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  1. S

    Should I pressure test relatively small plumbing job

    I am a DIYer that is looking to address piping under my en-suite floor, whilst I am undertaking a major re-ferb of the room. With reference to the picture, you can see that I have a number of JG connections under the floor and they will ultimately be tiled over. To complicate things further...
  2. J

    Help for a carpenter friend to get an NVQ in plumbing.

    Hi all, I have a carpenter friend who is very keen to learn and obtain an NVQ in plumbing. What would you suggest is the best route for him please? Cheers Jim
  3. I

    Plumbing Newbie - Replacing Copper Pipes

    We've not yet ruled out getting a plumber in but this seems a small job, suitable for diy'er? We have 1930's house and quite old plumbing, hopefully not that old. The pics should help show the task in hand. It's pipework under the sink, hot and cold feeding up to the basin with spurs off for...
  4. G

    Name of a tool - plumbing jargon??

    The new cylinder I'm installing has 1 inch BSP male connections to the indirect coil. The 1 inch BSP female to 22mm compression adapter I'm fitting has a 1.5 inch across the flats hexagon. As the tank is foam insulated I can't use my big shifting spanner, I need a box spanner or socket spanner...
  5. A

    Manifold hot cold plumbing

    Hello again. I'm moving forward with my new-build project on, I need to plumb my 3 wet rooms up stairs, a downstairs loo and kitchen/utility. Due to lack of availability of a decent local plumber I'm doing the work myself. I wanted to use manifolds for hot and cold supplies. 22mm to feed the...
  6. M

    Why is my fill tube leaking?

    Hey guys, My fill tube is leaking into the toilet tank. I am unable to understand the problem. Even after flushing and many hours later, water keeps on dripping from end of full tube. It has always worked, and the fill tube was never attached to overflow tube. What is the cause of this dripping?
  7. J

    Looking For Plumbing Name Suggestions

    Hi all, I am planning to start a plumbing company. I need advice for the names. I was searching online and I found this article for plumbing names by Topmybrand. But I am not sure which name is best. That's why I am looking for suggestions. I found this forum so I thought this will help me.
  8. N

    Dipolma level 3 plumbing 6035

    I am in the process of leaving the armed forces and looking at resettlement opportunities. Due to funding after serving 21 years the military assist with funding courses but they need to be a level 3 or above. I have found a training provider which is an intensive 5 week course. Then followed...
  9. R

    Need plumbing advice for my daughter

    Hello there I'm wondering if anyone can advise. My daughter has had problems with what sounds like a water hammer issue coming from a neighbouring flat, the people in that flat have ignored attempts she has made to communicate. Here's how she describes the problem: You are hearing a lot of...
  10. A

    Newbuild plumbing fit

    Hello This is my first post so please bear with me. I'm having a new build and got the point of plumbing for bathrooms. My issue is availability of plumbers(current plumbing cant do it now'arrgh) who can carry the work out in reasonable time frame for me. I've tried several' Im looking at...
  11. G

    Unwanted plumbing bits and pieces

    Hi, Last year we lost my Dad to cancer year, who was a plumber for 30+ years. Over the years he built up quite a collection of tools and plumbing equipment, literally filling up two brick-built sheds. But now my Mum wants to move and we need to empty the sheds. We're not plumbers so we don't...
  12. M

    Getting back in to it

    Hi everyone. New to the forum, bit about myself left school straight to college 4 years and completed NVQ level 2&3 and was qualified gas fitter. Due to struggling to find work I left plumbing and heating as I just needed to find a job. With what happening around the world. It looks like I’m...
  13. E

    public liability insurance for plumbing without gas safe

    I would like advise on what is the fair price for a public liability insurance cover (what covers damage up to £2.000.000)? and I would like to know if there is a company that anybody could refer me to? Thank you
  14. N

    Plumbing query indirect

    So I had a young lad do some work for me he has all his tickets so should know what he’s doing. Maybe it’s me being old fashioned I know a fair bit about plumbing but no expert. New property sealed system indirect cylinder. Here’s my confusion blue and red are flow and return from boiler, red...
  15. J

    Bathroom plumbing issue for disabled tennant

    Hi, I'm at my Witt's end so am hoping someone can give me some advice. I had bathroom refit almost a year ago now after Wandsworth council agreed to change my bathroom into a shower room due to me having an amputation. A company was brought in and it became quite apparent they didn't have much...
  16. C

    18 y/o looking to start a plumbing apprenticeship.

    Hi everyone, I'm 18 years old living in Central Scotland. Have been looking for apprenticeships online quite frequently but obviously because of the virus there are near to no vacancies at all. If anyone is looking for a future apprentice near Edinburgh/Stirling area please let me know...
  17. J

    Franke Minerva 3 in 1 hot water tap plumbing advice

    Our newly installed franke hot water tap keeps running out of hot water when there is plenty in our heating system. Is this because the hot water supply is also coming from the small Franke boiler? I had assumed it would be just the boiling water part of the tap that this tank feed and the hot...
  18. P

    Student accom advice! Full plumb

    Hey guys! I’m a domestic plumber in general but been given an opportunity design student accom. So, I have a question: There are 5 floors. Top 3 of them will be student accom (others basement and ground). I will be putting a water booster on ground floor to help with pressure (I’ve spoken to...
  19. C

    Plumbing design in bungalow refurbishment

    Hello all, New to this forum so I will try especially hard to be succinct. It would be so helpful to have some feedback and see if I'm anywhere close to a solution or still miles off the mark. I am completely refurbishing a bungalow I have bought, all internal walls down, new rooms in...
  20. G

    Need help with inherited washing machine and dishwasher plumbing.

    from photo, are the two stand pipes ok, do they need traps? Would one stand pipe be better, does that need a trap, does it need an air valve? Is the upturn on waste pipe acceptable. Intermittent problems with smell.

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