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We have an all Vaillant setup - an EcoTEC Plus 637 system boiler plus wired VR720 and VR92 SensoCOMFORT controller, driving two CH zones plus DHW. It all works, but unfortunately we have found that the room stats are poorly located, and so the level of control is not what it should be. We had not lived in the house prior to doing a full refurb, so had to guess the best thermostat positions - which have proved to be less than optimal. One is in a hallway which is cool but really doesn't need to be heated, and the other is on a landing that never seems to lose its heat!

Ideally we'd just relocate the VR720 and VR92, or even just add further wired VR92 units in the house, and set them as the source of temperature control - but getting wires to the necessary places would be very difficult. Or we could bite the bullet and replace our (1 yr old) wired setup and go wireless. This seems to be the most sensible if costly way forwards.

Before we do this however, does anyone know if it is possible to mix wired and wireless controllers from the same Vaillant range? So for example, could we keep our controller and add a wireless VR92f (and its receiver) to our existing wired installation? Or another eBUS compatible wireless thermostat?

Or as a halfway house, assuming we did have to go all wireless, does anyone know if it's possible for us to at least keep our wired Outdoor Temp Sensor, currently wired to the boiler? Rather than use the solar powered unit that comes with the wireless controller? We have thick internal walls due to previous extensions, hence I'm unconvinced a wireless outdoor sensor will even work!

I will be posing these questions to Vaillant support, but having worked with them previously during the initial installation, I'm not confident they will be able to help with these slightly unusual questions. I suspect they can't look them up. Hence thought I'd ask here first, as there are clearly some very knowledgeable people on this forum, who are happy to think outside the box!

Thanks in advance.
I don't think you can mix and match. Vaillant rep or technical is best option to speak to.
Wireless are OK if signal is good. I think it better hard wired as is.
Many thanks for your thoughts - it's appreciated. I got feedback from Vaillant techical and they confirmed that mixing wired and wireless won't work, but the wired outside sensor will work with a wireless controller. So at least I can keep that aspect of my current setup. Like you I'd prefer for it all to be wired, but given our situation, this feels like the way forwards.
How are your heating zones wired? Usually for your typical S-plan with 2 or 3 valves you'd have the room/cylinder stat/s controlling the zone valves and the aux contacts on the valves switching the boiler/pump. If this is the case you'd just have the wireless receiver near the valve to control it and the existing aux wiring would still switch the boiler.
That is true - however with Vaillant SensoCOMFORT, it's all on their eBUS, so you have no choice but to use their kit and wire it up as they say. The intelligent wiring centre drives the valves for example, and the boiler just does its own thing via eBUS. We chose it because it should be super efficient whilst giving comfortable heating levels in the house. But we put the room stats in the wrong rooms, as we used the old advice of choosing the coldest location. This kind of system however better locates them in the rooms you want heated to a comfortable level, which we discovered at our cost only in use. Hence the plan to relocate them by going wireless. I was just looking for shortcuts to having to re-buy all the kit!

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