the cheap ones but I don't think they're so much better that they're worth paying up to 4 times more per blade.
So I go with the cheapo ones from toolstation, the shark tooth ones eat through wood and last well as long as you don't hit any nails.
There was a pack of three bosch ones from poofix for about £15, that's a damn good price for them, not sure if they still stock them as bosch have changed the shape of the fitting on their tools and their blades are pretty much all updated to the new shape now.


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Gas Engineer
Saxon cheap ones doesn’t matter if I hit a nail then


Gas Engineer
Advent Win
Tried all of the above all ok but at least they have come down in price , if you can be bothered you can sharpen them .
I had a pack from Aldi which were ok considering the price.

I suspect most brands do ok on wood and other soft materials, and it's only when you need to cut metal that the more expensive blades are justified...

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