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Jehan Vaillant (fl. 1360–1390; also spelled Johannes Vayllant) was a French music composer and theorist. He is named immediately after Guillaume de Machaut by the Règles de la seconde rhétorique, which describes him as a "master … who had a school of music in Paris". Besides five (possibly six) pieces of music surviving to his name, he was also the author of a treatise on tuning. With Grimace and F. Andrieu, Vaillant was part of the post-Machaut generation whose music shows few distinctly ars subtilior features, leading scholars to recognize Vaillant's work as closer to the ars nova style of Machaut.

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  1. asoffe

    Vaillant VR33 (with Nest) and VR66

    Does anyone have experience of using a VR33 (for Heating OpenTherm control with Nest) and a VR66 for Hot Water Priority with Vaillant system boilers? I'm specifically using an EcoTec plus 624 I've got a system working with a Nest and VR66 to provide hot water priority and it works well with...
  2. A

    Vaillant Ecotec Plus Combi & UFH Control - V Smart Possible?

    Hi All Looking at having controls replaced / upgraded for a Vaillant Ecotect plus combi boiler. Currently have x2 zone valves on the heating (x1 for rads via a Honeywell wireless stat, and x1 for UFH circuits via Heatmiser stats - both wired to a Heatmiser wiring centre) I'm interested in...
  3. Peter Mago

    How to add water to system- Vaillant Ecotec Pro

    How do I let water into the system? Tap is connected to water tank and there is a black inlet connected to the water tank? Thanks for any answers
  4. V

    Vaillant Ecotec plus 428 No heating

    Hi We've got a Vaillant ecotec plus 428 that doesn't seem to want to supply any heat to the radiators despite the hot water working just fine. Of some importance (I think) is that there is no radiator symbol displayed on the boiler screen, only a tap. We have a wireless thermostat (Altech...
  5. P

    Vaillant Ecotec plus 428 overactive. Keeps running in S7 and S8 mode.

    I have an open vented central heating system with a hot water tank. Both heating and hot water circuits have a motorised valve controlled by a timer. The timer for the central heating is always in the “on” position and is governed by a room thermostat. The boiler is a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 428...
  6. A

    Vaillant 242 EH ignition issues

    Hello My trusty Vaillant 242 EH is having some issues. It has developed an issue when firing up the burner. The fault is seen with the hot water and central heating. When it operates it takes anything from one to several attempts to light and when it takes too many the lockout circuit is...
  7. N

    Hot water on constantly vaillant ecotech 30 combi boiler

    I notice last night my boiler cupboard was really hot from the hot water pipe, but my husband had just had a shower. This morning it was still hot when we first got up and we noticed the tap symbol was flashing. This is supposed to flash when using the hot water. We've tried turning off...
  8. B

    Independent advice on Vaillant boilers

    We are charity with two large properties providing flats for elderly person's living independently. In the past year,we have had to replace the heating boiler in each property. This was done by British Gas who supplied and installed Vaillant boilers. We are considering making a complaint...
  9. N

    Vaillant Atmotec exclusiv - no pressure

    Hi, I'm in an Airbnb in Austria and the boiler has lost pressure. YouTube seems to suggest it's an easy fix....but I can't find the valves that are used in the videos. Any clues from the photo?!
  10. M

    How to repressurize Vaillant boiler

    Hi there, I recently moved into a new place, and I'm having difficulty finding the valves to repressurize the Vaillant boiler. I would be extremely grateful if someone could help me out! Quick video: And below are some images: Thank you!
  11. J

    Vaillant system set-up help

    Hello, I’m hoping someone can help as I’m getting differing advice every time I speak to Vaillant; We are refurbishing a property and installing a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 630 system boiler with a Megaflo cylinder. We are creating 4-zones: Downstairs rads Upstairs rads Bathroom underfloor heating...
  12. D

    Repressurise Vaillant boiler - no valves

    HI I would like to repressurise our Vaillant EcoFit Pure 625. Normally a job even an ignoramus like me can do. However we have no filler pipe and no valves. Could these be inside the case?
  13. K

    Vaillant ecoTec Sustain and an Automatic Bypass

    Hello all I hope you are well. This is my first Post here so..... I recently had a Vaillant ecoTec Sustain (Combi) installed under the ECO Grant Scheme to replace a 14 Year Old Ideal ISAR HE24. When the Ideal was installed in 2008 for my Mum there was also an Automatic Bypass (ABBV1) fitted...
  14. K

    Vaillant boiler always exceeds set temperature

    Hello. I have a Vaillant EcoFit boiler that is a few years old. We had our annual service last month and ever since then I’ve noticed something unusual. The radiator mode temperature is set to 65C but it always exceeds that, hits 70C, and then stops and the the egg timer comes on. If I check...
  15. J

    Vaillant 637 with pressure issues

    Hi there, I've recently started having pressure problems with my Vaillant Ecotec Pro 637 System boiler. When the system has been off for a while (and the water in the system has cooled) the pressure is often really low (certainly less than the min 1bar for the boiler to fire and often...
  16. J

    URGENT Drain Valve in Vaillant WH40 Low Loss Header drips occasionally-Help

    Hi all, - say equivalent of t-spoonful over a day . Can I do the following to fix it please: 1. Turn off all incoming and outgoing pipes to the Low Loss Header and remove the Drain Valve. 2. Clean the Drain Valve and apply PTFE tape to the valve and Install it back on again. 3. Turn ON all...
  17. J

    URGENT DrainValve in VaillantWH40 LowLossHeader dripsoccasionally

    Hi all, Drain Valve in VaillantWH40 Low Loss Header drips occasionally - say equivalent of t-spoonful over a day . Can I do the following to fix it please: 1. Turn off all incoming and outgoing pipes to the Low Loss Header and unscrew the Drain Valve. 2. Clean the Drain Valve and apply PTFE...
  18. O

    Vaillant Ecotec 630 plus replacement

    I have a Vaillant Ecotec 630 Plus that was installed in 2007 that is connected to a 300 litre unvented tank. This provides our hot water and feeds 4 floors of underfloor heating. I am looking to replace both the boiler and tank and see they still produce this boiler. I assume the newest models...
  19. nick_a_louse

    Air getting into upstairs radiators. Possibly caused by kettling?

    I need some help from the internet before I waste any more time and money trying to fix air getting in to my central heating! Looking for advise on what to do next, as the 3 plumbers I've used so far haven't been much use. Down in East London, near Romford for what it's worth! Issue summary...
  20. L

    Oh no... another boiler noise question!

    We have a Vaillant Ecotec 415 system boiler, about 11 years old. It has been serviced annually (most recently in Sept 2021) and we've had a couple of issues with odd noises in the past (once just after servicing), but these have been resolved by a heating engineer tweaking something or other -...