gas engineer

  1. R

    Plastic section on gas pipe entering property...

    Hi everyone, I've recently moved into a new property and had a lot of interference on our TV and Audio equipment, following advice I had our earth changed from PME to 8ft rod and it improved a lot but is still not perfect (the theory is the big factory located near our property is putting...
  2. B

    Mess left by Ideal Heating Gas Engineer

    I was sent an engineer by Ideal Heating to fix a problem with my system. When he left he drove over a pot of sealing compound (which must have dropped out of his van) on my shared drive. My neighbour pointed it out to me since he was parked in her space. I tried to remove it with water and...
  3. T

    Experience wanted Norfolk

    Hi I am a newly qualified gas engineer in Norwich and looking to gain some experience by working alongside someone. I am happy to travel a reasonable distance. Any advice would be gratefully received. thanks
  4. T

    Tify to Gas Engineer, what will it take?

    Just an update to anyone who was following the thread on this site: Tify to gas engineer, what will it take? I got a DM from a user asking for an update, he like myself was gobsmaked at the level of abuse I got from asking a basic question. Thanks Tom for the DM, I managed to pass in 2019...
  5. M

    Looking to gain experience with a gas engineer

    Hi I am looking to gain practical experience with a certified gas engineer. I was in search of an engineer to work with accompanying them to jobs. I would be happy to observe and support where possible. I am now working towards completing and submitting my portfolio. I understand that this...
  6. Z

    Gas Engineer Software

    Hi, i'm looking for some gas engineer software primarily to produce gas certs on, i was previously using one called Gas App UK, which was ok enough, but they've switched to a paid subscription model last week without warning , and looking at a few of the others it's probably not the best one if...
  7. Anonymous99

    Looking for a gas engineer

    Hi, I'm looking for a gas engineer who I can work with so I can complete my portfolio. I have done level 2 and 3 tech cert along with bpec gas foundation and in order to progress to ACS, I have to finish my portfolio. I also want to learn plumbing along with gas so I can learn more things. I...
  8. C

    Domestic gas appliance in commercial property

    If a domestic boiler/gas appliance is in a commercial property, does this mean a gas engineer would need commercial tickets/qualifications?
  9. M

    Looking for a commercial gas engineer

    I run a small plumbing and heating company. I am looking for a commercial gas engineer to help out with a few call outs, servicing, safety checks etc. Most work around London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex area. Ideally looking for someone self employed or another small business who could work...
  10. O

    Training to become a gas engineer in my own time?

    Hi everyone I currently work in oil and gas industry working in North Sea and further afield operating on high pressure oil and gas plants. This line of work means I have on average 6+ months off a year, im thinking of training to become a domestic gas engineer in my time off to earn a bit extra...
  11. 6

    Roofing replacements and repair work to properties with vertical flues

    Can anyone turn a boiler off to work around the flue for roofing as an example, as long as a registered gas engineer carries out the required checks and certification before turning it back on?
  12. I

    Recent gas engineer wanting to gain lpg lav qualification?

    Please can anyone help or point me in the right direcrion. I have recently completed a 18 month bpec management learning programme (apprenticeship) I am now qualified in CCN1, CENWAT, MET1, Unvented, CONGLP1PD. I need to get my CONGLP1-LAV as that is the work I am hoping to predominately do...
  13. J

    looking for a self employed gas engineer london/kent

    I'm looking for a commercial gas engineer to assist with servicing, callouts etc. work is mostly london based but also have sites in kent/essex. I am a ltd company thats been running for 12 years and am now looking to expand. Ideally im looking for someone who is self employed (or another ltd...
  14. G

    New member Gas Engineer.

    Hello all, I'm new on the forum, I'm a gas service and repair engineer rather than a plumber. I used to work for a big company, now self employed. I do some install work too but nothing too big as I work alone and to be honest I'm not quick enough at installation work and not experienced in...
  15. J

    unknown pipe in old fire-place.

    All, Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am in a bit of a predicament. I have recently had a stove fitted in a chimney that had a disconnected and capped gas fire. The old gas line went straight out the back wall and was visibly capped a short distance from the gas meter. A simple pull out job. Upon...
  16. M

    CKR1 gas engineer new quals

    If a gas engineer doesn't have CKR1 and has never had. How would they get it do you have to build a portfolio/ do a few days at college?
  17. AR GasEngineer

    Gas Engineer Experience

    Any Gas Engineer available to take me on as a trainee, live close by whitechapel, I am a quick learner just need someone to teach me the ropes/ Thanks
  18. trainee

    x graphic designer turning gas engineer?

    hello plumbers forum, I am an ex web page designer and graphic designer requesting some help with my portfolio, need a couple of boiler/cooker installs for my portfolio, in exchange will also design your web or do the branding for your company or yourself(letterheads, business cards, invoices...
  19. E

    Looking to work as a gas engineer SE London

    Hi. I have just qualified as a registered gas safe engineer I am keen to work with someone who is more experienced for the first year or so to learn more about identifying faults ect (ideally based in SE London). I can be available at short notice for ad hoc work (It doesn't need to be a...
  20. Be kind

    Should a gas engineer make good the holes he left before leaving?

    Had carbon monoxide leak from boiler flue. Gas engineer came to fit new flue. But left gaping holes in wall. Daylight was seen

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