Jehan Vaillant (fl. 1360–1390; also spelled Johannes Vayllant) was a French music composer and theorist. He is named immediately after Guillaume de Machaut by the Règles de la seconde rhétorique, which describes him as a "master … who had a school of music in Paris". Besides five (possibly six) pieces of music surviving to his name, he was also the author of a treatise on tuning. With Grimace and F. Andrieu, Vaillant was part of the post-Machaut generation whose music shows few distinctly ars subtilior features, leading scholars to recognize Vaillant's work as closer to the ars nova style of Machaut.

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  1. R

    Vaillant VUW SOE 242_2-3 R2

    Hi, I have boiler Vaillant VUW SOE 242_2-3 R2 (it's TurboBlock Pro). Does somebody have service manual / maintenance PDF where can I get some additional informations? Here's my problem: I'm not sure at what bar should I pump the chaimber (pre-charge pressure at bars). When I turn on the hot...
  2. H

    New Boiler showing F29 and then F28 error codes

    I need some help and advice with a boiler issue. We have F29 and then F29 appearing on our new boiler. This happened after few days where water was dripping from the condensation pipe. Our regular gas engineer(who installed the boiler) was not available and will be in a couple of days. The...
  3. C

    AAV closed in Vaillant boiler for many weeks - how risky?

    I got my regular annual boiler service for my Vaillant ecoTek 930 about a month ago, and the engineer identified that the AAV was leaking, so he closed it. This is a tenanted property and it's not straightforward to get access to it. How risky is it to / how long can I leave the AAV closed...
  4. H

    Vaillant ecotex 831 - heating only working in service mode

    Wishing everyone on tgmhis forum a very happy Christmas!! I am working on a combi boiler which has problem with heating only. Water is heating normally. Here are the symptoms 1. Signal from thermostat is not firing the boiler. It does not make any sound when heating is on from thermostat. 2...
  5. B

    Vaillant boiler taking ages to get to target temperature

    Hi all Wondering if you could help with this strange issue. I have a Vaillant ecotec 637 (set to 20kw part load) which was connected via a LLH to my system of 3 zones; DHW and 2 radiator zones. The gas usage was high and didn’t feel the boiler was modulating, so yesterday I decided to remove...
  6. G

    Vaillant Controls - is it possible to mix wired and wireless?

    We have an all Vaillant setup - an EcoTEC Plus 637 system boiler plus wired VR720 and VR92 SensoCOMFORT controller, driving two CH zones plus DHW. It all works, but unfortunately we have found that the room stats are poorly located, and so the level of control is not what it should be. We had...
  7. nick_p

    Vaillant Ecotec system boiler with VR66 and Opentherm (VR33 and Nest)

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my experience with "upgrading" an S plan setup to Opentherm and Vaillant Control Center (VR66). There are a few threads on a few different forums but I wanted to share a full write-up with all the steps needed, benefits and costs. Overall, I fully recommend...
  8. Z

    Vaillant System Boiler With Additional Pump

    Hi, i've got a job with a Vaillant Ecotec 630 system boiler, and i don't know the full history but the house has definitely been extended significantly since the boiler was installed. There's now 21 radiators/towel rails. It's getting to temperature, but even after balancing, it's not heating...
  9. P

    Working gas pressure on Vaillant ecotec 630

    British Gas servicing the above boiler ramped up the boiler to maximum in the installer menu to do flue gas analysis. They also measured the working gas pressure on the gas valve test nipple. This fell to 8mbar on maximum and 17mbar on high setting. They then removed the isolation valve under...
  10. MilkyBadger

    Seeking Engineer for Vaillant EcoTec 832 Boiler Issue - SE London

    Hello, I am looking for a heating engineer to diagnose and resolve an issue with my Vaillant EcoTec 832 combi boiler. Job Location: Copeland Rd, London. Job Description: Problem: The boiler is not providing heating under normal conditions, although hot water supply is fine. Interestingly...
  11. MilkyBadger

    Why Does Vaillant EcoTec 832 Boiler Only Heat in Chimney Sweep Mode?

    Hello everyone, I'm facing an issue with my Vaillant EcoTec 832 boiler and would greatly appreciate your expert advice. The Problem: Heating Not Working Normally. When I turn on the heating, it doesn’t start. However, I still receive hot water, suggesting the boiler does work in some...
  12. A

    Difference between VRT 380f and VRT 380f/2 Vaillant controllers?

    A Google search suggests that the VRT 380f/2 variant is sold and used mainly in Scandinavian countries, but is there a functional difference which would prevent the VRT 380f/2 being used in the UK?
  13. N

    Hive Heating & Hotwater install to Vaillant Thermocompact VU GB 242/1

    Hi, I am trying to link a Hive heating & hot water dual channel receiver to an old Vaillant THERMOcompact VU GB 242/1 E system boiler. It has an internal programmer that is similar to a time switch 120 (plug in seven day programmer) This programmer is connect to a terminal strip using 345 (three...
  14. K

    Vaillant ecofit pure hot water cuts out

    I have a Vaillant ecofit pure, we had it installed about 6 years ago so it's not an old boiler, a new pump was also fitted at the same time. Anyway, I have the hot water set to come on the morning but the last couple of days I've noticed after around 10mins it's cuts out, then after s couple of...
  15. T

    Vaillant Ecotec 824 R1 - random noise when heating ON

    Hi I'm dealing with Vaillant Ecotec 824 R1 in one flat. The boiler make a very loud noise when central heating is on - this is random and occurs mostly at night. I'm sharing video showing the problem: So far we changed: 1. Expansion vessel 2. Pump 3. Water pressure gauge - analogue sensor...
  16. W

    Are Vaillant controls worth the investment?

    I am considering replacing my existing boiler with the new 2023 Vaillant ecotec plus 625 boiler. I currently have 3 x Heatmiser neoStat thermostats that are all hard wired back to the wiring centre; one for the central heating, one for a room with UFH, and one for the HW. I use the Heatmiser...
  17. S

    Vaillant "Service Heat Generator" Message

    I have a Vaillant Ecotec Plus combi boiler that was installed just over 6 years ago. It has been serviced annually, the most recent service being about 2 months ago. The controller is a Vaillant VRT 350f wireless type. Recently a spanner symbol and a “Service Heat Generator” message have...
  18. X

    Vaillant VRT 392 Thermostat (wired) not working

    Hello, my Vaillant VRT 392 Thermostat just stopped working, it's completely dead, I read another thread suggesting changing batteries, but this model does not use batteries, it's wired to a Vaillant control center VR65 with eBUS, my boiler is Vaillant ecoTEC plus 624, anyone can help identify...
  19. R

    Vaillant Sensohome and fault codes.

    Hello All I have an ecotec 630 with Sensohome controls. Should the fault codes shown in the boiler also be reflected in Sensohome control? All appears to be working ok but the Sensohome has a fault code relating to the outside sensor (F521) which I can't seem to clear. The sensor is working ok...
  20. J

    Wanted vaillant ecomax 18e flue collector cardboard template

    Hi can anyone help. Flue collector on vaillant ecomax 18e needs refitting but no longer have the cardboard template included in the kit. Does anyone have one? Full kit is 076560.
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