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Ray Stafford

Irish said:
I fitted mine yesterday thanks to you and to Wirquin for the chance to get and review it.

For the install its a pretty standard easy flush valve to install, although in saying that the quality of the pictures is really bad. In my mind it would be better to give diagrams rather than poor resolution pictures. The valve itself seems decent quality.

Major plus for me was that it came with a new universal close coupled kit, was surprised to find that.

I like the fact it came with a new fov but I think maybe an option without one would be good too.

Bad points are n batteries!! come on we're plumbers and plumbers merchants don't stock batteries! someone else has mentioned this in a previous post and it's also the reason it took me so long to fit it.

The really bad feature for me is the actual push button mechanism itself, that silicone ring is going to get manky after awhile, it's quite a bad feature, it looks cheap and nasty to me! why not secure the mechanism like a standard push button ??? and the colour I would imagine this product would appeal to someone who's superclean and clinical so I'd imagine for them, this lid would be a huge no no.

conclusion for me is, that this is a good product in general but because of the push button mechanism aesthetics I wouldn't put another one in my house
Thanks Irish for a constructively critical review. Just for info, the valve is available as a "flsuh only" option, without the filling valve.



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Well the Wirquin is working.

No problems fitting the unit, nice spare flush valve and fittings kit.

I like the manual override for when the batteries give out, but getting into the battery compartment is fiddly.

I don't like that it's blue, sorry I don't care but swmbo doesn't like it.

As for the silicone ring, the jury is out. Time will tell as to keeping it clean.

Not a lot extra to say as it's still a novelty so haven't seen any of the youngest sons logs trying to climb back out.

Cheers Ray.


Fitted mine today as - typically on a really gorgeous day - the fill valve in my loo decided to pack up.

The unit itself looks to be decent quality, and no different to fit than most flush valves. However, if a DIYer were to buy it, the instructions would not be too useful. The small and blurry photos don't give any useful clues as to how it should be fitted.

It's a nice touch to include a fill valve (also of good quality) and a close-coupled fitting kit.

The main annoyance for me from an installer's viewpoint was the screwholes for the battery compartment. Two of the screws need a really skinny #1 Phillips screwdriver to get at. Not something I have in my plumbing toolbox but I may be the exception here. Only a very minor niggle really.

Aesthetically, the blue sensor cover will not be to everyone's taste, and it clashes with my bathroom colour scheme. The silicone ring around the sensor is also a bit of a bizarre design choice - I'm sure a clear sensor could be set into a chromed plastic housing to look like standard fittings that people are used to.

All in all, it's a nice gadget which would appeal to those who like the little luxury touches. It would also be useful thing for people with limited mobility. If the design niggles could be taken care of, it might appeal to a bigger market.

Longevity and reliability, as always, remain to be seen. 10 year warranty on the valve but only 1 year on the sensor implies a lack of confidence on the part of the manufacturer, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Many thanks to Wirquin and to Ray for the sample, I will definitely mention it to customers when I'm doing bathrooms but I don't see it becoming part of my van stock, mainly as I think it's a niche product at the moment.


Many thanks to Wirquin, Ray and Williams for the most expensive freebie I've ever had in my life!

I made the ultimate mistake of showing the hands free system to Mrs Croppie while singing its praises. Then once I'd sold her the idea and got her very keen on it I discovered it didn't fit the loo I was planning to install it in. Nor the other one either.

So I had to buy a new close coupled pan and cistern with a 2" hole.

Because I was starting from scratch with it the install went easily. Liked the fact all the bits I could've possibly needed were there. To play fair I used Wirquin's fill valve too.

Once installed and once I remembered to fit the batteries all worked well. I had no problem with the colour of the sensor, in fact I love it! The fact I still haven't decorated the downstairs loo after being in this place for 9 years is probably a good thing as I can decorate to suit.

My one quibble, as with Simon and Mas, is the silicon rubber ring round the sensor. In my view it spoils the look and could be difficult to keep clean but, as it's a 'no touch' flush, that may be an academic worry.

So anyway, now I've stopped the mega sulk over buying a new loo to fit this in, It's a nice bit of kit.

Silicon ring and the instructions need revising though.

Thanks again Wirquins and Ray!


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I'm not really sure what these are for. Rather like the handsfree sanitary soap dispensers; you're going to wash your hands anyway, so why worry about touching something possibly unsanitary? Everybody flushes toilets a few times a day and we're not all keeling from dystenery.


After a couple of years use, how are these valves?
Still going strong Tom. Batteries ran out after 2-3 months use, being a forgetful sod I didn't charge them for a while. The manual override worked perfectly. New batts went in and have lasted pretty well...
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