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Wired (stylized as WIRED) is a monthly American magazine, published in print and online editions, that focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics. Owned by Condé Nast, it is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has been in publication since March/April 1993. Several spin-offs have been launched, including Wired UK, Wired Italia, Wired Japan, and Wired Germany.
In its earliest colophons, Wired credited Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan as its "patron saint". From its beginning, the strongest influence on the magazine's editorial outlook came from techno-utopian cofounder Ian Charles Stewart and his associate Kevin Kelly.From 1998 to 2006, Wired magazine and Wired News, which publishes at, had separate owners. However, Wired News remained responsible for republishing Wired magazine's content online due to an agreement when Condé Nast purchased the magazine. In 2006, Condé Nast bought Wired News for $25 million, reuniting the magazine with its website.
Wired contributor Chris Anderson is known for popularizing the term "the long tail", as a phrase relating to a "power law"-type graph that helps to visualize the 2000s emergent new media business model. Anderson's article for Wired on this paradigm related to research on power law distribution models carried out by Clay Shirky, specifically in relation to bloggers. Anderson widened the definition of the term in capitals to describe a specific point of view relating to what he sees as an overlooked aspect of the traditional market space that has been opened up by new media.The magazine coined the term crowdsourcing, as well as its annual tradition of handing out Vaporware Awards, which recognize "products, videogames, and other nerdy tidbits pitched, promised and hyped, but never delivered".

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  1. G

    Vaillant Controls - is it possible to mix wired and wireless?

    We have an all Vaillant setup - an EcoTEC Plus 637 system boiler plus wired VR720 and VR92 SensoCOMFORT controller, driving two CH zones plus DHW. It all works, but unfortunately we have found that the room stats are poorly located, and so the level of control is not what it should be. We had...
  2. D

    Need advise on how to decommission a wired Honeywell programmer ST699

    Hi I have a Honeywell ST699 programmer which is working fine but I want to learn how to decommission it (disconnect it from the rest of the system). Currently I have a Honeywell Home Single Zone Thermostat (Y87RF2024) and I am thinking to get the Honeywell Home Mobile Access Kit RFG100 to get...
  3. X

    Vaillant VRT 392 Thermostat (wired) not working

    Hello, my Vaillant VRT 392 Thermostat just stopped working, it's completely dead, I read another thread suggesting changing batteries, but this model does not use batteries, it's wired to a Vaillant control center VR65 with eBUS, my boiler is Vaillant ecoTEC plus 624, anyone can help identify...
  4. VIck982

    Vaillant 630 ecotec + VR71 + Sensohome (wired)

    So I'm looking to have this set up, I have three zones + DHW 2 of those zones are underfloor heating connected to heatmiser uh4 and then there is a radiator zone for upstairs My question is, can hot water priority be set up when there are three seperate 2 way zone valves, one for the...
  5. X

    Honeywell T6 wired back plate

    Hi. I'm looking for a wiring wall mount plate/ back plate for the Honeywell T6(wired version). Does anyone have one by any chance that is willing to give away or sell? Don't really want to by a whole new system just for the backplate. Thanks
  6. S

    Replacement Flush Button - wired

    Hi all, Somehow my daughter managed to break our flush button. I can't see a way to glue this one together- and the way that the vanity unit has been installed means I can't remove the cistern to replace everything- so can anyone suggest a replacement push button for this? Thinking that I may...
  7. W

    Honeywell ST9400C wired correctly?

    Honeywell ST9400C – is there any set up where the hot water slider would control both hot water and central heating? That’s the simple question, the rest of the info is: Mother in laws house. Large 4 bed detached house only 12yrs old. Radiators upstairs, underfloor heating downstairs controlled...
  8. L

    Hive wired up correctly

    Hi, Just had my Dad say his system isn't working the same. I've checked the reciever and the wiring is as below. He has a hot water valve and a seperate central heating valve both wires off them going into a control box and then the hive system plus a condensate pump.(which to be honest...
  9. R

    Heating thermostat no wired up with 3 phase. How do I tell which cable?

    Replacing the thermostat as it wasn’t functioning. Question is how do I tell which one of these is switched live in the attached picture, new thermostat? Confusing mixture of old and new cable colours. I’ve wired this per two cable diagram. I want to use the 3 as recommended with the Baxi combi...
  10. Michael Groves

    Care home UFH wired incorrectly

    I’m an electrician, a plumber has asked me to look at wiring in a care home for UFH with a system boiler. Only way to get it to work is run everything constantly. The wiring center was a mess, i’ve rewired and now working as expected. However, it appears to me there is an unnecessary valve...
  11. M

    mechanical timer and wired stat?

    have had a customer on the phone this morning wanting a wired stat adding to an eco elite that's currently controlled of just the mechanical timer, never had this requested before as it's usually a programmable thermostat I'd fit but I can't see how this would work as the switched live is...
  12. C

    Myson wired upstairs and downstairs heating problem

    Good evening people, having a very frustrating couple of days!! The problem is as follows. If i put the Downstairs thermostat on override. Operating light on mpe222 valve. Boiler fires up. Heating supplied to downstairs. Then override on upstairs thermostat, this puts on operating light and...
  13. Chriswareham

    vaillant eco tec plus 630 h systerm

    boiler turning on when no call for heat. hot water or central heating all four motorized valves are shut down boiler heats to 60 + then goes in to recycling mode as it got to hot then some times it goes to f20 which is high limte cut out vaillant said to remove the 24v link (rs) but the boiler...
  14. S

    Frost stat for Vaillant Ecotec pro 28 combi

    Hi Guys, I have a combi Vaillant Ecotec pro 28 boiler in my kitchen. I have just added a rad in my garage and have been advised to add a Honeywell frost stat in the garage to be wired up to the boiler. I have also been advised to add a pipe stat to be wired in series to the frost stat but...
  15. C

    salus rt500rf wont fire up the boiler?

    im wondering if anyone can help me? just had a sparky wire this up for me and im sure its wired up correct, i turn the thermostat up to 24 just to test and a little flame shows on the l.e.d the wireless reciever then clicks and a green light comes on but the boiler (baxi) doesnt fire up? any...
  16. Ted808

    Wiring questions... old prog? new boiler

    Hi guys... This always seems to get me and I've done the Honeywell, wiring day out, a year back or so.... So I put in a new boiler - was going for a Valliant but due to space had to go for the Glow worm Energy - heat only ... long story short... I wired it as recommended but I when I rang teci...
  17. B

    But what controls do I ACTUALLY need to have installed with the boiler?!

    Just starting to have the trickle of plumbers round doing quotes for boilers and, as I suspected and hoped WOULDN'T happen, they're giving me different bits of advice on what I 'have' to have, along the lines of the 'I shouldn't install it without x/y/z'. I've currently got a 14 year old...
  18. N


    Hi, Recently my gas-fired central heating system was updated to two zones each operated by its own programmable Honeywell thermostat , 1) main house & 2) annex. Both work except the one heats up the rads on both sides, the other heats up only his own side. Can you please explain what would...
  19. M

    3 port valve not wired

    Hi i need advice...ive just repl our 3 port valve on our old central heating system and also have fitted a new pump, this was done because the 3 port valve was leaking and cos of age i thought i would change the pump also.. all went well but im getting tons hot water but rads stay cold im...
  20. J

    Programmer and stat change

    Afternoon all, i've recently bought a Drayton mitime RF T710R to replace my hortsmann C27 and poorly position surface wired room stat! Thought I might be able to take the programmer off and stick the new one straight on the back plate but I should have known better! this is the current...
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