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Jehan Vaillant (fl. 1360–1390; also spelled Johannes Vayllant) was a French music composer and theorist. He is named immediately after Guillaume de Machaut by the Règles de la seconde rhétorique, which describes him as a "master … who had a school of music in Paris". Besides five (possibly six) pieces of music surviving to his name, he was also the author of a treatise on tuning. With Grimace and F. Andrieu, Vaillant was part of the post-Machaut generation whose music shows few distinctly ars subtilior features, leading scholars to recognize Vaillant's work as closer to the ars nova style of Machaut.

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  1. King Mustard

    Vaillant TURBOmax VUW boiler making "cracking" sound

    We started renting a house nine months ago. The house is just over 20 years old and has a Vaillant TURBOmax VUW boiler. The boiler seems quite old so may have been installed with the house? It's regularly serviced but, as of two weeks ago, it started making a "cracking" sound most of the time...
  2. K

    Vaillant ecotect pro 28 boiler droning noise - video

    recently the boiler has started the noise as in the videos. No idea where to start from. The boiler is used rarely, but for a while the top up valves where open which meant the pressure was always high when the boiler was on, this was fixed but the has started a while after the valve was turned...
  3. 5

    Vaillant 838 operations

    Fitted a Vaillant 838 Eco Tech plus combination boiler to a property 6 weeks ago. all fine. Customer called in to say that the boiler had locked out on F54 and F28. Reset did it again a few hours later, then been fine since. I attended today to check a few thing:- 1. Gas pressure at the meter...
  4. P

    Vaillant boiler noise

    Got a vaillant ecotec boiler and it makes an awful noise sometimes which stops when the hot water tap is turned on, boiler is fully serviced and clean, couldn’t get it to replicate for the last service so the engineer couldn’t find anything wrong!
  5. F

    Mysterious loss of pressure on Vaillant EcoPro?

    Can anyone offer any advice on a total mystery pressure loss on a Vaillant Eco Pro 28 combi boiler? Here's the background: Almost total pressure loss every 1-2 hours. Apparently the equivalent of several pints of water each time When pressure is up, heating and hot water functioning fine, so...
  6. J

    Vaillant Ecotec plus 824

    Hi Hope someone could help me on this. i have a Vaillant Ecotec plus 824 boiler. i have leak ( see attached picture) please some let me know what part it is and could it repairable? Thanks in advance
  7. J

    Vaillant Vsmart v Vrc700

    My old Vaillant wireless thermostat is absolute rubbish so its time to upgrade. I just require a reliable wireless thermostat for a standard Ecotec + 831 combi boiler. I do not need any wireless radiator themostats etc so I assume I just need one zone. I like the idea of having control via an...
  8. A

    Vaillant Turbo Max 837E Hot water issues

    Hi looking for advice please Have Vaillant Turbo Max 837E boiler, the dial temperature set at 42 degree (on 10 clock where as used to be 2oclock if you know what I mean), however when water comes out the tap it continues to go warm, hot, boiling hot, cold, within 10 seconds it can go from 28...
  9. T

    Vaillant diverter valve works but not when hot water cylinder is refilled and tap open...

    Hello, I am not going to make any repairs myself on my boilers but no plumbers have been able to solve my issue. I am seeking for help on this forum to find the cause of the issue I face so that I could communicate to the plumber. I tried on french forums since I am from France but I have not...
  10. gmartine

    Vaillant compatible wireless receivers?

    Anybody else make a non Vaillant facia type receiver 'cept Salus?
  11. R

    Vaillant EcoTEC plus system boiler - DHW control?

    Hi there, Boiler question, but nothing that contravenes gas regs. To get to the point, the Vaillant EcoTEC Plus seems to have two knobs. One has a tap symbol, the other has a radiator symbol. Even the system boiler version of this boiler has two knobs. What I cannot make out is what purpose...
  12. A

    Vaillant Eco Tec Pro24

    Hello We've just moved house which has a Vaillant Eco Tec Pro 24 with a timer unit. There is no room thermostat and I am told you can add a wireless progammeable one. If so is it from Vaillant or another manufacturer and are they straight forward to fit? Thanks for any advice
  13. Atanas Peev

    Gas valve Vaillant eco tec pro 24

    Hello any with experienced with gas valve low voltage The boiler is Vaillant eco tec pro 24 I’ve got a code F61 and voltage to gas valve solenoid is 4.51v dc Regards Atanas
  14. D

    Vaillant VRC700 wanted

    My boiler needs a VRC 700 to convert it from old style controller anyone have one they would like to sell me. Regards Stu
  15. besters

    MagnaCleanse vs Kamco - Which One?

    Hi guys, We live in a 1930's, 3 bed semi and for a few months now, well probably close to a year or so the heating has been only heating the top part of the rads (of which there are 9 in total) and for the most part the bottom sections are cold. That said the towel rails in the bathrooms are...
  16. M

    Vaillant F.22 error help

    Hello, My vaillant is displaying th error code F.22. I did some research and apparently it is necessary to increase the pressure but I don't know how to do it. kind regards
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