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  1. T

    Gas portfolio completion company - Norfolk

    Hi. I am looking for a company to help me complete my gas portfolio as close to Norwich as I can. I have scoured the internet but can only find London. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thank you
  2. H

    level 2 qualified plumber looking for experience and skills

    Hello i have completed my level 2 plumbing course and looking for experience to gain in London i will work less or free just for the skill in plumbing
  3. L

    Looking for siamp toilet part

    Hi, I'm looking for a siamp part, it's the white washer under the cap that flips off. I've recently changed the inlet valve and realised the water isn't cutting off because this washer has become hard and brittle so it's not moving. I can't seem to find this part. btw, I don't know what's it's...
  4. K


    Hi guys, new to this forum. Im a heating engineer with my own business, we are a new company called KRE Heating Services. We carry out a good amount of boiler installations and looking for a competent engineer who can help out with these. Looking for someone who's reliable and experienced. I pay...
  5. AlexGold

    Looking for info about UFH with ASHP

    Hi all, Looking for some advice. Recently moved into a new house and we've been doing bit and pieces to it, we're now at the point where we're looking at the heating system. There is currently a multi-fuel burner which provides hot water and heat for the radiators, there is also an immersion...
  6. M

    Looking for Plumber to hire

    Looking for an experienced Plumber that is familiar with Camera, Jetting and Ohio Codes. We do Residential and Commercial. Looking for close to Washington Court House Ohio 43160 area. Please contact 740-333-7731 if you are interested.
  7. C

    Experienced Plumber Looking To Upscale To Gas

    Evening all, I’ve got a query and hopefully one of you lads/lasses can help me! I’ve got a lad working for me, he’s been in the plumbing trade coming on 10 years now - he’s got all his NVQ’s including his G3 etc etc but no gas. He’s recently approached me and asked me if he can upskill to...
  8. J

    Looking to gain more experience

    Good Afternoon, My name is Jordan and I am a fully qualified emergency gas engineer (working on external aspects i.e. services and mains) for a Gas distribution transporter. I currently hold a few domestic qualifications (I have renewed these from my time working as a First Call Op for the same...
  9. I

    URGENT Looking for experience

    Hi there, does anyone know if there is any plumbers who can help me out would be really grateful as I am a plumber myself but I need some training and to shadow someone so if any plumbers are taking on please let contact me, thank you. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. GarethC

    Looking for gas portfolio assistance

    Hi all, hope this is ok to post here but I’m really struggling to get any responses from anyone. I am a 36 year old from just outside of Maidstone who has recently decided to retrain with the hope of eventually starting a career in the domestic plumbing and heating industry (looking to get...
  11. A

    Looking for engineer to change radiator valve

    Looking for a Heating Engineer in Westbury, Wiltshire (BA13) to change a Radiator valve in our kitchen. It was leaking, have tightened but it is not sitting correctly against the pipe. Also to check as now getting lots of 'gas' in the system
  12. G

    Looking for unpaid work/labouring and experience

    Hi all, I am a 22-year-old building services engineer apprentice (SVQ Level 3). Looking for unpaid work/labouring and experience in any aspect of Plumbing and Heating I can work any evenings/weekends and maybe some day-time weekdays. I have a CSCS Card and C&G level 2 6035 diploma I am...
  13. S

    Looking to identify this trv

    Hi there Can anyone tell me what valve this is? Looking to replace the head. I'm thinking it's a myson but I'm unsure Thanks
  14. J

    URGENT Looking for heating engineer for wet UFH system. Norfolk.

    One circuit of our 30 year old Florad UFH system is not heating up. New pump fitted and send pipes v hot and return pipes good an warm. But floor not warming at all. V puzzling. Advice and / or help needed. NR21 area.
  15. A

    Looking for a specific flow meter for UFH manifold

    Hi. I need to get a replacement flow meter as one has split and is leaking. I can’t seem to find the specific one and can’t see a maker on it. Does anyone know where to get one, what it is or any alternatives? Thanks.
  16. K

    Looking for help to connect new thermostat to existing controller

    I had a indirect hot water tank replace under warranty and it has a different style thermostat that requires more wires than my old one that only had 2. Im in the middle of nowhere and help is hard to find so I thought I would post here. If somebody can direct me in the right direction to what...
  17. J

    Hi to all, looking for a plumber partner....

    Hi to everybody, I'm Jose 32 years old with about fourteen years experience, based in Chelmsford and working all around Essex and London. I have been working in the UK for more than 7 years now and I'm in a point where I think I'd need a partner to take the business to a next level... I have so...
  18. C

    Looking for the size of the bathroom tap valve

    My bathroom tap is dripping water, I want to change the tap valve, but I don't know the valve size, if somebody familiar with the type of tap, please tell me the valve size. Thank you in advanced.
  19. S

    Looking for plumber London NW2

    Looking for a plumber to install a tank and pump to overcome low supply issue. I have been recommended to use the DAB system https://www.anglianpumping.com/product/mains-pressure-boosting-systems/dab-e-sybox-with-e-sytankon this forum. I understand that this would be a day's job. Please let me...
  20. A

    URGENT Looking for work with plumber in Birmingham

    Looking for experience in Birmingham working with a plumber, I’ve got around a month of experience shadowing a plumber. I’ve completed my level 3 plumbing course not to long ago. Please be in contact thank you for you time.