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I've discovered the soil pipe that runs from my main bathroom (1st floor) down through an internal brick wall void has a large hole in it. I've stopped using the bathroom as the water running out of light switches in the porch below when i showered didn't seem great!
What type of tradesperson is best placed to fix this? We're Surrey based.
Thanks for any help!

Photo of the area, and close up showing hole attached.



A Plumber is your best option.

Don't be mortified if they turn pale when you show them what needs fixing.

Doesn't look like an easy fix!!!


As above, that's not an easy fix.
Looks like the stack pipe below may have fractured and dropped, if so it will need investigating lower down as the pipe in the ground may have failed and washed away under the stack.

Depending on the layout it may be easier to go out through the wall and down, as long as that isn't into your neighbour's house!!

As a minimum, it's cut out the copper pipe(s) junction that's visible, connect onto the broken pipe below then reform the junctions above.
It may mean breaking into the void at high level below.

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