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Millsy 82

Gas Engineer
I've got a customer who has a leak. I've checked and double checked all the main culprits but no joy as they have karndean flooring throughout I even tried leak sealer (not a big fan of the stuff myself)

Its a wooden floor and all the pipes run under it I was wondering if a thermal imaging camera would work to locate the leak.

Anybody use a camera? I was looking at this one as it's cheapish and I probably won't use it very often.°C/dp/B075F61GFH?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_6


Ive used a Flir one borrowed from a pal. It clipped to my phone but worked brilliantly. Many on Twatter use em. Ive also seen some superb ones from Fluke but they can be big money.
Are they not hireable?
For a one-off-job I'd suggest hiring/borrowing one.

If there is an air gap between the wooden floor and the suspected leak and you are looking 'from above', I wouldn't be too optimistic that you'll see anything. On the other hand, if the leaky pipe is embedded in screed and you can look at the surface of the screed I'd be reasonably certain that it'll show up nicely.

Leak-finding specialists will also use tracer gas and/or ultrasound to search.

Millsy 82

Gas Engineer
I've tried speaking to every hire shop down here and all of them said can't get hold of them.

Last Plumber

Gas Engineer
Advent Win
Anybody use a camera?
I have in the past, paid for a company to come and look for leaking Heating pipes below ground (It wasn't cheap but it is their equipment and they are experienced in using it so I thought it might work out just as well as hiring the thing itself). However, due to the pipes being suspended below a suspended floor, it proved to be of little use and I had to revert back to the old tried and tested methods. I could see it being more useful in a solid floor with buried pipes but it depends on what they run near. Heat can conduct along other things and it is not always clear if you are looking at a leak or a transfer of heat.
This is only my opinion based on the little experience I have had with them so don't let me put you off, just food for thought before you spend.
Even with a decent FLIR thermal imaging camera I don’t think you’d pinpoint a small leak. Any water escaping will cool very quickly when in contact with the floor. As others have said if they have used the aluminium heat sinks the whole floor will be a similar temperature.

You may have more luck the other way by turning it off and seeing which bit is cold.

Can’t you isolate and pressure test zones at the manifold with it being underfloor?

Steve weightman

Gas Engineer
I'd say if upstairs has been checked under boards and all ok then I'd go for re piping on droppers may be just as cheap to do this

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