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  1. A

    Need a plumber to replace a kitchen tap - Leeds

    Hello, I need a plumber to replace a kitchen tap. I'm based in Roundhay, North Leeds. I tried to do it myself but couldn't get the nuts undone on the pipe (posted about it in this forum), getting the tap itself loose wasn't a problem. It's flexi-hose and looks like this under the sink (pic...
  2. Ryooo

    Plumber At Hand Platform

    Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. Just wondering if anyone has had an experience of this new platform of Plumber At Hand? I have been seeing lots of adverts for it recently. If anyone that's doesn't know it involves customers instead of call outs or in a tricky situation video calling...
  3. T

    Need a plumber Midlands area

    I am in need of a plumber to do several jobs Any help appreciated
  4. R

    Is the Plumber Responsible?

    About a month ago we had a new shower fitted by a plumber, they fitted a new waste pipe. Fast forward to today and our ceiling downstairs has a large leak and has fallen. It looks like the leak has came from the waste piping and having tested the mains it is not leaking at all. We have called...
  5. Martinukai

    I'm not a plumber. Crack PVC sewer pipe advice sought. Thanks.

    Hi folks. I'm just doing some DIY and I'm not a plumber. I accidentally cracked a pvc sewer pipe and want to repair. I am aware that I can do so using two collars and a length of identical diameter pipe, however, I want to be sure to buy the right size. My pipe seems to be around 115mm...
  6. D

    large property several plumbing jobs

    Based in West Yorkshire (Bingley) looking for a bathroom fitter. Several jobs at the property: 1) refurbish small downstairs cloakroom 2) refurb ensuite 3) reconfigure existing bathroom to bedroom with ensuite 4) reconfigure existing bathroom and separate toilet into bathroom
  7. M

    looking for a Wunda underfloor heating plumber - London

    I'm looking for someone that has experience with the Wunda underfloor heating system. I'm based in Mortlake SW London
  8. T

    Recruiting Gas Engineers (Domestic) and Site Installers

    Recruitment opportunities available. If you’re an experienced gas engineer or plumber in the West London area, then please do not hesitate in contacting us. As a growing business we have regular positions become available. We have 2 companies both focused on different aspects of plumbing and...
  9. A

    I was offered to use a leak sealer by a plumber. Concerned...

    I recently bought a house (was built in the 80s) and found 7 minor leaks in radiator valves and pipe joints. My plumber suggested using a leak sealer (Tec7 Plumb) to solve all the issues at once. I insisted to fix them in a more traditional way, so he retightened all nuts and joints but all of...
  10. C

    Currently awaiting repair Combi Boiler leaking for 8 years. Is my plumber incompetent?

    Hi everyone, my combi boiler has been leaking for 8 years. It is a german Vaillant VCW 204 The thing is, this device is from...
  11. J

    Moving to another state as a plumber?

    Hi plumbers. I just have a few questions about moving to another state as a plumber and pursuing journeyman’s licenses. Here’s some background on me first, then the Q’s. I’m 23 years old, currently living in Florida with my parents and really want to move to New Hampshire... really want to move...
  12. plumb_know

    kent based company looking for plumber

    We are a small business based in west malling, kent. We are looking for Experienced plumbing engineer to join our team on a self employed basis (non Smoker preferred), we will supply uniform, van & tools (except hand tools). MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE in reactive maintenance and working in private...
  13. JackWilson98

    URGENT trainee plumber looking for further training

    Chester CH4 7DR 21 year old male [email protected] 1 years experience 1st/2nd fix bathrooms and heating systems. full uk driving license with car i have my own tools NVQ Level 2 qualified. currently in college doing my level 3 technical certificate (City&Guilds) Looking for someone to...
  14. I

    Has Anyone Used This For ACS Revision?

    Hi Just wanted to ask that has anyone used this website to revise for their ACS revision? the website im on about is...(Not promoting/Not paid) GAS ACADEMY SIGN UP - The reason im asking is because i dont feel that just reading the...
  15. P

    Plumber left me with luke warm radiator

    Hi there. I'm after some advice on some work that we have had done today in the house to replace a single panel radiator with a larger double panel one. The chap has been out, drained down the system, installed the new larger radiator and refilled the system. He then bled all the rads and left...
  16. S

    Plumber West Sussex, looking for a job.

    Hi, I'm struggling to find a job. Trained as a plumber, can drive (but currently no vehicle) and GS registered. There must be a vacancy out there for me! I am 50 years old, so I appreciate that might be too old for lot of employers. Thankyou!
  17. R

    Wanted plumber to install new water mains

    I'm putting in a new rising main to my 1st floor flat. The pipe work is to run on the outside of the building in Insuduct. The water board will put in a new connection to the property boundary then a 750mm deep trench has to be dug to the Water Boards spec to the property (approx. 3m. long). I...
  18. mars_man

    Viessmann boiler question

    Wondering if there are plumbing gurus here who can suggest what could be the issue .Recently changed to gas heating and have a viessmann vitoden 100 , 26 kw condensing boiler .The old oil boiler was a firebird 26 Kw and I have almost already started missing it . The house is well insulated and...
  19. R

    Plumber has caused leaks throughout the house

    Hello I thought I'd post a post. I am currently under going a full re dec of the whole house, new flooring, skirting, architrave window boards and nice new rads. Plumber came to fit the new rads, drained down the system. To begin the work the next day. I had a call from the kitchen floor...
  20. Z

    Domestic plumber Stevenage area

    Several jobs (slight preference for gas safe as I will need my boiler serviced soon) current jobs: Replace ballcock in heating feeder tank Replace (or remove) bypass valve on y plan Estimate for fitting metal filter if possible to fit one in cupboard and fill with Estimate for fitting remote...

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