1. A

    Noisy Pipes when flushing Loo

    Hi, This recently started... every time the Loo is flushed the pipes are noisy when filling again and it gets worse as the day goes on... If another tap in the bathroom is run the noise reduces and if the bath tap is opened fully the noise stops, also if I close the filling valve at the...
  2. E

    fog horn noise from cold water pipes into toilet after flushing

    Hi When I flush my toilet the cold water pipe feeding into the toilet has a very loud noise sounding like a fog horn which you can hear in other rooms an I can feel the pipe vibrating. It I push on the pipe slightly it stops but as soon as I let go it starts again. Anyone know what this might...
  3. Bettyboo

    Cleaning rads without power flushing

    Evening all My rads are quite old (30 yearsish) they are the standard single panel rads. The ones downstairs have large cold patches at the bottom when the heating is on. I want to keep them as I do not want anything deeper to block vital space and because I do not want to change the pipe...
  4. L

    Manually flushing radiator

    I have a cast iron radiator in my living room that I have noticed has been heating unevenly, (hot at top and cold at bottom), I am thinking that the radiator needs flushing? Although the radiator is extremely heavy so removing it will be a big task and i don't really want to remove the reducing...
  5. F

    slow flushing toilet - is it the vent?

    Hi all! Hoping to get some advice: We have a slow flushing toilet that I've tried plunging, snaking and chemicals to get going but all of that made no difference. I noticed that if I detached the U-bend from the sink that goes to the same drain the toilet flushed perfectly - this led me to...
  6. K

    Toilet not flushing everything

    Hi guys. I have just had a new toilet fitted (concealed cistern). It’s a Tavistock Apex side filling. Now, it doesn’t flush everything away, mostly toilet tissue, after being ‘used’. Can anyone tell me what the possible problem is? Thanks
  7. M

    Toilet no flushing properly.

    A collegue of mine has come across the following problem. Downstairs toilet in newish house (prob last 10 years) when flushed partially fills the bowl then flows away. Toilet has durgo valve on stub stack that is fitted just below the spillover level of the basin. Cloakroom backs onto cloakroom...
  8. J

    Power flushing and drainage

    hello everyone What level have you got to be in order to carry out power flushing have you got to be level 3 ? And also interested in unblocking drains what is the best route to go ?
  9. B

    Toilet Flushing Issue

    I've made a video of the problem I'm having. At first the problem was the cistern wasn't filling however I reseated the siphon which has stopped the water running into the pan. Now the issue seems to be that after a flush, the ballcock is stopping the water entering the cistern until I pull it...
  10. B

    Banging pipes when flushing or using shower

    Hello! Bit of background: We live in a 3 storey block of flats on the top floor in a 1 bed, 1 bathroom flat (built around 1987). There is no gas supply and heating is via x3 storage heaters. We have a System boiler (?) with a tank in a cupboard next to the kitchen. The water pressure is quite...
  11. U

    WC runs after flushing — identification of flush mechanism and repair

    My WC has just developed a problem. It flushes OK but then the water keeps draining into the pan. The cistern is a concealed/built-in one. I lifted the cistern lid expecting to find a siphon but the arrangement is quite different. I would find it really helpful if someone could identify: 1).
  12. B

    Powder Flushing domestic heating systems

    Hi, Does anyone out there have any knowledge or experience of the Powder Flushing process? I am tempted to get them round to unblock my domestic open vented system. But at £1000 for ten rads I want to get a second opinion. Can anyone vouch for them? Do you know anyone that’s used them? I’ve...
  13. C Thompson

    Problems with smells and question about flushing out radiators

    Hello All, I have been having just the worst problems with the heating system where I am renting a house. The smells that the boiler and radiators put out have been doing me in, both physically and mentally. I, by the way, know really nothing about boilers. I am just trying to survive all of...
  14. S

    The dreaded F.9... a question regarding flushing

    Hello all. Sparky here... so not totally a newbie in the world of plumbing. Our Glowworm Flexicom SX (Yea, I know... not amazing but existing) has developed an F9 fault. Not water pressure. Cleaned out the Mag filter below the boiler, and it was dirty but not horrific. Had the boiler serviced...
  15. D

    Flushing out central heating system

    Morning all! I'm about to flush out my central heating system then put some cleaner in before flushing again then putting the inhibitor in. My question is do I need a magnaclean type device fitted prior to doing this? Bit worried it might damage the boiler. Thanks in advance
  16. J

    Power Flushing - where can I hire a PF machine?

    Morning, Any advice as to where I can hire a Flower Flushing machine for a one-off job? I'm based in NE England. TIA.
  17. O

    Flushing central heating system

    How often do you flush , replace inhibitor in closed system. Partly extended in 2008.
  18. N

    Sanicompact not flushing correctly

    hi there, had a sanicompact installed for a year now, with no issues. But lately, it has been making a different noise when flushing, and doesnt remove the toilet paper on the first flush. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  19. P

    Help with flushing towel rail system

    We had our house re-plumbed about 9 years ago with a sealed system with solar thermal panels. (We also had new boiler installation 5 years ago). Wanting to re-decorate the main bathroom I was surprised to see on removing the towel rail that the air vent plug at the top was corroded (the sealed...
  20. Christopher buzzard

    Power flushing 1 pipe system

    hey, Set up - 3 storey house. Boiler in cellar, sealed system. Ground floor 2 pipe system, the rest of the house is 1 pipe. 2 radiators and 2 towel rails are no longer heating up. Approx 16 radiators in total. So after fitting a new boiler, running system with cleaner in for a day. Hot...
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