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Jehan Vaillant (fl. 1360–1390; also spelled Johannes Vayllant) was a French music composer and theorist. He is named immediately after Guillaume de Machaut by the Règles de la seconde rhétorique, which describes him as a "master … who had a school of music in Paris". Besides five (possibly six) pieces of music surviving to his name, he was also the author of a treatise on tuning. With Grimace and F. Andrieu, Vaillant was part of the post-Machaut generation whose music shows few distinctly ars subtilior features, leading scholars to recognize Vaillant's work as closer to the ars nova style of Machaut.

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  1. McDoosh

    Vaillant EcoTec - 10mm pipework to radiators?

    Hi, just about to bite the bulklet on a new boiler and radiators, Vaillant EcoTec Plus 32kW. Is 10mm pipework to the radiators sufficient? Thanks
  2. Z

    Boiler Pressure Keeps increasing - Vaillant Ecotec Plus 838

    Hello everyone, I have a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 838. The issue i have is after the heating is switched on and then left it to cool over night i see the pressure has gone up. For example yesterday it was set at 1.3 heating was switched on and when it reached its temp it went upto 1.9 so no issues...
  3. K

    Vaillant ecoMax 828/2E (VUW GB 286/2-C)

    Hi I wonder if can someone offer any solution... I have a Vaillant ecoMax 828/ 2E boiler which is leaking. To start the repair do I need to adjust the diverter valve to the middle position to purge the boiler? If so what function on the program do I need to go to adjust the diverter valve to...
  4. I

    Help with New Vaillant Boiler not staying on

    Dear All, Please kindly advise, i don't know what else to do! Had new boiler Vaillant 424 heat only open vent boiler installed with new flue and filter, new pump, plus new Hive. Did full power flush of all 5 radiators before the installation. It has been 10days and boiler stil not working...
  5. R

    How do I stop Air being sucked into pump of Vaillant heat only boiler?

    Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 400 15kW Heat Only Boiler I've got air in the pump and one gas engineer has said I need to move the pipes as they are configured incorrectly. Another said all I need to do is add an AAV as high as possible. Another said I should seal the system. Boiler was installed in...
  6. B

    Vaillant TURBOMax Plus 828E - Partial Load Setting d.00 problems

    Hi, I have a TURBOMax Plus 828E in a small Annex that only has 3 Rads. The boiler Cycles but is only ignited for about 30-40 seconds before reaching target Temp and then goes on pump overrun. Given that there are only 3 Rads and are 'designer' with a total combined KW spec of about 2.5kw, the...
  7. J

    Boiler swap Arnold Nottingham

    require my ng heat only 28kw floor standing glow-worm back flue boiler still working (25 years old) replacing with a suitable back flue ng heat only boiler, Location Arnold, Nottingham
  8. P

    Hi all, how to convert to lpg the vaillant ecotec plus 618-2018

    Hi all, how to convert to lpg the vaillant ecotec plus 618-2018
  9. R

    Installing a new pump for Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 400 15kW. West London

    Removing pump and installing a new pump for Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 400 15kW Heat Only Boiler. Connecting the pump to the boiler and completing all wiring for the thermostat and consumer heating controller.
  10. R

    What is ideal pump size for Vaillant ecoTEC Plus15kW Heat Only Boiler?

    What is the ideal pump size for Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 400 15kW Heat Only Boiler? The property is a studio with 1 large room, a small kitchen and a small bathroom. I've been advised to use Grundfos UPS3 15-50/65-130.
  11. R

    Vaillant ecoFIT 415 heat only boiler. Connecting the pump and boiler?

    Vaillant ecoFIT 415 open vent heat only boiler. For wiring the boiler and pump, should I use the 3-way wire switch" solution OR a "remote switching" solution? The pump and copper tank are situated about 25ft from the boiler. I've been told that the 3-way cable solution doesn't work well with...
  12. F

    URGENT Vaillant boiler pressure drops only when hot water is on

    Vaillant ecotec boiler loses pressure when hot water is on and does not work. But heating is working fine with normal pressure . Help plz
  13. K

    Vaillant EcoFit Pure 835 Temperature Panel Control

    Hello all, Just moved into a house with a Vaillant EcoFit Pure 835 boiler that is 3-4 years old but the previous owner did not bother to register with Vaillant, so Vaillant says its not under warranty. I've noticed that despite setting the CH to 60 degrees on the boiler's control panel, the...
  14. I

    Vsmart graph doesn't look good

    Hi all, I have an ecotec plus 832 and less than 2 weeks ago I installed a Vsmart thermostat by myself. The graph under information in the app doesn't look quite right to me and it looks like the boiler turn on/off instead of doing modulation. Am I missing something? Thank you.
  15. F

    URGENT Vaillant Ecotec Pro 24

    Vaillant Ecotec Pro 24. Hi all, we are having issues with hot water as it only stays hot for a few minutes for the taps and shower. You can visibly see the temp on the boiler drop from about 67 for 42 within a few minutes. We removed Mira thermostatic bar and the water remains hot but as soon...
  16. D

    Vaillant ecoTec fault signal

    Does the Vaillant ecoTec have an output that I can connect to an external buzzer to alert me when it’s shut down with a fault?
  17. D

    Vaillant SensoCOMFORT help!

    Hi, I recently had the Vaillant weather comp VRC720f and VR71 fitted to my hot water tank, radiator circuit and UFH downstairs (run via heatmiser). My aim is to run the boiler on modulation at a low temperature. I've figured out I can heat the home well on a minus temp day at a flow temp of 45...
  18. M

    Hi ratio and ppm on a Vaillant eco tec pro 28 lpg (2015)

    hi, I am after some advice, I recently fitted a new gas valve to a vaillant ecotec earlier. the boiler was fitted in 2015 and has been serviced since anyway I put my analyser in the combustion side of the flue and the readings were extremely high, something along the lines of CO ppm —OR—...
  19. VIck982

    Vaillant 630 ecotec + VR71 + Sensohome (wired)

    So I'm looking to have this set up, I have three zones + DHW 2 of those zones are underfloor heating connected to heatmiser uh4 and then there is a radiator zone for upstairs My question is, can hot water priority be set up when there are three seperate 2 way zone valves, one for the...
  20. R

    Annual boiler service - any leeway with Vaillant?

    Hello Just a quick question. I had a new Vaillant ecotec plus boiler installed in Nov 2021, with a 10 yr extended warranty. I've been trying to get an engineer in for weeks to do the first service but the earliest appointment is just after Christmas - have I invalidated the warranty? Or is...
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