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Plumbing is any system that conveys fluids for a wide range of applications. Plumbing uses pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other apparatuses to convey fluids. Heating and cooling (HVAC), waste removal, and potable water delivery are among the most common uses for plumbing, but it is not limited to these applications. The word derives from the Latin for lead, plumbum, as the first effective pipes used in the Roman era were lead pipes.In the developed world, plumbing infrastructure is critical to public health and sanitation.Boilermakers and pipefitters are not plumbers although they work with piping as part of their trade and their work can include some plumbing.

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  1. M

    College plumbing lecture/teacher

    Is there anyone on here who works as a plumbing teacher/ lecture for level 3? Thanks
  2. A

    Full-time Plumbing job

    Looking for a qualified plumber for a new build site in White City, London. The work being carried out is 9 floors of trench heaters (60 units per floor), domestic risers, toilet cores and the material used is stainless steel, crimped. Working hours are 08:00 - 17:00, and you’ll receive a...
  3. A

    V33WM product code, McAlpine. Nozzles popping out?

    The nozzles are popping out of the fitting. How do you stop this? Not sure if it hasn't been installed correctly or something. Thanks in advance!
  4. Y

    Plumbing installation in my van

    Hey, I'm located in Paris. forgive my average foreign English. I'm about to install all the plumbing in my van. I'm new to this. I'm wondering if I should recapture the used water from the sink and the bathroom and reinject it into the flush tank or do nothing and waste that water. Also, since...
  5. M

    Plumbing spares kits?

    Hi chaps Are there any decent kits worth picking up for taps and just general plumbing repairs? Cheers
  6. D


    24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE AVAILABLE FOR PLUMBING - HEATING - DRAIN CLEANING. 2429 Hartley Place Wilmington DE 19808 Office: 302-308-1033
  7. C

    Is this plumbing acceptable?

    hi all, we're just finishing up having a loft conversion done. Plumbing was done a couple of weeks ago but only just had a proper look in the eaves and now I'm questioning whether the job was acceptable or not - some of the other work done on the project has been poor! Should the pipes be...
  8. N

    plumbing experience in Nottingham

    Hi I have done all my exams in November and now just awaiting my Nvq. Im worried as i did my practicals months ago and fear that i have forgotten some things. Can anyone help? i would like to gain some experience somewhere in Nottingham . i dont mind if its not paid. Can anyone help? Nathan
  9. L

    Dishwasher plumbing question

    I have a problem with my dishwasher and I’m told there’s an issue with my plumbing. I’m after some help with understanding what the issue is (and what the solution is). My plumbing/appliance arrangement: My dishwasher is plumbed in ‘downstream’ from my sink. They therefore share a pipe to...
  10. S

    Where to obtain Marley plumbing fittings

    I've recently cleared a fatberg from the drain pipe underfloor and am now in the process of fitting everything back together. The cropped out pipework is easy enough; a couple of Flexseal PF56 couplings which are just the right size for the 56mm OD pipe. The boiler condensate drain I will...
  11. R

    Level 2 (Passed) Need Plumbing Experience

    Hi all am new on here. I've passed my level 2 diploma in plumbing . I'm looking to get some more experience on Job I know this industry is so hard to get your foot in an its been a head ache for me but if anyone is willing to give me a chance to get some experience in the field I'd appreciate...
  12. plumbingdoctor

    Plumber The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor

    About The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor Fixed Prices Guaranteed Open All Weekend Seniors Card Discounts Starting in 1980 as The Plumbing Doctor, The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor services the East Coast including Newcastle, the Central Coast, Canberra, and Illawarra. Local tradespeople serving...
  13. J

    plumbing level 1 experience needed

    Hi I am a female and I've recently completed my level 1 plumbing at Nottingham college. I'm trying to gain some hands on experience weather that b volunteering or paid. I am looking at progressing onto my level 2. I have found people haven't wanted to give ma a chance because I am a female but...
  14. A

    I have a major injury on my arm, can i still get into plumbing?

    Hello, i am new here and i am looking into becoming a plumber, however, around 10 years ago, my arm went through a window and caused severe damage to my nerves and my muscles, im somewhat recovered now, however my arm is only around 70/80% functional. I can do things like screwing things but...
  15. M

    Garden Log Cabin Plumbing

    Hi All, As my wife is a hairdressing we are looking to build a log cabin in the garden for her to carry out her work. The issue I have is with the waste and was looking for ideas/advice. We can get cold water supply & electricity to it no problem however as the garden is on a slight slope...
  16. S

    Finding a plumbing course in or around london

    Hey guys and girls, I’m desperately searching online but I cannot find any one who offers an NVQ level 3 plumbing diploma. I am currently enrolled into level 3 plumbing diploma and will be finished shortly and want to advance and get the NVQ and then go on to train gas down the line but am...
  17. T

    Your opinion re socket near plumbing

    Hi, I'm having a new kitchen installed and the Wickes fitter has put a surface mounted double electric socket just below washing machine/dishwasher waste pipes etc at the bottom of the base unit below the sink, I personally believe this is bad, but I know NOTHING about the rules, so rely on your...
  18. S

    Plumbing Level 3 NVQ

    Hello, I am middle aged and currently have a level 2 diploma in plumbing and heating and I am also Gas Safe. (level 3 gas engineering) I would like to get my Level 3 plumbing NVQ however I see that the courses include gas which I already have. Is there a way to gain this qualification by doing...
  19. Bogdan

    NHS Plumbing maintenance interview

    Hi my name is Bob and I have been shortlisted for an interview at a hospital as a maintenance plumber, and they told me to prepare my self don't know what they want me to prepare? Can someone help me please the interview is on the 20 this month.
  20. arheating

    AR Heating & Plumbing Service:

    arheating submitted a business listing in the plumbers directory: AR Heating & Plumbing Service: - We specialise in all types of gas services including boiler & heating repair, installation. Checkout this business listing... - Please leave a review for this company if you have used them...