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Hi, we've got a Baxi Combi 105 HE boiler which is about 13 years old. It needs water adding every time I put it on as it keeps dropping 0. I was going to nurse it through another winter but I'm thinking things must be dire now. How much would a like for like replacement be with fitting, a guesstimate?

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It my need a service. Have an engineer come out and service boiler and explain about the pressure loss. Most will be on the part that is causing it straight away and should be checked as part of the service, If it continues after that you may have a leak on the heating system.


Check the p.r.p. out side see if it is dripping when boiler has been on for 10 mins.
Small copper pipe outside
Could be flat expansion vessel causing pressure to rise dumping water out of prv or leak on ch system
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Evening @Ban70. This could be a number of things, from a large leak on the system, to a part failure on the boiler. Can you top the pressure up to just above 1 bar and put the heating on please. Can you then watch the pressure and see if it rises to above the 3 bar on the pressure gauge.

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