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A plumber is a tradesperson who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, and for sewage and drainage in plumbing systems.

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  1. dansimmo95

    Where can you find a good reliable local plumber

    Problems with dripping or seized taps on the bath or sink basin? Such problems are often quickly remedied with a replacement washer or specialist tools. Take a weight off your mind and call in the experts; we’ll have it sorted quickly and efficiently. If you need a replacement stopcock or a...
  2. Another Blocked Drains we fix -the plumbing and electrical doctor

    Another Blocked Drains we fix -the plumbing and electrical doctor

    Got a blocked drain and sewer issue? The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor will help fix your blocked drains, offering drain & plumbing services in Australia.
  3. brendawest

    Should i call the plumber?

    How can you fix a clogged pipe that is half way inside the wall? Should i call the plumber?
  4. P

    Fortic tank is overflowing

    Fortic tank is overflowing,plumber replaced ballcock, no change. Came back and says immersion heater thermostat needs replacing? Water appears to be re-entering cold section via pipe from cold tank to hot cylinder, not through vent pipe. Water is warm in cold section. Any advice welcome
  5. M

    URGENT Need to reroute condensate line to interior - ASAP

    Attic gas HVAC condensate line dumps into home's rear gutter, damaging it and fascia board. I need a Pro to re-route condensate pipe inside house ASAP for imminent roof replacement. Please message me your earliest availability and rates.
  6. C

    Plumber Looking for New Opportunities in London Area

    Hi there, I am a junior plumber based in South East London (Zone 1), but can get to most areas quite easily. In terms of Qualifications I have completed level 2 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating with 1 years experience working as an emergency response engineer primarily carrying out maintenance...
  7. D

    Plumber problems - need advice please

    Hi Everyone This is my first post here and I hope to hear from some of the experienced plumbers or anyone else in general that has had an issue with plumbing. In October 2018 a plumber came to install full central heating and a unventes cylinder which was zoned to two floors (Basement and...
  8. Lolz23

    New plumber, looking for work ((Suffolk))

    Hey everyone, my name's Loren, I'm 31 and I recently finished my level 2 NVQ plumbing diploma at college and I'm looking for someone to help me out with the essential 'on the tools' experience. I work full time at the moment and am used to an above min wage salary, I understand I will have to...
  9. A

    Plumbing issue, broken pipe

    Plumber unblocked our drain but in doing so managed to break another adjoining pipe. The pipes were hidden. This led to water damage when he checked to see if blockage was cleared. Where do I stand?
  10. WeeLearnerLad

    Gas engineer IDs an appliance?

    What does it mean when a gas engineer IDs an appliance as unsafe? Does it literally mean the appliance has been identified as unsafe or is there another meaning to the terminology? What other common abbriviations/acronyms does a gas engineer use? FFS 😜 Right or wrong answers welcome
  11. plumbingdoctor

    Toilets are dirt do we need to fix them first or clean them?

    I'm done fixing the clogged toilet and noticed that before we set the whole thing toilet was very messy and dirty, the question is? do homeowners need to clean before the plumber comes or let the tradies clean it?
  12. R

    URGENT Pressure loss in new loft (unvented cylinder)

    Hello. I need some urgent advice re water pressure in an unvented system. A few months back, I had my gravity fed system + boiler changed to an unvented cylinder + system boiler. The water pressure following the swap was incredible. We were originally talking about putting in a mains booster...
  13. L

    Does anyone have experience with steam shower cabins?

    I bought a Vidalux steam shower cabin but my plumber wouldn't put it in because he said that it would leak. The company has really good ratings and it's going to be difficult to return. Does anyone have any experiences with these and would you agree with my plumber?
  14. M

    Looking for Plumber to hire

    Looking for an experienced Plumber that is familiar with Camera, Jetting and Ohio Codes. We do Residential and Commercial. Looking for close to Washington Court House Ohio 43160 area. Please contact 740-333-7731 if you are interested.
  15. J

    Advice combi boiler plumber says can't fix expansion vessel/access it?

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could advise if I should get a different plumber for a 2nd opinion. Basically, my combi boiler is in my attic. It is overpressurised at the moment and the overflow pipe always drips. I had a plumber round, he seemed good and honest and knew the neighbour so...
  16. C

    Experienced Plumber Looking To Upscale To Gas

    Evening all, I’ve got a query and hopefully one of you lads/lasses can help me! I’ve got a lad working for me, he’s been in the plumbing trade coming on 10 years now - he’s got all his NVQ’s including his G3 etc etc but no gas. He’s recently approached me and asked me if he can upskill to...
  17. T

    Plumber needed for final inspection only

    I am looking for a plumber who can do a final inspection in the Boston, MA area. The work is already complete. I will be happy to pay for their time. I have called several local plumbers, but all seem unwilling to do do the inspection on someone else's work, so I am hoping someone on this forum...
  18. R

    Wall hung toilet - are RAK any good?

    Hello. I'm redoing 3 bathrooms at the moment and was planning to install RAK rimless toilets with Grohe cisterns/frames for all three based on recommendations from my local bathroom shop. Since then, I've found some reviews that say RAK toilets look great but struggle with flushing anything...
  19. A

    Gabarron CMX15 Safety Cut-out tripping

    Hi Gents, full disclosure. Electrician not a plumber. Got called to look at a Gabarron CMX15 that was dead, discovered the Safety Limiter device on the CH side had tripped, reset it and bled the radiators are recharged to 1.5bar per the manual. long story short it has tripped a couple of times...
  20. M

    URGENT 22mm copper pipe of 28mm copper pipe, what shall I run?

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum. Please go easy on me👷🏼 I'm currently renovating my house and my house currently runs from old lead pipes then soldered in to 15mm copper pipe. I want to replace the whole piping in the house from to bottom. My question is shall I run 22mm copper pipe then...