1. S

    Is this soil pipe installation ancient?

    Hi This is my first post on here so apologies if I'm not spot on straight off! I'm about to embark on a bathroom refurb (mostly DIY). All the existing pipework is behind fitted furniture and this afternoon I took some photos from the cistern access panel to get an of what lurks behind...
  2. SMB

    Shower waste connection to soil pipe.

    Hi, I have to connect the 40mm shower waste to the soil pipe. The soil pipe is running under the floor horizontally (well with a fall obliviously). Is it ok to put a boss strap connector on the top of the soil pipe? The connection would be on the lower side of a toilet. Or is this likely to...
  3. M

    Soil Vent query. Bad smells

    Hi. I own a three storey house. 4 toilets. 3 showers. Since I moved in a couple of years ago there’s been a recurring (and very mild) sewer odour. Most can’t smell it but I can and it’s coming from the shower traps mostly. And sometimes the kitchen sink. At first I assumed a pipe blockage and...
  4. M

    Do I need a new Soil Pipe Vent in the roof?

    Hi, I am installing a new toilet into my en-suite bathroom (there isn't one there currently). There is an existing soil pipe under the floor that I can connect to but it is not vented and is currently just used for the shower waste. There is a toilet on the other side of my house that does...
  5. P

    Broken soil pipe sealing ring - any ideas?

    I have a 110mm soil stack which is completely boxed in, it has a branch coming into the bathroom for the toilet this branch ends in a push fit seal which a solid pipe fits into. The ring seal on the end of the branch is broken and therefore the rubber doesn't hold the pipe securely. Is there a...
  6. B

    Replacing a toilet, but don't recognise this soil flange in the floor to join a pan connector?!

    Hope someone can identify what I need to connect my new toilet pan to the vertical soil pipe in the bathroom floor. The old toilet's pan drained vertically into the soil pipe. I now need to fit a new toilet + pan connector, but the flange in the floor doesn't appear to be catered-for when it...
  7. E

    40mm waste to 110 horizontal soil

    Hi. Just about to put joists in new part of the house but got the basin and shower waste exactly where I need to go. (Ignore the top waste in the photo) By far the easiest way for me to change them round is to drop them straight down and use two strap bosses to go into the top of the horizontal...
  8. giznorm

    Soil pipe and rainwater - is this set up legal?

    Hello everyone, I could do with some opinions on the drainage set up at a house I am buying and would really appreciate your advice. I've been searching online for weeks but got conflicting information. I'm trying to see if the changes made to drainage are legal. The previous owner moved the...
  9. J

    Boss strap on a thin wall clay pipe troubles

    Went to put a boss strap on what i thought was PVC pipe, ended up being a thinwall clay pipe. Is their any way over this apart from a shower waste pump? This is in a bottom floor flat with two flats above. Any help much appreciated. The boss strap was for a low level shower. Jim
  10. M

    Drilling into a soil pipe joint

    Hello, is it unheard of to install a mechanical boss onto a soil pipe joint? The only part of the soil pipe that is above the line of the plasterboard is the joint and I was wondering if anyone has attempted to drill into it? I can’t find any answers online so I’ll assume it’s a stupid...
  11. S

    Settling a current soil and vent termination dispute

    Morning all, I’m on a new build site and the sparks has installed a extractor fan outlet within 3m of my S&V termination( i Came through a gable end first with NO opening into the fabric of the building within my 3m .. windows or vents) My 110mm termination is to vent a branch that has 6...
  12. B

    Help with Soil pipe fall

    hi im fitting a toilet, the toilet has a elbow and the run is 920mm and the drop is 150mm to the drainage pipe in the corner, im was just wanting some help with the fall as i looks to steep but the run is not far, and help please. thanks
  13. A

    How to connect WC to soil pipe at an unusual angle

    Hi! First time posting here! Great forum, a novice DIYer attempting to fit my first bathroom out. I'm installing a bathroom into a bedroom, the bedroom was previously used as a bathroom (40+ years ago) but all the waste and soil pipes have been removed leaving the soil/waste pipe holes in the...
  14. M

    Soil pipe reroute so not across window

    hi here is a pic of soil pipe recently put in to new attic bathroom. The pipe can’t go to the right of the window pictured but I am hoping there is a small change possible to creat a better route than this to change only that small piece and tuck it more neatly to the left and not overhanging...
  15. B

    Fittings to branch into cast soil pipe?

    I would like to add another WC about 2m to the right of existing WC. The existing soil pipe has only one WC (coming out the wall straight into the soil pipe) and is a straight vertical cast iron 4 inch pipe with a vent at the roof. My plan is to go out the wall with the new WC and then go down...
  16. J

    Soil stack and waste

    Check out this lovely work!! Waste from basin into guttering which runs into the ground.. Just have a look at the pics. Is it acceptable to run waste into? guttering Would you work with what there is to some degree making some(a lot)alterations or strip it back and start again?
  17. L

    Cast soil section replacement

    Good evening, Just to see how you guys have done something I keep thinking about in my head. A job I have looked at to fit a downstairs toilet. The soil stack is all internal (boxed in) and is cast all the way up, I need to cut into the bottom of the stack for the new toilet. The customer...
  18. C

    Soil pipe for toilet frame help

    Hi all I am trying to fit a toilet frame in my bathroom, I have an issue whereby the soil pipe out of the frame does not line up with the pipe in my house, the pipe is about 70mm higher. See picture for details, how is it best to do this ? Do they do an offset adapter for around 70mm? Cheers
  19. S

    110mm Soil pipe to ensuite

    Hi All, I am adding an ensuite to our bedroom. The new 110mm soil pipe run (Grey in diagram) is approx 6m long and enters the building beneath a timber suspended floor. The 90 degree bends are swept. I am assuming it would be a good idea to vent the pipe above the new toilet with an air...
  20. M

    Part replace soil stack

    How much work is it to part replace cast iron soil stack. I need to add existing toilet upstairs so need to add a branch in to external stack which is cast iron. As far as I am aware I need to use two adapters top and bottom to convert from cast to plastic pipe. Then an adaptor for connection...
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