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Hi all just signed up today, as the title says I’m currently a CNC engineer and have been for 6 years now but I’ve realised it’s not for me.

Been trying to get myself into the plumbing/gas industry for the past 6/7 months but struggling to find a open door. I’m 24 years old a live in the NW in between Blackpool and Preston. Trying to avoid doing these courses as they are rather expensive and have heard that finding a job afterwards is difficult due to no experience, so I’m after the apprentice route. But my problem is that I can’t find one. Tried emailing countless local company’s but had literally 3 responses so no luck so far.

So just thought I would pop my situation on a forum to see if maybe I could have any luck on here ?.

Thanks all.


All I can say is keep trying, took me 2 years to find my work placement and that was only through my brother who knew the plumber who took me on.


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Hi Matt
You have already identified the course problem , yes you can get on plenty, but the job at the end of it well , you have to be incredibly lucky .
We get hundreds of guys like you on here but it’s really hard to advise . The only thing I can suggest is bombard local plumbing firms , “parked “sign written vans , emails , letters etc etc .
Good luck .
If you pop into YouTube and search for plumberparts apprenticeship, he's got a video with some pretty solid advice on the best ways to try and land yourself an apprenticeship.

Sharp Point

I’d stay where you are, as the drums of a looming recession are softly being beaten.
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I would do some research and identify your local community housing providers. one in St Helens eg has 17,000 properties and regularly takes on semi skilled willing newbies because they can train you their way rather than have to re train others. good luck, if you cannot drive or have own transport then this is a must Rob Foster aka centralheatking

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