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  1. darrenjames10

    Van tool theft, Stealth Tool Tracker will help you find your stolen tools

    Everyone needs one of these, not just for your tools, it is 24hr tracking regardless of what property you are trying to keep hold of, just connect it to a cheap tool such as a torch and leave it in PLAIN Sight, it WILL be stolen with your precious personal items, and you WILL find them. Prices...
  2. B

    Nerrad Tapex Kit

    Any of you fellas (or gals) used or own this kit? Was looking for decent tap/backnut spanners and came across this kit. Seems pricey at 150 quid but looks comprehensive enough. Any other bits of kit you'd recommend? As stated before I'm an UK plumber, back from Australia and now in Ireland...
  3. ShaunCorbs

    New Tools

    That looks interesting hopefully the other big ones will copy the idea / make there own
  4. B

    Hello.. Plumber, going back on the tools??

    Hello All My name is Bill and have been a plumber for 35years. I have just returned from Australia where I was working as a plumbing inspector for 12 years! I have returned to the UK ( Ireland actually) and am considering getting back on the tools (probably just maintenance) .. Interested to...
  5. H

    Milwaukee chpx vs chm

    Hi guys, was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I’m looking at buying a Milwaukee sds which will be for general use such as drilling a variety of size holes and also for some core drilling from time to time in thermalite and also solid brick. I would like the drill only mode on the...
  6. Rob Foster

    Servicing Tools is a very important part of any Plumbing business

    Is an important part if our onging business, rusty or seized tools are not good, so I have just found a long forgotten tool renovated it
  7. J

    2 tools that i would like

    1. A water meter pump like this one: I cant find it in uk, dont ever buy anything from abroad as takes forever and then get customs letter a few weeks later with massive fee 2. Gas meter spanner Why is it that Thames water...
  8. L

    hilka tools, stillsons

    anybody used them, ideally the 18" stillsons, been going for ages but never tried owt tia dave
  9. D

    What tools for apprentice plumber?

    I am an appentrice plumber and want to buy my first set of tools - Advice please on what I need.
  10. CorgiDirect

    12 Days of Christmas (Day 12) 25% Off WERA Tools

    Use Coupon Code: WERA25 BUY HERE
  11. CorgiDirect

    12 Days of Christmas (Day 9) 25% Off Dickie Dyer Tools

    Use Coupon Code: TOOLS25 BUY HERE
  12. D

    Nerad Tools Ratchet Pipe Cutter

    Well, I spent 34 quid on this and awaited in excited anticipation for the Amazon package to arrive through my door. It's pure pants and a waste of 34 quid.
  13. CorgiDirect

    20% Off Dickie Dyer Tools and Consumables

  14. CorgiDirect

    Popular Innovative Product: The Aladdin EasyFit Isolator

    Some uses of the Aladdin EasyFit Isolator: As an emergency fitting, where the stop-cock is inaccessible or will not work. As a convenience device in multi-occupancy buildings (e.g. hotels, shops and HMOs) where water supply to one area needs to be worked on without inconveniencing other...
  15. P


    Tools stolen and i saw them on my cctv must of cloned key fob lights flashed as they do on unlocking then doors where opened and tools and other things taken, off to get security locks for the doors. advise you get them fitted before it happens to you. Pete
  16. A

    VETO PRO PAC Tote bag

    Evening peeps, Need a new tote bag, has anyone got a veto pro pac bag if so are they worth the money ? And any good ? Cheers