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A plumber is a tradesperson who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, and for sewage and drainage in plumbing systems.

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  1. I

    Looking for experienced plumber in Southport Area - numerous jobs

    Hi, I am in need of an experienced plumber for the following jobs: bathroom: Remove exisiting toilet. Fix new toilet. Fix new wash basin and pedestal. Run new hot and cold pipes to wash basin. Fit new waste pipe from wash basin to drain. Fix new radiator Run flow and return pipes along...
  2. A

    Looking for plumber mate job Birmingham

    Hi guys, I’m looking to get my foot properly in the door of the plumbing world really. I’m trying to gain as much experience as possible. I’ve completed my level 3 diploma at college. I’ve got almost a years experience installing air conditioning, while doing a small few odd plumbing jobs here...
  3. I

    Can I place a cross T fitting for a gas line?

    Can I install cross t fitting ( 4 way) close to gas meter at the “line to the house” before it enters to the house
  4. T

    Salamander shower pump warranty

    plumber purchased and installed a salamander shower pump, pump has stopped working after being used for just less than 6 months. Plumber has replaced with a new pump and is charging me for the new pump and says I need to deal with warranty after the event. I have no receipt as I did not...
  5. R

    plumber becoming gas certified

    I’ve been a plumber in Scotland for over 20 years and have owned my own bathroom and kitchen business for the past 8 years. I am hoping to become gas certified and was just after some advice on the best way to go about it?
  6. C

    Plumber warranty issue

    Looking for some advice a plumber supplied and fitted a new shower pump 13 months past. The pump has failed and despite it having a two year manufacturer warranty the plumber does not want to know and to quote him "it only has a 3 month warranty max in terms of their liability" They even tried...
  7. S

    Plumber massively overcharged on Sunday

    We had an incident of estate water pipe burst and united utility had to fix the issue for the whole estate and this time we didnt have much water supply, they were supplying little bit by using their water tankers. When the issue was resolved by UU then my house's water tank's valve stopped...
  8. A

    Trade Counter with knowledge.

    Hi, A new plumbing and bathroom store opening in slough, looking for a knowledgeable trades person to work on our trade counter full time. Salary will depend on experience and knowledge. please email CV to [email protected] for more details.
  9. S

    URGENT Water Softener installer wanted (plumber)

    Scott Jenkins Water Softeners Ltd is a fast growing family run business that covers all aspects of Water Softeners and Drinking Water Systems. Working in both domestic households and commercial businesses, located in and around East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and Kent. You’ll need...
  10. G

    looking for Plumber's mate job

    Hi there, looking to gain experience as a plumber's mate in London/Essex area, full driving licence. Looking for a step into domestic plumbing. looking for a change in my career and get into the the domestic plumbing world. I have 6 years experience working with commercial boilers, with skills...
  11. B

    How many days do you typically go onsite as an NVQ level 2 Plumber?

    I just wanted to know this before potentially starting an NVQ level 2 in Plumbing and Heating next year or so because I might find it difficult to fit the NVQ in with my non-construction-related full-time job.
  12. dansimmo95

    Where can you find a good reliable local plumber

    Problems with dripping or seized taps on the bath or sink basin? Such problems are often quickly remedied with a replacement washer or specialist tools. Take a weight off your mind and call in the experts; we’ll have it sorted quickly and efficiently. If you need a replacement stopcock or a...
  13. Another Blocked Drains we fix -the plumbing and electrical doctor

    Another Blocked Drains we fix -the plumbing and electrical doctor

    Got a blocked drain and sewer issue? The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor will help fix your blocked drains, offering drain & plumbing services in Australia.
  14. brendawest

    Should i call the plumber?

    How can you fix a clogged pipe that is half way inside the wall? Should i call the plumber?
  15. P

    Fortic tank is overflowing

    Fortic tank is overflowing,plumber replaced ballcock, no change. Came back and says immersion heater thermostat needs replacing? Water appears to be re-entering cold section via pipe from cold tank to hot cylinder, not through vent pipe. Water is warm in cold section. Any advice welcome
  16. M

    URGENT Need to reroute condensate line to interior - ASAP

    Attic gas HVAC condensate line dumps into home's rear gutter, damaging it and fascia board. I need a Pro to re-route condensate pipe inside house ASAP for imminent roof replacement. Please message me your earliest availability and rates.
  17. C

    Plumber Looking for New Opportunities in London Area

    Hi there, I am a junior plumber based in South East London (Zone 1), but can get to most areas quite easily. In terms of Qualifications I have completed level 2 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating with 1 years experience working as an emergency response engineer primarily carrying out maintenance...
  18. D

    Plumber problems - need advice please

    Hi Everyone This is my first post here and I hope to hear from some of the experienced plumbers or anyone else in general that has had an issue with plumbing. In October 2018 a plumber came to install full central heating and a unventes cylinder which was zoned to two floors (Basement and...
  19. Lolz23

    New plumber, looking for work ((Suffolk))

    Hey everyone, my name's Loren, I'm 31 and I recently finished my level 2 NVQ plumbing diploma at college and I'm looking for someone to help me out with the essential 'on the tools' experience. I work full time at the moment and am used to an above min wage salary, I understand I will have to...
  20. A

    Plumbing issue, broken pipe

    Plumber unblocked our drain but in doing so managed to break another adjoining pipe. The pipes were hidden. This led to water damage when he checked to see if blockage was cleared. Where do I stand?
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