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A wall is a structure and a surface that defines an area; carries a load; provides security, shelter, or soundproofing; or, is decorative. There are many kinds of walls, including:

Walls in buildings that form a fundamental part of the superstructure or separate interior rooms, sometimes for fire safety
Glass walls (a wall in which the primary structure is made of glass; does not include openings within walls that have glass coverings: these are windows)
Border barriers between countries
Brick walls
Defensive walls in fortifications
Permanent, solid fences
Retaining walls, which hold back dirt, stone, water, or noise sound
Stone walls
Walls that protect from oceans (seawalls) or rivers (levees)

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  1. D

    Difficulty of removing asbestos; Plumber that can repair Gyprock wall

    I have been given a quote to fix a noisy tap. Apparently they have to “replace breech to main shower” — which I understand to mean the thing one level behind any normal work on a tap. (“It is worn down and still has a small crack in it.”) “This will have to be done through the Gyprock wall...
  2. T

    Wall mounted sink query

    I booked a plumber to fit a wall mounted sink in my bathroom, but when his fitter took the old sink out the wall wasn't strong enough to support it. Fair enough, but before telling me it was no good he got his fitter to try fitting the sink. This rendered the sink unreturnable and now he expects...
  3. I

    Wall Hung toilet movement? What is too much?

    My sister bought a new build property which has wall hung toilets, NK by Noke Porcelona The pans are all moving enough for the silicone sealant to fail across the top of the pan and if you put a bit of weight on it it opens up by about 5mm. They've been in use (light use 4 toilets in a holiday...
  4. N

    what is this thing in my wall

    I'm trying to widen my driveway and this is in the way,what is it ? a vent to the drain system ? something else ? can I remove it ? I havn't uncovered anything yet so cant give anymore info
  5. S

    Broken pipe in the wall while removing bath spout

    Hi all, My partner and I recently bought a house and have been attempting to make the bathroom less fugly. I was removing the bath and shower taps to replace, but while removing the bath spout (which had no nut to undo), the threaded section of the pipe broke. I thought the bit that broke must...
  6. D

    Downsizing outflow pipe at wall

    Hi, I have a dishwasher that needs to move further back to fit flush with the other units, as is sticking out. What's in the way is an outflow pipe with 50mm diameter. Replacing it with a 25mm pipe would do the trick. Pic at pipework.png hosted at TinyPic - https://tinypic.host/i/ocehtd...
  7. M

    URGENT Leak on the pipe / wall junction

    Hello all, I realised yesterday that I now have a massive leak coming from the where the pipe below the sink goes into the wall. Every time water is used (sink, washing machine, dishwasher), it leaks from the junction of the pipe / wall. You can see on the pictures that there is some gross...
  8. M

    Glass wall channel for very out of plumb wall?

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a walk in shower enclosure glass wall channel with about 50mm - 60mm of adjustment in it? I hired a bathroom fitting company to gut and replace 4 bathrooms in a block of holiday flats. In one of the bathrooms they missed an extremely out of plumb wall. Their...
  9. B

    Remove radiator from wall?

    I need to remove a radiator to take tiles off behind it & then re-board, plaster & paint the wall. It has a drain valve, would it be ok to empty the radiator through that? The radiator will be taken off for about a week so after taking it off would it be ok to cap the thermostatic valve & still...
  10. Alexob1

    Back to wall toilet with side waste

    I’d like to replace the toilet in my house with a back to wall one. The plan is to build a panel on stud work to conceal the cistern and then use the existing soil pipe which goes out to the right. All the back to wall toilets on Victoria Plum have a cross through the side waste which has...
  11. P

    Surest way to connect to wall plate elbow?

    Hi I have installed my concealed shower valve and fitted wall panels, I'm soon ready to put shower fittings through the panels and screw them into the wall plate elbows. My question is what shall I use to seal the threads in the most effective way? I have Loctite thread locker as the thread...
  12. J

    Decent flush to wall close coupled toilet/brand

    Any ideas on the a decent flush to wall close coupled toilet/brand? Should I just go for Victoria Plumb Orchard brand? Just to clarify I'm not looking for a btw type with a hidden cistern. I'm looking for a flush to wall close coupled loo i.e.so you cant see soil pipe/so theres no open back/no...
  13. P

    Back to Wall Toilet not flush on new build

    Hi there, The issue that I am having is I am building a new house and the plumbers are absolutely hopeless. Being an industrial plumber and spending 8 months on new houses during my apprenticeship. I have a more brighter idea than these fella's. From issues during rough-in-stage pipe being...
  14. A

    fit tall radiator on 5mm pvc wet wall ?

    i have done a few tests on 5mm pvc wet wall before trying to fit a 1600 bathroom radiator, it's to be fitted on plaster board, there is a panel of sterling board inside the wall. After a few try's to fit the rad fixing the wet wall sink's onto the wall, i have also tryed cutting a circle just...
  15. B

    Fitting a cistern (with frame) into a stud wall (100mm) (follow-up)

    Hello all, This is a follow-up to this post: Fit wall-hung toilet to inside stud wall? - https://www.plumbersforums.net/threads/fit-wall-hung-toilet-to-inside-stud-wall.127877/. I'd like to fit a cistern into a stud wall, which is 100mm wide. Typically, the dimensions of the toilet fixing...
  16. M

    Spinning thermostatic wall blanking plate

    Hello everyone. I hope that someone can provide some guidance on something I can’t figure out how it is done Essentially my plumber has put in my thermostatic shower before the tiles have gone up So now I need to remove the mixer and the blanking plates to tile and then to refit them...
  17. T

    Through-wall tap mounting advice

    Hi. I'm looking for a bit of advice. First, I'm not a plumber, 2nd it's not a house, it's on a boat (probably doesn't make any difference). Maybe somewhat naively I've bought some wall taps on the internet and, by the time I've paid postage both ways, I might as well suck it up and not return...
  18. B

    Fit wall-hung toilet to inside stud wall?

    Hello all, We have a small bathroom, which currently has the toilet on the outside wall, and the sink on the inside wall. What are the chances/challenges of switching this round, i.e., fitting the toilet to the inside wall? Here's what I mean: So toilet would be hung from the stud wall, with...
  19. B

    Advice on soil pipe remaining in wall (behind toilet)

    Hello all, I'm trying to install a new toilet. The old cast soil pipe has been cut 'flush' to the inside and outside wall. On the inside, I will just use a pan connector. However, what do I do on the outside? Pictures of outside: You can see that the remnant of the pipe in the wall is not all...
  20. M

    Distance between wall and radiator?

    Hello everybody! I have a question: I have replaced old radiator(was leaking) using brackets from old radiator, it seems to me that radiator is too close to the wall. Please see pictures attached. Question is: is it acceptable to leave it like that? or there should be some rules for how much...
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