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soil pipe

  1. J

    Max length of drain pipe for bath/shower

    Hi everyone, I'm an interior designer working on a small residential project, and have a bath that is approx 5m from a vented soil stack, with one bend in the pipe as it exits the building to the exterior then connecting to the stack. I know building regs stipulates that the max run of a 50mm...
  2. 0

    Is my neighbours soil/waste pipe allowed to be over my driveway

    Hi, Im hoping someone could give me some advice please. I'm new to this site so please forgive me if I'm posting incorrectly or in the wrong place. I am looking for advice on my neighbours bathroom waste pipe. I'll try to explain this as best as I can. Our neighbours house is set forward from...
  3. S

    Plumbing advice- soil stack

    Hi, I'm a Gas Engineer currently renovating my new house. I'm not too clued up on running waste, soil stacks etc so looking for a bit of advice We had an existing 3 1/2 inch waste pipe running out the back. We are extending out to the back now and have cut the pipe down. Stepped it upto 4 inch...
  4. S

    Does pan need to fully-insert into soil pipe?

    It’s time to buy a new toilet and I need to ensure that the one i buy will meet up correctly with the soil pipe outlet (sunk in floor), such that the cistern sits against the wall. My question is, is it necessary for a pan spigot to fully insert into the soil pipe connector (McAlpine WC-CON8)...
  5. D

    tricky soil pipe connection

    Hi I need to connect a kitchen sink to a soil stack but the soil stack has an inspection hatch and what looks like a reducer into a clay pipe into the floor making it very difficult to fit a boss. This should be pretty straightforward with a boss, but the level where the boss needs to fit is...
  6. H

    Bathroom Waste Layout - Horizontal Soil Pipe

    Hello, I would very much appreciate some help/feedback on what I am proposing for my very small ensuite bathroom. While refurbishing it I’m proposing to add a shower. It’s just 1.2m x 1.6m. I have seen similar posts to this on the forum but not quite my situation. I am proposing to run one...
  7. B

    Soil pipe thru steel beam for loft?

    Good morning. Working on a loft conversion and need to figure out how to route water from the shower and toilet. Someone has recommended that we can drill holes in the steel beams in the loft floor and route the shower and toilet waste through these holes. Has anyone done that before? Will...
  8. L

    Leaking pastic soil pipe stack cover

    Installed when the house was built in the 70's. Does anyone know where can I get a replacement cover ? (or gasket) ? It's not the same shape as ones I've seen online with 4 fixing screws, it has a centre bolt to remove the cover. Cheers
  9. I

    Soil pipe inside or outside the property

    Hi, Need some advice on the soil pipe inside or outside, I have searched on google and read couple of forums but don't find the right or wrong answer of soil pipe being inside or outside the property. We are adding two rooms on the side of the house and one loft into dormer conversion. Please...
  10. O

    Wall hung toilet in brick work with rear soil pipe

    Hi, First post (be gentle!) I joined looking for advice and hope someone can help! I’m looking to get a wall hung toilet but have a couple of issuers. The wall is breeze block (3 inch thick) then a cavity before the external wall. The cavity is about 4-6 inches in size from what I can tell...
  11. D

    Pan Connector to Soil Pipe - Cut or not to Cut

    All, We have an old soil pipe stack which has an inner diameter of 90mm. I presume it is a pitch fibre soil pipe (it's not cast iron). I have been down the local plumbers' merchants and sourced a suitable pan connector, namely a McAlpine WC-CON7B. The toilet outlet is around 30mm higher...
  12. K

    Hole in soil pipe in internal wall

    Hi, I've discovered the soil pipe that runs from my main bathroom (1st floor) down through an internal brick wall void has a large hole in it. I've stopped using the bathroom as the water running out of light switches in the porch below when i showered didn't seem great! What type of...
  13. fknMarko

    How long can soil pipe from the toilet to the soil stack be? And can it have a bend?

    I’ve included a sketch of roughly how I want my soil pipe to be routed. I’ll need to use an s-trap for the toilet so the pipe goes straight down through the floor and into the kitchen below before bending it back into a near-horizontal sloping pipe (1/80 gradient) that runs along the edge of the...
  14. fknMarko

    Can I joint a manrose part onto a soil pipe to use as part of the soil vent?

    Hi. I finally got the keys to my first house a few weeks ago. It's a small house so I'm doing what I can to save space. Currently, the vent pipe in the bathroom for the toilet's soil pipe is boxed into the corner of the room, against an external wall and an internal wall that is roughly 7cm...
  15. B

    Strap on boss below soil pipe

    Hi a quick simple question I want to add a strap boss on the main vertical soil pipe for a shower tray waste pipe but only have room and the height below the horizontal toilet soil pipe going into the soil stack It is not directly below but to the left Will this be a problem with soil waste...
  16. P

    Soil Pipe Box smell and insulation.

    Hello all, Our first post on here, so please be gentle. We are based in the UK and undergoing a kitchen renovation (not a DIY build), and just had the soil pipe box removed from the utility room (in order to make it smaller to allow us to fit wall cabinets and easily access/remove the washing...
  17. T

    WC connector to soil pipe

    I have a 3.5 inch salt glaze soil stack which I need to connect to a new toilet, I’m struggling to find a connector to fit inside the existing pipe, any ideas
  18. M

    soil pipe double offset

    I want to move my toilet into the room a little. At the moment it discharges into a soil pipe that branches horizontally (with a slope) along the wall from the stack. I would like to put two 135 degree offsets in so the horizontal pipe is further out from the wall. Or preferably find a double...
  19. E

    West Sussex -Looking for an expert to plumb in ........

    To connect existing macerator in downstairs wetroom (front of semi-detached) to soil pipe where the drain cover is at the back and inside a conservatory.
  20. M

    Soil pipe one way or the other

    I've installed a Vortex sewage treatment tank alongside the existing septic tank but, instead of switching the drainage over permanently, I was wondering whether there was any kit which would allow the waste to go one way or the other in future. The idea was that, if anything should go wrong...