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  1. leesparkykent

    Wall hung toilet and frame/stud

    Hi, I’m looking for a little advice in regards to a wall hung toilet. I’m currently refurbishing a bungalow and having a wall hung toilet installed. I’m going to get the chippy to build a stud wall to conceal it etc. I’m just wondering what’s best to use on the studwork like moisture board...
  2. J

    Pipe sticking out of the wall

    I'm in the middle of ripping ou my kitchen and there is a pipe sticking out of the wall and the hob is on the other side of the kitchen the pipe has a thread on it and the wall has a metal plate around the pipe can anyone tell me what it is thanks
  3. M

    Stud wall depth for brass shower valve

    Hi folks I am building a stud wall to accept a concealed brass shower valve. Should the CLS timber width be 100mm? Thanks very much
  4. mgw

    TRV heads, and linking to wall thermostat?

    I have looked at a range of TRV heads costing between £10 and £60 and it seems until you buy them, you don't really know what you are getting for your money. They all use batteries, they all allow multi temperatures to be set depending on time of day and day of week. Some are direct entry only...
  5. M

    Radiator removal - making good pipework in wall

    Hello everyone. Could someone offer me some advice as to how to deal with the following, please? I'm removing a radiator from an en-suite. It will not be replaced. There is speedfit micro bore behind it into the plasterwork and it may or may not be push fitted on to copper, I'm unable to see...
  6. E

    Combination tank wall mounted.

    Hi all, There’s a combi tank wall mounted in the actual flat and the new kitchen tap is higher than the HW feed from the cylinder. I’m looking for suggestions on a pump suitable for the bathroom and kitchen for the HW only. There’s only one person living in the flat so there’s no chance of more...
  7. S

    Taken boiler off wall

    Hi after advice my customer is looking to cap off main gas supply remove boiler from wall, pipe work and all radiators taken away as he is switching to electric radiators powered by his current solar panels. I'm not gas Safe but can carry out all the draning down of system remove rads etc...
  8. A

    How to remove gas fitting from wall

    Dear All, We have this (see attached) pipe fitting next to an old brick fireplace that seems to be a gas fitting. We want to remove it but don't know how. The screws holding the bracket to the wall are behind the silver fitting and are difficult to get to with a screwdriver. Ideally we would...
  9. D

    vertical waste pipe is 235mm from wall, need a WC to accommodate this

    Hi, Could anyone recommend a toilet that could work with a waste pipe that proud of the wall? Or where I might go to search for one? Cheers.
  10. J

    Moving radiator pipes from floorboards to wall

    Hello, I’d like to move the radiator’s pipes into the wall, so that they come out of it horizontally and above the skirting I am also likely to fit a wider (but single panel) radiator to better match the width of the window I think it’s better not to have any fitting inside the wall so I might...
  11. T

    Securing shower plate to tiled wall.

    Would anyone be able to suggest a way of getting this this shower faceplate properly sealed to the tiles? The rubber gasket is no longer available from Grohe and has lost its ‘stickiness’ thus failing to hold the plate to the shower wall. Of course I can try to clean the gasket up and apply...
  12. S

    Can i run rad pipes in a plasterboard wall channel?

    Redoing a small bathroom and ive removed a small rad and some of the boxing that concealed the pipework supplying it leaving this: Im going to remove the sink and any remaining boxing. The new sink will go on the back wall under the window. Then I want to move the rad over to where the...
  13. M

    Running 25 mdpe through a wall.

    Hi all, What fittings are best to run this through my wall to sleeve and seal. Do I need to make it up or is there a special sleeve. Cheers
  14. Rob876

    Removing wall hung pedestal

    I was sent a pic of a wall hung pedestal with a leak from behind the pedestal and was wondering if they are generally fitted with springs or bolts? I don't have a pic but there are no screw covers on pedestal so I guess it's springs. Sorry for lack of pic.
  15. B

    Channelling pipes in a brick wall

    We are in the process of buying a new home and the bathroom is tiny which is the only downside the the property. It currently has a shower cubicle, toilet and sink. The dimensions are 1700mm x 1610mm. We are looking to rip out the entire contents and fit a standard bath along the 1700mm wall...
  16. T

    Snapped off shower head in wall

    Does anyone know how i solve this problem. I broke my shower head the other night while cleaning it. The metal has sheared off at the elbow joint in the wall which connects to the copper water feed from the valve. So i have the elbow joint still in place and secure, but it has the threaded bit...
  17. Roy_66

    Loo Cold Feed and Overflow Rework / Making Good the Wall (Part 4)

    This post just for interest/comment so please only read if you have time for that (Any thoughts appreciated). Finished my project before Easter so just catching up here. So, following on from previous post of completing the plumbing (bar the actual loo refit): Loo Cold Feed and Overflow Rework...
  18. M

    1st fixing for a wall hung shower??

    hi guys. I’ve got to 1st fix for the shower below and I’m wondering what’s the best way or fitting to use? The connections on the shower are just half inch flexis so I’m wondering whether to use wall plates. Any advice would be appreciated.
  19. J

    Advice on plumbing Grohe wall hung frame

    I'm fitting a wall hung toilet using a Grohe frame and would appreciate advice on connecting the waste to the soil stack (to the right in the image). I am planning to connect the Grohe supplied waste (black pipe) to the stack using solvent weld pipes (don't trust the push fit not to leak) - the...
  20. M

    Back to wall double ended baths.

    Anyone fitted many of these? I am just intrested in how the bath panel usually fixes? With it being curved, is it clips on the bottom? And the wall? Thanks

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