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  1. JCplumb

    Looking for a plumber in South Manchester

    Got a customer whos son has bought a house in Didsbury. Gainsborough bar shower is passing and there's a leak on the bath waste, from my conversation with him, it sounds like an in and out job. It's too far for me to go and sort out before mid January so do we have any members more local to him?
  2. S

    Nightmare Plumber Who lives Across The Road

    We live across the road from a plumber, he keeps on harassing our family and our neighbours have also had trouble with him. He parks his van where he likes to cause an obstruction. When telling him to park properly, he is abusive. He keeps on turning our gas and water off, he has blocked our...
  3. Kyle Knowles

    Tiler looking for a good plumber to fit bathrooms and ufh

    Hi guys I'm a member of the tiler forum I'm looking for a plumber in the Manchester area to fit some bathrooms for me send me a direct message for details
  4. J

    Looking for a Plumber and separate Tiler

    Task 1: Please help me replace my 2 keston C40 with a potterton gold 65kw system boiler, i've been quoted £2,200 including boiler and parts but he cannot start for months. Like something in immediately . Task 2: labourer or tiler to fit showers and do tiling general good d-i-y- person to...
  5. J

    Plumber commissoned 2 old kestons and both were working for 2 weeks

    and then they went quiet with the left ones fan making a grinding noise. the 2nd one (right one), doesnt fire up. I walked into the room and brick dust 'everywhere', kestons... .. i've had enough of this saga with this kestons. anyone know what could be the problem.. and.. anyone...
  6. P

    Experienced in fitting pre-formed (under tile) tray in wetroom

    Hello, I am installing a new en-suite and need an installer who is experienced in fitting a pre-formed tray and waste outlet into a concrete floor, ready for tiling, as in wetroom) and also some additional plumbing work. I am private house owner in the East Grinstead area which is on the borders...
  7. M

    Electrician turned plumber

    Good morning, I'm new here. I have just completed the academic side of my Gas Ssafe course, now looking to complete a portfolio. Previously, I owned and ran a controls company that was an NICEIC approved contractor, working on commercial buildings. I was the Qualified Supervisor, as a...
  8. T

    Postman Now, Plumber to be

    Hello all I am Turk, new here new to plumbing. I finished my NVQ level 2 and working with a friend Plumber. I just wanted to say Big Hello To You All.
  9. P

    Trainee plumber looking for experience

    Hi all I am currently studying for a level nvq in plumbing and trying to gain some experience i have emailed a ton of companies but no success any advice? I’m 25 btw so not at college or school and live in northamptonshire Thanks Pete
  10. H

    Nvq for unqualified plumber

    Hi everyone. Apologies if this has been asked before but here goes: completed 2 years of an apprenticeship about 30 years ago so have no formal plumbing qualifications. Have been trapped in the same job since then but have always kept plumbing on the side, fitting bathrooms for friends and...
  11. S

    Manifold upside down? New plumber!

    Hello. I need some quick advice I hope! The plumber who is doing our extension, different from our original plumber, has said this isn’t right and needs changing? Any advice really appreciated. Thank you
  12. A

    New plumber - Andy Intro!

    Hey guys, My names Andy. I'm from Surrey. I decided it was time to make a change and take up something new, so I settled on plumbing :). I'm currently working through my 6035-L2 and really enjoying it, although still fairly early on. I'm working towards eventually getting the L3 and NVQ. I...
  13. P

    The right track to becoming a plumber?

    Looking for some advice if possible please and thought it best to come direct to you guys :) I'm creeping towards my maturer years and looking for the 'right' way to become a plumber. Currently working for an Underfloor Heating company so not completely naive to the work but Id really like to...
  14. M

    Advice - customer, not plumber

    Hi guys, New here but just wanted to crowd source some thoughts on my current home heating issues. We completely renovated 18 months ago and put in a new boiler and megaflow system - the system was power flushed when it was installed. The way the house is plumbed, it's a hot water priority...
  15. P

    plumber required, experienced in all aspects of installation of walk-in/wetroom shower

    Hello, I am making an en-suite room and need a plumber who has experience in the following: Plumbing to new vanity unit and toilet. Fitting waterproof/resistant water board. Tank all shower area. Fitting Aqualisa Quartz shower unit. Installing shower waste outlet into concrete floor. Fit venting...
  16. D

    New to forum - ex plumber (with a question!)

    Hi all, I'm David, long time lurker of the forum so thought about time I joined :). I did my training many years ago (not gas safe) worked for myself for a few years then ended up in a completely different career direction. I enjoyed the work though and what I picked up has come in handy many...
  17. J

    Plumber C&G Level 3 looking to further knowledge

    Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate if someone could help me out, or even just give me a nod me in the right direction. I am a City and Guilds level 2 and 3 Qualified Plumber who is looking to shadow someone to further my knowledge in Heating, Boiler break downs and brand new installs. As...
  18. MrBaldyHeed

    Bathroom fitter to big boy plumber!

    Hi all, Quick hello to introduce myself. My name is TJ and I started out as a tiler after doing one of them courses back in 2008. Not impressed with the course ( in fact it was totally useless) I found myself a couple of alies in the tiling game and cracked on trying to learn the trade...
  19. V

    Can I become a plumber if I hate physics?

    Is that possible?Can I become a plumber without thermodynamics?I'm not so good at this chapter and I want to know if I have a chance to use more math than physics.I really don't know how to solve PV-VT-PT diagrams and that might take some time until I fully understand them.What are your...
  20. J

    Quality plumber seeking lucrative work...

    Hello all, I've many years experience in the plumbing industry, have the following quals / certs, fairly recently back into the trade (it's in my blood... the lead I mean :eek:): C&G Craft - Plumbing (Herts College of Building - 1984) BPEC - G3 Vented & Unvented HWS (2018) BPEC - Water Regs...