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  1. J

    looking for a self employed gas engineer london/kent

    I'm looking for a commercial gas engineer to assist with servicing, callouts etc. work is mostly london based but also have sites in kent/essex. I am a ltd company thats been running for 12 years and am now looking to expand. Ideally im looking for someone who is self employed (or another ltd...
  2. J

    looking for a self employed plumber for 2 weeks work in kingston

    I have approx 2 weeks work in kingston i need a qualified plumber to assist me with starting on the 30th may. must be self employed, own tools transport etc. good day rates paid. potential for more work after this job. please get in touch. Regards Alex
  3. cgeorge

    Looking for Qualifying Party

    We are currently looking for a qualifying party to register for a C-37 plumbing license in Arizona. We currently are a general contractor for a semi conductor facility build and need a qualified individual to join our team. This would be a very laid back position with very limited demand. If...
  4. simlock

    Looking for help with replcement part Grohe

    Hi, just wondering if anybody can help looking for a replacement part for my Grohe shower controls here is a picture of what i have but can't seem to find this part anywhere, any help would be fantastic, thank you..
  5. D

    Looking for NC Licensed Plumber

    Hey, there. I am looking for NC licensed plumber that I can put on my payroll to qualify me to take my fuel piping test. I need 2000 hours and at the same time it will qualify them to take there electrical license test. If interested, please call me or email me. Thank you
  6. D

    Looking for gas mentor to take me on?

    Hi everyone My name is Daniel and I've recently completed my ACS gas engineer class room based work. I need to complete my portfolio. so is there any gas engineers out there that are willing to help me complete and give me some experience mentoring me? I'm willing to pay, work free of charge...
  7. Corrinabailey2764

    Looking for an Apprenticeship

    Hello everyone I am a female, level 3 student currently looking for an apprenticeship. I currently study at south east college and I am looking for an employer to take me on and further my knowledge in this industry
  8. K

    Looking for answer to water heater sme

    At our wits end. Remodeled a farm house in 2020, installed the water heater and due to appliances being backordered couldn't move in until Nov. of that year. After a hot shower we noticed a terrible smell. We had the lines smoked, venting tested, used a camera on the lines, all from a local...
  9. I

    Looking for experienced plumber in Southport Area - numerous jobs

    Hi, I am in need of an experienced plumber for the following jobs: bathroom: Remove exisiting toilet. Fix new toilet. Fix new wash basin and pedestal. Run new hot and cold pipes to wash basin. Fit new waste pipe from wash basin to drain. Fix new radiator Run flow and return pipes along...
  10. A

    Looking for plumber mate job Birmingham

    Hi guys, I’m looking to get my foot properly in the door of the plumbing world really. I’m trying to gain as much experience as possible. I’ve completed my level 3 diploma at college. I’ve got almost a years experience installing air conditioning, while doing a small few odd plumbing jobs here...
  11. R

    As a DIYer looking for assistance, suggestion, and guidance...

    Grouping similar items or enforcing topics with drop-down selections would greatly help. I understand there are search options but wading through 100s of results becomes daunting. For example... Water heater replacement. HPWH (Heat Pump Water Heater) 220v (HP and Electric) 110v (HP...
  12. MrBird77

    Looking for input on my plan for two bathrooms.

    Hi All! first post. 👍 Im starting to put together a plan to put two bathrooms in my house. I'm looking for some input on my plan. Ive made a rough diagram of what I want to do and routing of vents and drains and could use some advice. Does the vent setup work? Any code issues or anything I...
  13. G

    looking for Plumber's mate job

    Hi there, looking to gain experience as a plumber's mate in London/Essex area, full driving licence. Looking for a step into domestic plumbing. looking for a change in my career and get into the the domestic plumbing world. I have 6 years experience working with commercial boilers, with skills...
  14. T

    Gas portfolio completion company - Norfolk

    Hi. I am looking for a company to help me complete my gas portfolio as close to Norwich as I can. I have scoured the internet but can only find London. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thank you
  15. H

    level 2 qualified plumber looking for experience and skills

    Hello i have completed my level 2 plumbing course and looking for experience to gain in London i will work less or free just for the skill in plumbing
  16. L

    Looking for siamp toilet part

    Hi, I'm looking for a siamp part, it's the white washer under the cap that flips off. I've recently changed the inlet valve and realised the water isn't cutting off because this washer has become hard and brittle so it's not moving. I can't seem to find this part. btw, I don't know what's it's...
  17. K


    Hi guys, new to this forum. Im a heating engineer with my own business, we are a new company called KRE Heating Services. We carry out a good amount of boiler installations and looking for a competent engineer who can help out with these. Looking for someone who's reliable and experienced. I pay...
  18. AlexGold

    Looking for info about UFH with ASHP

    Hi all, Looking for some advice. Recently moved into a new house and we've been doing bit and pieces to it, we're now at the point where we're looking at the heating system. There is currently a multi-fuel burner which provides hot water and heat for the radiators, there is also an immersion...
  19. M

    Looking for Plumber to hire

    Looking for an experienced Plumber that is familiar with Camera, Jetting and Ohio Codes. We do Residential and Commercial. Looking for close to Washington Court House Ohio 43160 area. Please contact 740-333-7731 if you are interested.
  20. C

    Experienced Plumber Looking To Upscale To Gas

    Evening all, I’ve got a query and hopefully one of you lads/lasses can help me! I’ve got a lad working for me, he’s been in the plumbing trade coming on 10 years now - he’s got all his NVQ’s including his G3 etc etc but no gas. He’s recently approached me and asked me if he can upskill to...
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