1. Lou

    Have you ever / would you ever; Work for a Plumbing Supplier / Plumbing Wholesaler

    Have you ever / would you ever; Work for a Plumbing Supplier / Electrical Wholesaler - POLLTIME! PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH FRIENDS VIA FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK GROUPS, OTHER FORUMS ETC WE WILL BE PUSHING THIS HARD FOR A FEW MONTHS. Please join in and help make the thread have lots of long...
  2. Dan

    Checkout the new Plumbing Zone forum

    Thought I'd attempt to outrank another forum. But I'm not sure my skills are there yet 🤔 😕 😅 Plumbing Zone forum. And contractor talk and electrician talk are other ones of theirs. Will collate some stats on them.
  3. P

    Plumbing pre-attendance test

    Good afternoon anyone on here doing a Plumbing pre-attendance Health and Safety test? That's impossible to pass. I failed it twice and have no feedback where I failed on. Thank you
  4. Lou

    Plumbing tools

    Plumbing tools are essential for anyone doing their plumbing job. We also have tool talk on the Tilers Forum here and we have Electricians tool chat here!
  5. Lou

    Plumbing courses

    Plumbing courses are listed on the forum but did you know we also have course information on the tilers forum and Electricians forums too? You can find courses for Tilers here and courses for Electricians here!
  6. Plumbing Tools | Under £30/$25 That Every Plumber Needs

    Plumbing Tools | Under £30/$25 That Every Plumber Needs

    10 of the best Plumbing Tools for under $25 that every plumber should have in their plumbing tool bag.
  7. Dan

    3 Plumbing Tricks You Should Know? - These tips any good lads?

  8. S

    Plumbing issue?

    We have issues with the plumbing in our old apartment and we have vibrations in the floor, especially after we have flushed a lot of water like after a shower or running the washing machine. There's also a low frequency humming all over the apartment. I'm thinking there must be some pipes under...
  9. W

    George , Bulgarian plumbing

    Hello hello,, Hoping there are some experts or experienced Bulgarian plumbing chaps in this site ?. Here in the UK I can fit a bathroom just with the experience I have picked up over a lifetime. I can make copper pipe runs isolaters taps sink shower etc but me and the missus have bought a small...
  10. anytimeplumbing

    Anytime Plumbing

    Anytime Plumbing Inc, our vision is to be the premier plumbing company in Santa Cruz County, known for our professionalism, integrity, and exceptional service. We strive to exceed customer expectations by consistently delivering high-quality workmanship and reliable solutions for all their...
  11. Lou

    InstallerSHOW Plumbing Trade Show 25th - 27th June 2024

    Who is going to be going to the InstallerSHOW at the NEC in June 2024? Registration for the show opens soon and there will be over 600 trade stalls and exhibitors including some of the largest players in the industry such as Fujitsu, Vaillant and Wickes. There will be opportunities to speak to...
  12. M

    Hi all. New learner, best place to start?

    Another newbie in the forums. I’m a 33 year old and after having worked in the Graphic/Web Design industry for around 8 years, I worked a few positions, did a bit of freelance and was continually working late hours and evenings unpaid as well as every weekend. I ended up getting burnout and...
  13. A

    Starting a plumbing company

    Hi all, Happy new year! Hope this is OK in this part of the forum. Been a plumber for about 12 years now, mostly commercial stuff with some domestic and new builds here and there. Sole trader working for numerous different companies. Been thinking that maybe it's time I started my own...
  14. C

    3 zone valve question

    I have a CH circuit on a 2 way zone valve. It’s a long circuit with 15 rads on it but rather than shutting down the last 5 rads in the circuit when not in use which is 90% of the time, can I put a 3 zone valve on the flow after the tenth rad and divert to a new T piece on the return to...
  15. J

    One zone will not heat up.

    Afternoon Fellas If anyone has time to help with this snag it'd be much appreciated. We have a wet-floor system controlled by John Guest UH3 and rather dated Heatmiser DT thermostats. One of the upstairs zones is combined for the bedroom/dressing room. So that's 2 rooms, 2 manifolds, but one...
  16. H

    Vacancies within our Plumbing team at City College Norwich?

    Lecturers in Plumbing within Construction 36 hours, 52 weeks per year , part time hours will also be considered £32,732- £39,096 per annum plus an additional £2,500 Recruitment and Retention Premium and relocation funding if needed We are looking to recruit Lecturers in Plumbing to deliver...
  17. rjpthrsh

    Fix plumbing problem

    How to fix this? I am in a pickle here. Have to converge water two pipes into one. He fixed something honey trap or something idk.
  18. M

    Controls and zone valve

    Is there anyway of testing electrically with a multimeter or any other way. Of testing that when you turn a room stat up it is creating a demand and opening the zone valve? Thank you
  19. B

    Is this correct plumbing set up

    Hi everyone, Is this set up correct: Attic stop valve turns off the cold water to my bathroom (I think it is the rising main in the attic which I and other residents in the building share as we have shared supply to bathrooms and kitchens) Under kitchen sink stop valve turns off cold water in...
  20. P

    Opening a Plumbing Wholesalers ( Wales / Western England )

    Hello All, I am in the process of trying to open a new Plumbing Wholesalers in Wales / Western England. I have identified distributors and potential property however; wanted to reach out and see if anyone had suggestions or comments on what a wholesaler should be.... e.g. what do you want to...

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