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baxi boiler

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    Baxi boiler needs topping up daily

    Hi, we've got a Baxi Combi 105 HE boiler which is about 13 years old. It needs water adding every time I put it on as it keeps dropping 0. I was going to nurse it through another winter but I'm thinking things must be dire now. How much would a like for like replacement be with fitting, a...
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    What do you think of my plumber?

    I have a Baxi Duo Tec , fitted 10 years ago. No real problems until very recently. My plumber has serviced it every year and most recently two months ago. We put the heating on for the first time since about April just over a week ago. It wouldn't come on. Had no problems with hot water...
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    Baxi boiler regular resetting

    Hi my old Baxi boiler, regularly serviced, keeps cuttng out and needs reset. Happens about every Pressure is absolutely fine. Mentioned it to engineer at its service 4 weeks ago and he could find nothing obvious, but it had only happened once at that point. Once reset all seems...
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    Daily lockout on Baxi boiler.. aargh!

    I had a engineer round my place last week to service my Baxi 100 HE Plus boiler as every single day I'm having to press the lockout button to get the heating to come on. He gave it a clean, increased the pressure and told me it should all be ok. But it isn't! The problem is still ocurring and...
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    Baxi boiler loosing pressure

    Hi all. The boiler has been loosing pressure as of late. Its not easy to access, being in the loft. I repressurised the system yesterday morning and by the evening it had switched off with a E119 code. I've discovered a leak BENEATH the pressure relief valve. It's leaking from a fitting in the...
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    Help on Baxi Boiler please

    Hi All, Hoping someone could offer some advice before I get a professional in (I like to gather some knowledge first) I have a Baxi Combi Boiler (Sorry unsure of the model) which was fitted new two years ago. I've had no problems with it until last week my partner bled all the radiators in the...
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    one pipe system

    can anyone tell me if you can put a combi condensing on a one pipe system using a baxi boiler cheers
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    Help, New Boiler or Fix

    Hello, I own a 4 bedroom student flat which has 8 radiators. Room sizes are reasonably sizeable but I am unsure as the exact BTU calculation. The central heating system currently has a Worcester 230 boiler which is quite old, but I understand has been serviced. The boiler is frequently...
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    Capping off rad valves..

    ..while rad is removed for decorating. You know, in case TRV frost setting kicks in. Schoolboy question I'm sure but.. what do I actually want to put on it? A 22mm cap won't fit will it? Isn't it 3/4? (if it's not half inch..) I'm guessing it needs to be a 3/4 cap? And what do you use for the...
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    HELP Hot water in bathroom becomes a drizzle

    Hi im new to this and really need help. We have a baxi boiler which must be around 25 years old, ive lived in my house for 20 years and the boiler was in then. A few months ago the hot water in the bathroom went from having a brilliant pressure to becoming a drizzle after a very short time, the...
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    Baxi 80 HE Plus.

    My grandmother has a new ideal boiler put in from warmfront. Whats left is a fully working baxi boiler, its been serviced by baxi every year (its 3 years old), its had new motherboard and is fully working. Not sure on price don't know what it worth.
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    Baxi boiler cycling continuously

    Hi I have a Baxi condendsing boiler (5 years old) - recently I had to get the sundial Y-valve next to the hot water tank replaced as it had failed (and fused in the timing control panel). At some point, my plumber must have changed the settings on the Baxi boiler, as now it cycles and heats HW...