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Installation art is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. Generally, the term is applied to interior spaces, whereas exterior interventions are often called public art, land art or art intervention; however, the boundaries between these terms overlap.

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  1. V

    I need help on a bid basement finish full bath installation

    Help with a bid on a basement finish new full bath rough in and finish
  2. B

    installation of Boiler - Unvented tank

    As part of a rebuild (added 1st floor to bungalow and extended back) we have removed every piece of plumbing and electrics, during COVID In preparation for the complicated stuff, during the build we have ... Gledhill unvented tank (preplumbed) placed in 1st floor airing cupboard New...
  3. M

    Radiator installation advice

    I purchased three new Milano Aruba Radiators to replace my old ones. The plumber has spent two days trying to instal them and it has just been a nightmare as the water has been gushing out from the valves of each radiator as there is no resistance when he tried to tighten them up. He has used...
  4. A

    Spitting toilet, new installation

    Built new bathroom on second floor, but the toilet spits back occasionally when flushed. I think this is a venting issue. Attached is a diagram. Can anyone see any problems with the configuration? Thanks
  5. S

    Gas cooker installation

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help with a query. We have recently had a new kitchen installed and are arranging for our freestanding gas cooker to be fitted (Leisure Gourmet Cooker 60cm) I have read that there needs to be a 20mm gap between the sides of the cooker to meet the Gas Safe...
  6. Y

    Plumbing installation in my van

    Hey, I'm located in Paris. forgive my average foreign English. I'm about to install all the plumbing in my van. I'm new to this. I'm wondering if I should recapture the used water from the sink and the bathroom and reinject it into the flush tank or do nothing and waste that water. Also, since...
  7. D

    Toilet installation - 2 issues

    Afternoon all I’m trying to replace a toilet downstairs and have come across two issues. The floor is not level and there is a lip at the front of around 5mm which causes the toilet to rock, even when bolted down. The bolts aren’t the best and are plastic brackets on the inside of the toilet...
  8. R

    crap kitchen tap installation

    Another cheap chineese crap tap, customer has bought a kitchen tap with spray which also has a separate outlet which turns on/off, so both outlets turn off The problem is when you let go of the spray or turn the other outlet off and the main control/temperature (on the bottom of the tap) is...
  9. F

    Your opinion on this combi boiler installation

    Hello. We recently had a combi boiler installed to swap out old plumbing sustem with water tank and gas cylinder. You can see end results in the photos. I would like to ask for your opinion on how well this has been done as I was originally promised only two little pipes coming down from the...
  10. C

    Diverter valve installation

    Worcestershire heatslave 15/19 oil boiler, Diverter valve body and motor replaced, now having issues with water pressure I'm suspicious the brass body with A And B ports have been installed backwards. Can anyone tell me which way it’s supposed to be?? Ie A to hot water and B to Central heating...
  11. I

    Megaflo installation improvements?

    Hello, I've previously created a thread about my Megaflo issues in the past, Baxi have agreed to replace the cylinder as an appliance change under warranty. May I ask if you you guys can have a look at my install and recommend any optimisations, prior to Baxi installing the new cylinder. I do...
  12. R

    Bypass Valve on S-Plan Installation CH system

    Just a quick one folks. Should there be a bypass valve at the ringed location in the attached picture? Between the pump and the CH/HW valves? Thanks
  13. R

    S-Plan Central Heating Installation Question

    I'm just putting this out here in case I am missing something. Can anyone think of a valid reason why a plumber would install a completely new S-Plan CH installation (apart from the boiler) but NOT install the necessary electrical control system to to allow the CH and HW to be turned on and off...
  14. D

    Water Hammer following Combi boiler installation

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar i combi installed. Since installation water hammer happens when hot taps are turned off, but only when the heating is on. Have you experienced the sam?
  15. Andreas44

    Installation TF1 Omega different angle. Can this works?

    Hello I will soon install Fernox Omega and wonder if it can be angled as in the picture. Can this affect the flow or affect the function of the filter? Thanks Andre
  16. D

    Potterton kingfisher MF replacing boiler in situ?

    Hi there! I moved house a few months ago, and our boiler has packed it in (great timing eh?) It's an old thing (potterton kingfisher MF),but was installed in a room in the center of the house with the flue extending out the side wall onto an alley that actually belongs to our neighbour. We had...
  17. S

    Correct installation of PRV, and requirement for NRV?

    Hi Guys, Dyno have fitted a PRV under the kitchen sink in an attempt to resolve a H/W cylinder popping noise and issues with mixer taps, which unfortunately hasn’t cured the issue. I am concerned with the installation of the PRV (and the removal of the NRV) and would like to hear your comments...
  18. J

    Compliant Installation?

    My Dad had a new Grant Vortex Oil boiler installed about a year ago now. It was a professional installer who fitted it for him at the time. I was up feesing his dog today and noticed a couple of things when looking at it. See photo below His house was built in the 1970s. I note there is no...
  19. J

    Shower Tray Installation Advice

    Hi guys, Fully ripped out an old bathroom and installing a new one. Getting mixed messages from Plumber and my father who is a Joiner/Carpenter Plumber wants to fit shower tray before the walls are plastered. Father thinks that the walls should be plastered first, he has left enough clearance...
  20. N

    Access during boiler installation

    We're having a new gas boiler fitted in the kitchen next week and I was wondering if anyone could advise me on what kind of access the installer will need to upstairs radiators? I was told the installer might need to access all the radiators in the house to drain the system. Is this correct? My...