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Which? is a United Kingdom brand name that promotes informed consumer choice in the purchase of goods and services by testing products, highlighting inferior products or services, raising awareness of consumer rights and offering independent advice. The brand name is used by the Consumers' Association, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee that owns several businesses, including Which? Financial Services Limited (Which? Mortgage Advisers), Which? Legal Limited and Which? Limited, which publishes the Which? Papers.
The vast majority of the association's income comes from the profit it makes on its trading businesses, for instance subscriptions to Which? magazine, which are donated to the campaigning part of the organisation to fund advocacy activity and inform the public about consumer issues. Which? magazine maintains its independence by not accepting advertising, and the organisation receives no government funding. The Consumers' Association is the largest consumer organisation in the UK, with over 573,000 subscribers to its magazine.Until 2006, the association used prize draws similar to those of Reader's Digest to attract subscribers, but following criticism they were discontinued. The Association now attracts subscribers to its publications with free mini-guides and trial offers.

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  1. Zig168

    Which boiler type lasts the longest?

    How many years do these boiler types last? Heat Only System Combi Thanks
  2. R

    Which tool to undo stubborn tap connector?

    Hi I am trying to replace my bathroom tap with a new one, I am trying to remove the existing rusty flexible tap connectors from this bit of 22mm copper pipe. But this thing is not budging at all its like its welded or super glued on, I am using some water pliers on both points here but its not...
  3. J

    Drain Rods - Which are Best?

    Hi everyone, I've had rods break and come apart before and I can't go losing them up a customers drain, so recommendations please...... Which drain rods do you recommend, for a tradesmen, not a DIY set? And/or how can I tell a good set from bad?
  4. dilligaf

    What Gas Boiler? Current one is a Glow worm micron 30ff

    Can anyone tell me of a boiler equivalent to a Glow worm micron 30ff. I am not sure what one I should get?
  5. S

    how can I remove a shower mira8 brass cover plate which is scaled up

    Hi, I have just tried to repair a very old Mira 8 shower unit. However, when trying to remove the brass cover plate it's completely scaled up and it won't budge any ideas on how to free it up. We did think about trying to heat up the bass cover plate but we are concerned about the silver outer...
  6. S

    Which blinds for windows?

    Thinking of getting some vertices ones for the bedroom. All windows have pvc frames. Also double conservatory PVC doors. (Full windows) Lastly horizontal ones for the kitchen. Are they easy to install? And where will be the best place to buy them from?
  7. H

    Which fitting for trite on shower replacement?

    Hi there, First time changing a shower or any sort of plumbing work really. Previously had an old Gainsborough shower unit which packed up yesterday, so I’ve bought a tritron easi fit today with the hope that it would require minimal effort haha. Only issue I have is the water pipe on my...
  8. K

    Shower valve advice - which 1/2 adapters should I use?

    Hi all I'm in middle of my bathroom renovation and about to connect up the shower valve. Thus far I've run all copper but would you recommend I use soldered to 1/2 adapters in to the valve or compression fitting to 1/2? Obviously I'd need to pre-solder the adapter before installing the 1/2...
  9. R

    Viva Skylo flush valve - which number means more flush?

    I have a Viva Skylo flush valve and want to adjust it for maximum flushing power on the full flush. None of the instructions indicate whether a higher or lower number will achieve this, and I can't see an obvious difference in the water volume. Anyone know how the adjustment works...
  10. Bettyboo

    Which are the better brands for concealed cisterns?

    Hi All I need to replace a concealed cistern. I need a standard size 14.5cm wide x 51cm long x 25cm deep. The pull down lever is on the right. Does any one know of the better, less problematic brands to use please? If you could let me know I would appreciate it . Thanks a lot Betty
  11. E

    Thermostat not reaching the temperature which I have set.

    . . . Honeywell CM927 Thermostat Ethos 54C (Condensing Combination Boiler) I set the Thermostat to 26°C (79°F). The boiler fires up and heats the home to 22.5°C (72.5°F), and then it stops. * The thermostat shows me it is currently 22.5°C, but refuses to continue heating to 26°C. I just...
  12. kevintrot

    Which is the best boiler vs heat pumps

    Hello, I am not sure about the boiler as well as heat pump. Please tell me which one I should put in to heat my home.
  13. B

    Which thermostat/receiver can I use for my Vokera easi-heat + CI

    Hi all, So I have a Vokera easi-heat+ci with the thermostat that comes with it, the thermostat and receiver are useless, and keeps disconnecting, is there a thermostat that will directly replace the old one IE plug and play type replacement. Thank you for any help in advance.
  14. R

    Which is the more powerful pump?

    Hi all just picking your brains 2 pumps with flow rates of 3.8 and 5.7 which is the more powerful, also can you fit a commercial pump into a domestic system?
  15. B

    Which way bath rubber seal?

    I’ve got a McAlpine bath waste & it’s come with the two rubber seals one for the plug (which is the bigger one out of the two in pics) & the overflow. Which way around do I put them as the plug one has one side with loads of lines compared to the other side which has a slight dip with one line...
  16. M

    Which is flow/return

    So bit of an odd one right. I have 2 pipes, to the rad a flow/return. I cut the flow/return and capped the flow. I went to fill up the system, the water start to leak out the return. Is that normal? Is the return really the flow?
  17. B

    Reverse Osmosis System- Which Tap?

    Hi, I am considering installing an Undersink RO System, space should not be an issue (I think). We currently have a Quooker (instant boiling water) cylinder and tap installed which we hardly use. I am planning to disconnect and remove the quooker tank from under the sink but the question is...
  18. B

    Combi vs tank - which should I go for?

    Hi all Currently have an open vent system with a 140L tank. This all needs renewing and wondering whether it was worth changing over to a high flow combi instead or to replace with an unvented cyclinder. Currently only have 1 bathroom, but looking to add an ensuite at some point as well. Thanks
  19. G

    Mira Electric Showers - which one?

    Hi guys, I want to replace the electric shower in my flat and I'm not sure which is the best option for me.. I want something powerful, but also looks good.. my bathroom fitter recommended Mira showers, and in particular the Mira Sport Max with Airboost.. he didn't know anything about the...
  20. B

    Which system would you choose?

    4 bed semi-detached barn conversion over 3 floors. 18 radiators, two bathrooms, one d/s cloaks. Any pros and cons to the below system boiler set ups? Which would you choose? Want to be able to run two showers simultaneously without an issues. Option 1 Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 624 Gledhill...
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