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A plumber is a tradesperson who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, and for sewage and drainage in plumbing systems.

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  1. jamespipe

    Plumber recommendation for heat pump HWS installation

    Hi, My current hot water system needs to be replaced. Anyone got any suggestions or can recommend any plumbers around Derrimut area that won't rip me off? An office guy recommended me to apply for government rebates and get it installed through How reliable is this...
  2. A

    Should a plumber inform you that your new Combi boiler would be no good with a digital pump.

    Hi. I recently had a renovation done. My builder installed a new Combi boiler instead of my system boiler. He connected the pipework to the digital pump. He did not inform us that we would need a new processor because we had changed to a Combi and subsequently a valve blew. Should my builders...
  3. W

    Help - advice on installing shut off valves for basin

    Looking for advice please, our plumber has left us in it and I think I may know why. So they where supposed to be fitting a cloakroom sink putting the pipe work in the wall then fitting these black shut off valves and black trap but can’t see how this is possible the way the work has been...
  4. B

    Leaking TRV

    Hi I have a leaking TRV on a downstairs radiator and need to get it replaced/fixed. Can anyone on here tell me the average cost to have this done professionally please?
  5. D

    plumber to replace bath with shower tray

    Sounds simple but I have already had a withdrawal. I live in Hull. The bathroom floor is very thick concrete because I live above a set of garages. Interested?
  6. P

    Best way to hire a Plumber

    Hi everyone, I am fortunate to be at the stage where I'm looking to expand and take on a plumber to help with the workload. I am new to this and cant figure out the best way to do it, i tried Indeed but the fees, in my opinion are wild. just wondering how everyone else manages to get round this...
  7. M

    Hi all. New learner, best place to start?

    Another newbie in the forums. I’m a 33 year old and after having worked in the Graphic/Web Design industry for around 8 years, I worked a few positions, did a bit of freelance and was continually working late hours and evenings unpaid as well as every weekend. I ended up getting burnout and...
  8. C

    Advice needed (not a plumber)

    Toilet continuously flushing/cistern filling. This happens regardless of what else is going on within the house (videos were taken before and after a shower but this happens seemingly randomly and probably happens when no one is home). As a result my water bill has considerably increased but I...
  9. B

    plumber overcharge fee query

    Hi everyone, A plumber did some work for me and has done so in the past as well and has been great which is why I hire him. Anyway the last job he did he overcharged me, caused a little damage in my kitchen where he was working and after many requests has not provided me with a receipt ( 7...
  10. S

    Plumber Plumber Poole

    If you are in need of an Emergency Plumber Poole, Bournemouth or Emergency Plumbing Poole or Plumber Bournemouth, look no further!
  11. shaman

    Any plumbers near Royston SG8 with Dunsley neutraliser experience?

    Looking for a plumber to pipe up Rayburn to an R type neutraliser (and alter pipework to connect existing oil boiler). Job in SG8 OQE. The job is fairly straightforward with reasonable access for pipework in roof void. Cylinder might need raising on a platform which I will build (I'm a chippy)...
  12. SteveP205

    Plumber to replace Mainsboost MJ3 Charger

    The MJ3 Charger on my Mainsboost system has stopped working and I have sourced a replacement, but need a plumber that understands these installations to come and replace that unit and ensure it's commissioned properly. Let me know if you've worked with this system before and can quote on...
  13. D

    Absent plumber help finish install asap please BH24

    Looking for a gas safe engineer to complete a boiler and cylinder install in Ringwood BH24. There was a delay of approx 8 months from the install to radiators being fitted and therefore able to comission the system. Our plumber is now employed elsewhere and unfortunately unable to complete this...
  14. annonrenter

    Toilet will not stop running easy fix or plumber needed??

    Hi, as is the toilet my toilet once flashed just keeps running when I move the blue float up-and-down The toilet will stop running and refil as normal but the problem persist. Is there anything I can do to fix this quickly or do i need replacement parts ?? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. D

    Difficulty of removing asbestos; Plumber that can repair Gyprock wall

    I have been given a quote to fix a noisy tap. Apparently they have to “replace breech to main shower” — which I understand to mean the thing one level behind any normal work on a tap. (“It is worn down and still has a small crack in it.”) “This will have to be done through the Gyprock wall...
  16. sultan mahmud

    How to rank my plumber service website?

    I have opened a website now how can I get customers from now on
  17. B

    Plumber did not commission boiler

    Not sure what my options are here. Basically a friend of mine recommended his father in law to do our plumbing/gas work for our renovation. First job was to install a new boiler, and later install radiators, bathroom, kitchen, etc. The boiler was installed last September but not switched on as...
  18. P

    Need a Plumber to help find and repair sewer gas smell

    Hello, We live in an 18 year old town house on three floors and have lived here from new. We changed the downstairs cloakroom and the family bathroom on the middle floor. Since then there has been a terrible smell of sewer gas in the house. This is not localised to the bathroom alone, it...
  19. A

    Looking for self employed plumber

    Hi all I'm a limited company that's been running for 12 years and I have a lot of ongoing work, 99% commercial, and a lot of it plumbing, in London and the Southeast I'm looking for an experienced self employed engineer (or another ltd company like myself), own transport, tools etc. good rates...
  20. Heather2023

    Worth becoming a plumber when I can’t drive?

    what title says basically. I’m 23 just finished a costume degree looking to change careers (for so many reasons) but all the trades I’ve looked at seem to heavily rely on having a driving license. The issue there is that I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) which means that my reactions are...
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