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Looking is the act of intentionally focusing visual perception on someone or something, for the purpose of obtaining information, and possibly to convey interest or another sentiment. A large number of troponyms exist to describe variations of looking at things, with prominent examples including the verbs "stare, gaze, gape, gawp, gawk, goggle, glare, glimpse, glance, peek, peep, peer, squint, leer, gloat, and ogle". Additional terms with nuanced meanings include viewing, watching, eyeing, observing, beholding, and scanning. Looking is both a physical act of directing the focus of the eyes, and a psychological act of interpreting what is seen and choosing whether to continue looking at it, or to look elsewhere. Where more than one person is involved, looking may lead to eye contact between those doing the looking, which raises further implications for the relationship established through that act.

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  1. M

    URGENT Looking for plumber mate to get experienced

    I am city and guilds trainees live in Dartford. I am interested in working with a professional plumbing to get more experienced in the weekend Looking for your cooperation
  2. Sammy2024

    looking for plumbers mate job

    Hi there, looking to gain experience as a plumber's mate in Essex area, I'm from Rayleigh and have a full driving licence and Van. Looking for a step into domestic plumbing. I have experience working in general property maintenance for a family business. I have completed a Level 2 technical...
  3. M

    Looking to gain experience with a gas engineer

    Hi I am looking to gain practical experience with a certified gas engineer. I was in search of an engineer to work with accompanying them to jobs. I would be happy to observe and support where possible. I am now working towards completing and submitting my portfolio. I understand that this...
  4. C

    Looking to change careers

    Hey peeps, So looking into changing careers and wanting to know how hard and what things do you need to do become a qualified gas engineer? Thanks
  5. M

    Looking for advice or help

    I am repiping my radiators with pex al pex, manifolds. 2 zones one 4 rads and one 2 rads. I will have the circulator pumps on the return. The picture is sorta what I am going for My questions are: where should I install my expansion tank? what else should I have/add into the piping? if...
  6. M

    Looking for an apprenticeship

    Hello all, my name is Michael and I am 18. I have my level 2 and 3 qualifications in plumbing and I also have a full driving licence I cant find an apprenticeship. I'm based near Tadcaster, North Yorkshire (between Leeds and York). Does anyone know anybody that might want to take me on as an...
  7. N

    Looking for a smart water meter

    I live in Azerbaijan and am looking to revamp the water system in my house. The first thing is that I don't have a water meter - probably a good thing as my mother in law pours tonnes of water on the garden in summer, mostly watering weeds as she can't tell the difference from grass. But the...
  8. Anonymous99

    Looking for a gas engineer

    Hi, I'm looking for a gas engineer who I can work with so I can complete my portfolio. I have done level 2 and 3 tech cert along with bpec gas foundation and in order to progress to ACS, I have to finish my portfolio. I also want to learn plumbing along with gas so I can learn more things. I...
  9. JohnnyZenith

    Looking to see what iron pipe part can fit a 10mm ball joint?

    Looking to see what iron pipe part can fit a 10mm ball joint? In this pic there is a part that connects the ball joint (or whatever they are called) to the 1/2 inch pipe. I am looking to connect to a 3/4 inch pipe. Are there any threads that do this? Thanks I have been told that in North...
  10. M

    Looking for a commercial gas engineer

    I run a small plumbing and heating company. I am looking for a commercial gas engineer to help out with a few call outs, servicing, safety checks etc. Most work around London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex area. Ideally looking for someone self employed or another small business who could work...
  11. AidenLo2004

    Looking for work, close/in to Surrey

    Hello, I am Aiden longster and I am looking for some plumbing work. I have just completed my level 2 diploma and either looking for a level 3 apprenticeship or some work
  12. pluminghawk

    looking for plumbing partner

    Hi, A little about the business: I currently own a plumbing business (website and marketing) - looking to target residential and commercial market (i.e. tendering to main contractors flats etc). My background is a commercial manager, I use to do plumbing years back so technically I would not...
  13. M

    Looking for this part

    Hi All, I am looking to purchase this part, if anyone has one or can point to to where I can purchase one then I would be grateful, as local to NN10 would be ideal. 3/8" x 1/2", MPT x FPT Connection, PVC Construction Thanks all.
  14. J

    looking for a self employed gas engineer london/kent

    I'm looking for a commercial gas engineer to assist with servicing, callouts etc. work is mostly london based but also have sites in kent/essex. I am a ltd company thats been running for 12 years and am now looking to expand. Ideally im looking for someone who is self employed (or another ltd...
  15. J

    looking for a self employed plumber for 2 weeks work in kingston

    I have approx 2 weeks work in kingston i need a qualified plumber to assist me with starting on the 30th may. must be self employed, own tools transport etc. good day rates paid. potential for more work after this job. please get in touch. Regards Alex
  16. cgeorge

    Looking for Qualifying Party

    We are currently looking for a qualifying party to register for a C-37 plumbing license in Arizona. We currently are a general contractor for a semi conductor facility build and need a qualified individual to join our team. This would be a very laid back position with very limited demand. If...
  17. E

    Looking for a plumbing solution for mixer tap noise (not water hammer)

    Hi all My neighbour has recently completed some bathroom renovations and in the process installed wall-mounted mixer taps (previously cross taps). This is creating a significant gushing sound through our shared wall when water is running through the tap. Has anyone heard of this before and...
  18. simlock

    Looking for help with replcement part Grohe

    Hi, just wondering if anybody can help looking for a replacement part for my Grohe shower controls here is a picture of what i have but can't seem to find this part anywhere, any help would be fantastic, thank you..
  19. D

    Looking for NC Licensed Plumber

    Hey, there. I am looking for NC licensed plumber that I can put on my payroll to qualify me to take my fuel piping test. I need 2000 hours and at the same time it will qualify them to take there electrical license test. If interested, please call me or email me. Thank you
  20. D

    Looking for gas mentor to take me on?

    Hi everyone My name is Daniel and I've recently completed my ACS gas engineer class room based work. I need to complete my portfolio. so is there any gas engineers out there that are willing to help me complete and give me some experience mentoring me? I'm willing to pay, work free of charge...
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