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gas engineer

  1. E

    Gas Engineer wanted (self employed)

    Hello all I have a new contract, and will need a fully qualified gas registered installer in the Grimsby area. It will be on a self employed as and when basis to start with. New installs, boiler changes, boiler repairs and landlord certs. Please PM with your details and experience and I will...
  2. B

    carrer advice needed! please advise!

    Hey all, Basically I’m 20 years old have a btec in construction and am currently doing a hnc in building service training to be a contracts manager. Yet I don’t think the office is for me! i would like to become a gas/ heating engineer but don’t know how i would become this without starting from...
  3. R

    British Gas TOol Box

    I'm in need of desprete help. My van was broken into last night and my tool box was stolen together with other bits and pieces. The tool box in question is the one that BG engineers use. (blue one) Does anyone know where I could buy one. I've looked over the internet and no luck or if...
  4. R

    Gas Engineer Demand?

    Hiya, I am new here and was wondering if I could kindly borrow your experience please? I am not trying to advertise in any way here, but just to work out if something is a possibility, so I will have to limit the details so I don't get accused of anything! I recently had a discussion with...
  5. N

    even i know it shouldnt be like that

    Hi all I asked a question yesterday about putting a timer on my 25 year old boiler, well i brought the timer today, just a basic 1 well i was about to fit it and took the fuse out the wall switch but to my suprise the boiler still works...someones dodgy wireing i think. I think its time for...
  6. I


    Hi all, thought i should introduce myself to stop the 'you have never posted to our site before' msg. I'm 43 & have been a plumber for a number of years. Thought i'd try a new challenge this year & have been working with a gas engineer to build my gas portfolio, hopefully will be taking my acs...
  7. P

    CCN1 Portfolio

    HELP !!! The main problem i have at the moment is building my "portfolio" as i am self employed sole trader; Despite passing gas work onto local registered plumbers for many years, none of them want to shaddow me an help me build the portfolio of practical work. I have even offered to work...
  8. Z

    Hey all!

    Just coming back to work after few months nursing sick parents. All good now and looking for work. Am fully qualified gas engineer can anyone steer me in direction of good agencies or web sites. Am based North London. Really like this site Cheers Zen
  9. H

    New Gal

    Good morrow to you all, this is all new to me, never thought I'd have to sign up to a plumber's forum! I was a vet nurse for 15 years-too long. Plumbing's proved to be great so far! Anyone having trouble finding or keeping hold of a gas engineer??!! I need evidence for ACS exams in Hampshire...
  10. S

    Met uk courses?

    Just about to pay for Met-uk multi skilled gas engineer level 2 & 3, costs nearly eight grand with accomodation anyone done it? is it worth it?
  11. P

    hi from yorkshire

    hi all gas engineer from north yorks. enjoy the forum very good and informative
  12. J

    How much do you earn bein gas engineer?

    How much you earn a week?
  13. C

    Another one joins

    Hello to you all Just found the site whilst doing my research on joining the plumbing trade. Hope to use it to answer questions I may have if you all don't mind? Been going through all the courses on offer (well probably only a few!). Was looking at doing a Master Plumber course with the...

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