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gas engineer

  1. H

    Gas Course Experienced Trade Question!?!

    hi guys. I'm looking to do the initial gas course wit Logic for Training. The course is three weeks and they accept you if you pass a small assessment on an open day /interview day. Essentially they show you around and you have to answer 20 questions to prove you know enough about plumbing to...
  2. R

    Gas Engineer or Plumber

    If you were to be offered the opportunity to become a plumber or gas engineer, and you had to make a decision on which to choose, which one would it be, gas engineer or plumber, and what are the reasons for your choice? Can anyone compare and contrast the gas engineer and plumber roles? What are...
  3. C


    Hi guys I own a company in Swindon covering all of Wiltshire. We are expanding and looking for commercial and domestic engineers (gas safe / OFTEC ) to join our award winning team! If you would like a change please send me a PM and I can arrange for more info to be sent out to you. Lee
  4. N

    Gas Engineer wanted in York, N. Yorkshire to install Unvented Cylinders & pair of boilers in tandem

    hey all, Looking for a qualified gas engineer to install a new unvented heating system that comprises: 2 x rm 300 indirect unvented cylinders or preferably ACV same size. 2 x vaillant system boilers giving a total of 60kw Low loss header. Suitable sized main heating pump Mixing valve to give...
  5. J

    After a job along side fully qualified gas engineer

    I have finished my level 3 city and guilds, would like to get my act qualifications. If any of you need a hand or want to train somebody for your company I'm your man I'm based in kingskerswell Devon
  6. S

    Advice for Potterton Combi 80 boiler

    Hi all, I have a Potterton Combi 80 boiler 12+ yrs old and for some time now when you flick the central heating on the pressure will rise from just under 1 all the way up past 3 and into the red. As soon as it goes into the red water starts to leak out the back from the expansion vessel. A...
  7. D

    Baxi Bermuda SP3 Fire not Lighting

    Hello all. Tonight i tried to light my gas fire place for first time this year and its not operating. I can get the pilot light to come on, but its not igniting the rest of the fire. I took the front off and the fake coals to see if anythings coming from the gas pipes under the coals and it...
  8. R

    how much to supply and fit pressure switch on ideal boiler

    i have been charged 70 quid to supply and fit a pressure switch on a ideal boiler this took 5 min to undo one screw and 3 push on screws ---- is this right please help
  9. S

    iphone app Gas Rating Calculator

    Has anyone used this before, suppose to save a lot of time?
  10. P

    Baxi 105e instant central heating barely warm

    Hi i have a puzzling problem with the central heating system.Basically whats happening is as follows...with the heating selector switch set to maximum temperature on the boiler the heating kicks in,all the temperature neons light up one by one (which only takes about 10 seconds )burner shuts...
  11. F

    Brookhouse training centre

    I all just wondering if anyone has heard of Brookhouse training centre or done any training with them. it is supposed to be 18 weeks training, 8-10 of these are out on site with an engineer and 8 in the classroom. Now I'am not trying to kid myself that in 18 weeks you can far from call yourself...
  12. B

    What pump?

    Hi all, done some work in my sis in laws house last week, she lives in a 5 bed, 3 bathroom house. There is a total of 21 radiators!! they have a big floor mounted oil fuelled boiler that works ok and the last gas engineer said it was 94% efficient. The problem is they just have a standard size...
  13. M

    Help, New Boiler or Fix

    Hello, I own a 4 bedroom student flat which has 8 radiators. Room sizes are reasonably sizeable but I am unsure as the exact BTU calculation. The central heating system currently has a Worcester 230 boiler which is quite old, but I understand has been serviced. The boiler is frequently...
  14. M

    Trainee Plumber for free

    Trainee Plumber for free in the MIDLANDS (Junction 10 M42) I have taken the City and Guilds 6129 Plumbing Course Full Time at Burton College, as wish to gain experience within the trade, i am based in Polesworth, just a few mile from Tamworth and Atherstone (Midlands). I have worked with local...
  15. D

    Registration info

    Hello all , thinking off going self employed and just wondering how to go about going gas safe registered is it worth it and what like are the fees paperwork etc.
  16. T

    Plumbing/mate/assistant/labouring work week ends and/or evenings wanted ,Bury area.

    Due to a stubborn career driven missus and a new born baby i need to find evening and/or week end work , a long shot i know. I have lots general plumbing and central heating installation experience on new builds and customers homes. Bury st Edmunds area but can travel within reason.
  17. C

    level 2/3 gas engineer

    Hi everyone! im level 2 plumbing, gas safe registered with boilers, cookers and soon to have fires. I am mostly an installer with only servicing and reparing a few boilers/cookers and want to become an employed gas service,maintenance and breakdown engineer,preferably a boilers specialist, does...
  18. J

    Working for scottish and southern

    Hi, Im new to the forum and am after a bit of advice,Ive been a gas engineer for two years working mainly on the servicing and breakdown side.I have an interview next week with scottish and southern<swalec> and was wondering if anyone on here could shed any light on the interview process,i was...
  19. N

    Trainee plumber desperately looking for work

    Hi all I recently passed my technical certificate Heating and ventilation course and am finding it really hard to find a plumber willing to take me on. As you all probably know, You have to be employed to complete your NVQ level 2 and with the current situation it's not easy! Anyway if...
  20. G

    Paying to be top of google search engine.

    Any of you guys ever done this? I have paid out £99 for 30 days plus vat so £147 They have said that with this i can expect to make at least £1000 back. Has anyone ever used this as a form of attracting customers before and does it work?

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