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Installation art is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. Generally, the term is applied to interior spaces, whereas exterior interventions are often called public art, land art or art intervention; however, the boundaries between these terms overlap.

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  1. G

    Initial fill of UFH circuits

    HI, we have replaced 3 manifolds (1 upstairs 2 downstairs) with new Warmup units. The installation manual from Warmup states that to fill the system you have to fill each circuit in turn using the fill / drain points on each manifold. However, my plumber said that he always uses the filling loop...
  2. T

    Questionable gas cooker installation. Advice needed.

    Hi there, Big gas noob here. We got a gas cooker installed a few days ago, and the gas cooker is now sitting quite far away from the wall (3cm which sounds like not much but throws the balance off of the kitchen), which means there's a large gap now between the cooker and the wall, but it now...
  3. C

    Building control and LPG installation for cooking hob.

    Outside of using a gas-safe LPG engineer, do I have to notify building control for the installation of pipework, hob and a 15kg propane bottle?
  4. R

    What paperwork should a boiler installation come with?

    Hi gents and ladies, Making the probable mistake of buying a house at present : bit of a fixer with a shoddy but recent boiler installation. Have a bit of a question for our resident gas people, if you can possibly help me out here. The vendors seem to have lost the installation invoice, but...
  5. M

    Considering buying an Ariston Lux 6L for undersink installation.

    Hi, the Lux 6L needs 1bar pressure in the manual, but I want to gravity feed it from the hot water line - given that we waste more that 6L of cold getting hot from the tank - that would be about 0.4 bar. Is that enough for an unvented heater? Intenting to seal it to expand back into hot feed pipe.
  6. T

    Monsoon twin pump installation - wrong pump?

    My house was a bungalow that was extended up into the roof, and a bathroom installed up there. The hot water cylinder remains on the ground floor. The mains water pressure is low. A Stuart Monsoon U3 dual pump was installed to pump both hot and cold. I am thinking that this is the wrong type of...
  7. nmlyons31

    Hive Installation help

    I'm replacing my multi-zone Danfoss controllers with Hive, so far the downstairs Hive receiver is wired in and working well. I'm having a problem wiring in the Hive Single Channel receiver to replace a Danfoss TP 4000 for the upstairs zone. The TP 4000 is battery powered and has 2 connected...
  8. L

    Advice on radiator installation

    Hi guys , just looking for some advice. Our building contractor is doing a compete replumb and we have a on a radiator he installed. it was to be wall mounted and the pipes were set to come out of the wall. It's not as clean as I thought it would be as i thought the pipework would go straight...
  9. B

    Worcester Bosch Greenstart 36 cdi filter installation

    Hello all. During a recent service to a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 36 cdi compact boiler within my property, a filter was removed by the plumber. (see photo). I was told it was easy enough to purchase a new one and reinstall myself. Despite a search I can't find a replica filter anywhere. Is...
  10. J

    Bathroom installation leads to water damage - what do we do?

    Hello all, I am hoping that you can give us some advice. We're in the UK, and have contracted a company to completely refit the first floor bathroom. The first fix was completed a few days ago. We haven't moved in yet. When we returned to the property just now, the kitchen ceiling had caved...
  11. J

    URGENT Can I improve flow rate by reducing diameter of a downpipe?

    Hi, I’m installing a down pipe which goes from the house to a waste water treatment tank. The length of the route is 55 meters and the pipe diameter is 125mm (which collects black water from 5 toilets, grey waters are on a separate pipe). For about 35 meters the pipe has a good inclination of...
  12. S

    Shower installation water feeds

    I have just purchased a Mira digital pumped shower This will fit above an existing bath. Can I use a T from the 22 mm bath feeds to connect the hot and cold to the module. Currently the bath is fed from below floor level. Ideally I would take a feed from the hot water cylinder and from the...
  13. D

    Macerator installation

    Hi everyone, I am installing a macerator I got from plumbworld. 400w. Where it's being installed to the far left I have an electric shower followed by a sink, to the right off the macerator there will be a kitchen sink on the other side off the partition. Will I need a stop check valve in...
  14. K

    vent pipe installation

    I am building a mother in law sweet i am having some trouble designing her septic and with decent venting. im attaching a basic diagram of her floor plan and would like to hear some ideas of how i need to vent this the ceiling will be cathedral so that will make this more difficult thank you
  15. P

    Bathroom washbasin installation

    Hi, The basin & pedestal I bought recently has got me scratching my head, as it doesn’t seem to have an obvious method of joining them together securely. This is in contrast to the existing one which has a semi circular groove that the basin fits onto the pedestal & you can adjust to fit flush...
  16. C

    Should I be worried about this installation ?

    I have just had 2 new vented hot water cylinders installed by a plumber (not yet finished) however I am a little concerned as the pipes are not attached to anything, the empty tank on the left wobbles a little on uneven floor and is slightly on the wonk. The plumber is really great but this was...
  17. Crossfingers

    Oil Boiler installation

    Hi What are the regulations around installing a second hand oil combi boiler, am I right in saying they have to follow manufacturers instructions and building regs? Had people install on and it's positioned where I can't take the rear cover off to reach the condensate. The installation...
  18. G

    Tado Smart Radiator Valve Installation

    Considering buying the Tado Smart Thermostat and valves. My upstairs radiators are older and I'm unsure if the valves will be compatible. Has anyone had any experience of installing Tado Smart Valves. Do you know how to determine if they'll fit?
  19. R

    Towel rail installation

    I have had no end of trouble recently fitting a heated towel rail. First problem is tightening the fittings so that it is tight in the correct position/orientation for the flow/return pipework, these have o rings for sealing but are not always water tight at the correct position. Also some of...
  20. J

    Shower tray installation: Easiest method of fitting

    Hi guys Just looking for advice on how to make the installation of a 1200x800 stone resin tray easier. I'm fitting a tray into a space with three walls, so obviously space is minimum. The last time I did this I rigged up a pulley from the ceiling joists to raise and lower the tray into position...
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