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A wall is a structure and a surface that defines an area; carries a load; provides security, shelter, or soundproofing; or, is decorative. There are many kinds of walls, including:

Walls in buildings that form a fundamental part of the superstructure or separate interior rooms, sometimes for fire safety
Glass walls (a wall in which the primary structure is made of glass; does not include openings within walls that have glass coverings: these are windows)
Border barriers between countries
Brick walls
Defensive walls in fortifications
Permanent, solid fences
Retaining walls, which hold back dirt, stone, water, or noise sound
Stone walls
Walls that protect from oceans (seawalls) or rivers (levees)

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  1. Be kind

    Can my flue be fixed from outside wall

    My boiler flue isn’t angled slightly towards boiler. In case of water. Can this be corrected from the outside of flue?
  2. D

    URGENT Do I chase the connections into a wall.

    Hi all. I am in desperate need of a second opinion. I have two pipes (hot and cold water) that once ran down from the bathroom above and round a corner to our sink. Previously they were in a box in but the wall they were boxed into has been removed and now we are left unsure what to do now...
  3. Y

    Wall mounted water tap

    Hi need help on how to remove the valve on both fixtures attach to the wall. Pls see picture as I am stuck. Thks.
  4. Y

    Removing wall mounted tap

    Hi how to remove wall mounted tap that is not a common model. Thks.
  5. G

    How to put the cistern against the wall

    The toilets both have a piece of wood between the cistern and the wall.I cannot find an outlet pipe which will let me push the cistern against the wall. Do I have to get a different toilet to achieve this.
  6. M

    Moving Radiator Along Wall

    The guy who fitted my kitchen and is having problems with installing the new radiators moved my hall radiator along the wall - however, he has changed the pipes around. What used to be the pipe that went into the right hand side now goes into the left hand side and vice versa. He said it will...
  7. B

    Bathroom wall panel help

    Hi everyone, today while in the shower I managed to whack my elbow off my bathroom wall panel and made a small dent. I cracked a deep cut in my elbow and don't even know how it happened. My question is can I fix the dent at all any advice would be much appreciated thank you.
  8. R


    Hello we are currently doing our living room, it is back to plaster no skirting etc.. our current radiator has pipes on show down the wall and along the skirting. but we'd like to chase them into the wall and change the radiator roughly for a similar size. Should we chase them in exactly how...
  9. C

    Milano Windsor 3 column - alternative wall mounts

    Hi, We have a very tight gap between the top of our skirting board and the bottom of the window, 510mm. We have researched and and taken delivery of a couple of 3 column Milano Windsor radiators (500mm). Unfortunately the brackets for wall mounting are sloped and extend beyond the bottom of...
  10. B

    Wall hung toilet movement pre-silicone

    Hi, just installing a wall hung toilet on a grohe duofix frame + hardie + metro tiles. All fine so far, just pushed the pan on rods and tightened as test run before attaching flush pipe and waste. When fully tightened I can still lift the pan up slightly I.e. bottom of pan comes away from...
  11. P

    Wall hung basin pulling away from wall

    I went in to fit a small wall hung basin today and had a devil of a job trying to keep it tight to the wall along the top edge. I’ve done a couple of wall hung basins before but never had one where the fixing points were right at the bottom. It was supplied with 2 wall anchors which I installed...
  12. K

    Heating pipe buried in wall correctly?

    Came across this today. Plastic central heating pipe directly buried in wall. Wall to be plastered soon. Isn't the plaster going to crack as soon as the pipe expands? Especially plastic? If you run pipe in pipe, I've always wondered how you clip/hold the pipe inside? It's just not possible?
  13. P

    House wall wet - prior plumbing work completed, potential leak?

    Hello all, I hope you are well. We have a question if we may regarding the outside wall of our house. We have noticed that the house has a wet look to the wall in a particular area. And while this may seem a little silly considering its winter in the UK and most house walls are wet this one...
  14. H

    Shower wall plate install

    Evening all, Concealed valve install coming up. A fixed head and a handheld, both of which have 1/2” threads of different lengths. How do I get the wall plates in exactly the right position behind the wall? Thanks in advance
  15. A

    Cavity wall or ceiling cistern?

    I'm planning a wetroom in a very small space 1m x 2m (see attached). I want to maximise the space by having a cistern entirely in the stud wall including the waste . Two questions really 1. Is there a cavity wall cistern that fits completely inside a100mm cavity? 2. Is there such a thing as a...
  16. R

    URGENT Help! Any ideas how to level this corner basin?

    Hello, I’ve fitted loads of wall hung basins in my time but this one is defeating me. Whatever I do the front of the basin is much lower than the back and I can’t get it level. It’s and Ideal Standard basin with a vanity unity that goes underneath so it needs to be level. I’ve tried corner...
  17. K

    Is my wall still under leak or it is talking time to dry up?

    Mine is a two storeyed house. The groundfloor toilet and first flower shower are at same alignment. About two months back, I cleaned my shower drain like this in the video: Unfortunately, when I removed the siphon, the left out water (about 1 litre) around the area started draining. For...
  18. P

    Chasing radiator pipes through joist and wall

    Hi all, hoping there are answers out there to my small dilemma. A customer of mine wants 15mm radiator flow and return pipes chased into the block wall and pop out down the bottom. Problem is the joists are close to the wall so to start the chase in the block i will have to notch out the joist...
  19. H

    URGENT Hanging a Radiator on plasterboard/cavity wall

    What’s the best fixings to use for a double Radiator in the living room that needs to be fixed to a plasterboard/cavity wall?
  20. T

    Hi, question about chasing pipes into wall

    Hi, I’m not a plumber by trade but needed PVC pipes chased into wall which I’ve done but the plaster has said they need to be chased deeper because the heat might effect the plaster. But it’s a internal wall so theres only so deep I can go, so is there anything I can put over the pipes so I...