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abOUT was a Toronto-based online biweekly lifestyles and current affairs magazine, serving the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities of North America.
abOUT was founded in Buffalo, New York, in late 2003 by four partners, including Canadian journalist Duane Booth. The first edition of the magazine was released on January 19, 2004. In 2006, Booth became majority shareholder when he acquired the shares of two of the business partners, and the magazine's operations were fully moved to Toronto at the same time. The magazine continued in print until February 2010, when it was changed to an online-only publication.
abOUT covered LGBT-related news and culture.
abOUT covered a range of topics relating to the LGBT community including politics, activism, pop culture, arts, entertainment, health, fashion, fitness and more. The magazine has become known for political stands that are often contrary to those seen in other gay press outlets as well as featuring celebrity interview with artists such as Mary J. Blige, Pussycat Dolls and Felicity Huffman.
The website closed in 2011.

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  1. sammie81116

    Sewer pipe problems not sure about it

    Hi all Noticed bad smell in my drain out side put my hand down and it unclogged it for now however I checked my sewer drain and after flushing my toilet a good few times nothing is going to the sewer so don't know is there a blockage or what way it works many thanks and advice would be grateful
  2. Bolacha

    Question about sink plumbing

    Good morning! I'm replacing my sink and I have a question about the plumbing, hope you can help. When the old one was removed I was able to add valves and resume normal operation for the rest of the house. You will see from the picture the piping coming from the main valve is doing a loop...
  3. D

    Just to say Hi and give some info about my system

    Good day, I am not a plumber/heating engineer and don't don't tackle plumbing or electrics, having done a bit of both with variable success :). But I am an avid researcher and like to understand how things work and get the best out of them. The Glowworm Combi boiler that was in my small 2 bed...
  4. G

    Need Advice about Boiler and Central Heating Repair Please

    Hi. I'm having some issues with my boiler / central heating and have enlisted a local 'Combi Heating Specialist' to sort it out but he seems to be making things worse. I really need another expert's opinion, to put my mind at rest, or help me make the decision to stop using his services. I...
  5. C

    Should I be worried about this installation ?

    I have just had 2 new vented hot water cylinders installed by a plumber (not yet finished) however I am a little concerned as the pipes are not attached to anything, the empty tank on the left wobbles a little on uneven floor and is slightly on the wonk. The plumber is really great but this was...
  6. S

    I don’t know what to tell my landlord about the toilet?

    Hello everyone. I am solo tenant living in a flat. The bathroom is a horror show. Black mould on tiles. Water has previously come in from the flat above, requiring the ceiling to be replastrered. The fixtures and fittings are very old. But I have made do. The toilet is starting to worry...
  7. S

    Question about leaking toilet

    I noticed a leak in a toilet in a house I have recently moved into. One of our other toilets is the same but is not leaking from this same "fitting". I gave the leaky one a quick turn to tighten it and it seems to have stopped leaking. Should I have done this, and what is this fitting for...
  8. N

    I am worried about my NVQ

    I have been doing my level 2 plumbing qualification for over 4 years now due to covid etc. I am now at a point where i will be sending my NVQ pack off and completing my practical for my NVQ. I am waiting on a plumber to to send me his documents to send off. I am worried about the practical and...
  9. S

    question about TRV tabs

    my old comap TRVs hves a black tab and a grey tab, facing downwards, that can be moved up and down, next to the indicator point does these have any role in the correct use of the TVR ? thanks
  10. AlexGold

    Looking for info about UFH with ASHP

    Hi all, Looking for some advice. Recently moved into a new house and we've been doing bit and pieces to it, we're now at the point where we're looking at the heating system. There is currently a multi-fuel burner which provides hot water and heat for the radiators, there is also an immersion...
  11. N

    Is this legal? Not sure about cables.

    Hello all. Many apologies for bothering you with this, I know everyone is rushed off their feet and sick of shortages, price increases etc.....! Any advice would be most welcome...... So, these are the pictures from the boiler 'installation'. I am not a sparky, but wires hanging down in a...
  12. G

    Any advice about water CONDITIOERS

    Does anyone out there have experience of a water CONDITIONER - I don't want a water softener installed and I wondered if these really work or just a gimmick? I would appreciate any information/reviews from either owners or plumbers please.
  13. G

    Advice about water conditioners UK

    Does anyone out there have experience of a water CONDITIONER - I don't want a water softener installed and I wondered if these really work or just a gimmick? I would appreciate any information/reviews from either owners or plumbers please.
  14. Barisk

    I need infor about these pipes

    Hi , I was going to install an outside light when i got onto leader i seen pipes cracked and cut , I’m not sure what these pipes are for and still in use. Does anyone know if they need to be replaced please? The crack is below light
  15. A

    Speaking to someone today about plumbing this is what they said lol.

    I was talking to some one today about going too college to do a plumbing course. And they said there “ mate” paid £3000 for a course and he became a plumber in a week. Set up on his own after a week lol poor customers
  16. S

    Asking for opinion about flow meter concerto

    I'm the homeowner of a heat pump + UFH installation, 2 floors with 1 manifold on each floor and a common pump. On both floors each circuit has the same problem: whenever a zone asks for heat and the motorized valve opens there is a some loud knocking going on (see video). In the case of the...
  17. T

    Hi, question about chasing pipes into wall

    Hi, I’m not a plumber by trade but needed PVC pipes chased into wall which I’ve done but the plaster has said they need to be chased deeper because the heat might effect the plaster. But it’s a internal wall so theres only so deep I can go, so is there anything I can put over the pipes so I...
  18. K

    Need Genuine Advice about Plumbing and Gas Course - here is my 1 year plan to get into the industry

    Hello Plumbers/Gas Engineers, Excuse if this question has been raised but i am in a slight dilemma and for the past 2 weeks the internet has not really solved this, so I feel i need some real advice from real tradesmen. I am 21 and stuck behind a desk not progressing into a career, I have...
  19. J

    slope question about relocating WC soil pipe

    Hi, I'm doing a bathroom refurb and wanting to move both the WC and wash basin over to the right. In the picture attached, green is how I think I should position the new WC and orange is how I think I should position the new wash basin. I know that the waste pips should have a slope between...
  20. moonlight

    New customer called about a Potterton flamingo making popping sound

    I have had a call from a customer to say her boiler is making a popping sound and it turns out, she has not been able to hear it but her friend said its being doing it for a while. I was sent a video of the boiler, showing the flame through the window. Main flame looks good but it looks like the...
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