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Flushing is a neighborhood in the north-central portion of the New York City borough of Queens. The neighborhood is the fourth-largest central business district in New York City. Downtown Flushing, a major commercial and retail area centered on the intersection of Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue, is the third-busiest intersection in New York City, behind Times Square and Herald Square.Flushing was established as a settlement of New Netherland on October 10, 1645, on the eastern bank of Flushing Creek. It was named Vlissingen, after the Dutch city of Vlissingen. The English took control of New Amsterdam in 1664, and when Queens County was established in 1683, the "Town of Flushing" was one of the original five towns of Queens. In 1898, Flushing was consolidated into the City of New York. Development came in the early 20th century with the construction of bridges and public transportation. An immigrant population, composed mostly of Chinese and Koreans, settled in Flushing in the late 20th century.
Flushing contains numerous residential subsections, and its diversity is reflected by the numerous ethnic groups that reside there. Flushing is served by several stations on the Long Island Rail Road's Port Washington Branch, as well as the New York City Subway's IRT Flushing Line (7 and <7> trains), which has its terminus at Main Street.
Flushing is located in Queens Community District 7, and its ZIP Codes are 11354, 11355, and 11358. It is patrolled by the New York City Police Department's 109th Precinct.

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  1. J

    Flushing New shower that replaced old one unused for three years

    Hi, I would welcome any advice on the following. I have recently fitted an new en suite Mira select thermostatic shower which replaced the old one which was exactly the same model.The shower is fed from a Worcester Bosch combi boiler which was fitted eight months ago replacing an old combi...
  2. C

    Toilet not flushing problem

    Hi We have just moved into a 3yr old new build house i.e. someone else has lived here for 3yrs and we have just moved in. We've been in for a few weeks and had no problem, however the toilet in the en-suite is now not flushing. The plunger device on the reverse side of the lid is a big...
  3. R

    Toilet Button not flushing

    Hi, Our toilet button wont flush our toilet...it has two tubes coming from it (a white and black one) which go to the mechanism inside...I can lift the mechanism inside which flushes the toilet,so that works. Any ideas what I ned to do?
  4. P

    After flushing, there is only a trickle of water entering the tank.

    After flushing, there is only a trickle of water entering the tank. When I turn the valve off, and then on again, it flows normally again. The upstairs toilet and all other faucets work normally.
  5. A

    Toilet constantly making a flushing noise

    Hi, in my en-suite I have a toilet that is constantly making a flushing noise and water is dribbling in too the pan what do I need to stop this? I have some photos
  6. S

    Open vent Magnacleanse flushing

    Hi all. I have an open vented system with magnaclean filter installed at the return pipe close to boiler. I understand how the magnacleanse cleaning process works for my system but am wondering about flushing it out afterwards. Adey recommend connecting mains pressure with a pressure gauge at...
  7. J

    New toilet not flushing as expected

    Hi, I,'m after some advice please. We have recently had a new bathroom fitted by a professional fitter. We chose the units and he purchased and installed. However the toilet that was fitted struggles to flush anything, even a few sheets of paper takes a couple of flushes. The fitter is...
  8. M

    water hammer after flushing toilet

    Hi, I have been having water hammer after flushing toilet in the past couple of weeks. I have tried turning off the stopcock and opened all taps to drain all the water in pipes and toilet. The water hummer then fixed for a few flushes but it comes back. It's ok a few weeks ago before we fixed...
  9. S

    Sewage smell overnight but not daytime

    We think that this is connected with the upstairs loo, the boxed in waste pipe comes through the spare room and then out the house. There is also a downstairs loo at the same end of the house There's a poo smell, but really only happens in the early hours. It's not connected with anyone...
  10. S

    Sound when closing taps and flushing toilets returns after emptying system

    Hi All, I really need some advice on a home plumbing issue please. We have a sound when closing taps and flushing toilets that started a few months ago. I have tried many times to empty the system by closing off the mains inlet stopcock, opening all the taps, flushing the toilets, etc...
  11. D

    How to unblock a rad feed pipe and return post partially successful fresh water flushing?

    Hi All My radiators were full of sluge/residue so I put in a flushing point and flushed then through with fresh water by connecting a mains hose to the system and then opening each rad in turn to flish through. This worked well for all the 7 radiators except 1 of them, the bathroom radiator...
  12. Bogart

    Flushing a system

    As I am not on mains drainage, I have a treatment plant, any suggestions as to how to flush a system out. I am shortly going to install some new radiators but am worried about the flux that may be introduced into the system. I am installing 11 rads. Is there anything that I can attach to the...
  13. C

    Weather cutting out Biassi and power flushing question

    Hi, would appreciate any thoughts/best suggestions with this. I have an 8 year old Biassi Riva Plus HE 28 Combi in the garage. Its had a few issues this past year but generally works well . Thinking of either fixing its existing 2 issues or replacing it with a new one. Prefer the former . The 2...
  14. M

    Sanicompact not flushing properly or filling bowl with water

    Hi, I've got a sanicompact downstairs which has been working fine for 6 years. In the last day or so I've noticed that the toilet isn't flushing properly and subsequently not filling the bowl back up with enough water. The water that does come in comes in very slowly and it makes a sort of...
  15. Bogart

    Underground heating pipework and flushing.

    Right have decided to have a good go at my heating system so I have basically 2 questions. 1. I have an old oil boiler situated some 25m away from the house. It leaves the boiler in 28mm copper changes to 35mm copper in the boiler house , exits the boiler house and goes underground and just...
  16. CorgiDirect

    reliable, quality assured and cost effective central heating power flushing solutions

    Norstrom Proflush have produced Central Heating Power Flushing Equipment for over 25 Years. At CORGI direct, we provide a range of reliable, quality assured and cost effective central heating power flushing solutions. VIEW FULL RANGE
  17. S

    Power flushing blocked microbore

    I am a homeowner after some advice about power flushing a central heating system with microbore pipes that seem to be blocked. When I switched the boiler on in October, 3 of 12 radiators never warmed up and 2 other radiators became only lukewarm. My plumber concluded the pump in the 11-years...
  18. L

    Aquasource dual flush toilet

    I need a manual to an Aqua source dual flush toilet. It's not flushing properly.
  19. J

    Concealed sistern not fully flushing rimless pan

    Hi I have two loos one with a concealed sistern and a rimless pan The other against a wall close coupled also with a rimless pan. This unit has a really strong flush which meets at the front of the pan and thoroughly cleans. The first unit with the concealed sistern has a much weaker flush and...
  20. H

    Smell from Macerator after flushing

    Hi everyone Around two months ago I got my old macerator replaced with a new Grundfos Sololift 2 WC-3 macerator. Its been working great without any problems except in the last two weeks every time I flush the toilet, the macerator emits a foul smell when the machine is operating. The unit...
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