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Just purchased a Mira Platinum shower (dual ceiling fed high pressure/combi boiler version), which will be installed in the loft directly above the shower area in a bathroom that I am refurbishing.

I've read through the installation manual and a couple of things aren't too clear:

1. A couple of push fit isolating valves are supplied in the kit, to be fitted to the hot and cold water inlets (to the digital unit). However, on page 13 it states "We strongly recommend that full bore outlet isolation valves are fitted as close to the product as possible for ease of service and maintenance." I don't see the point of doing this. If I need to work on the feed to the shower heads I would simply use the hot and cold water inlet isolating valves to cut the water feeds, so why would more isolating valves be required on the outlets?

2. On Page 18 is shown "Typical Examples of Poor Plumbing..." and this includes "(Don't) Install the Digital Mixer Valve onto shared water supplies". This is shown in the following diagram:

Shared water supply.JPG

I appreciate this is the diagram for the bath feed installation, rather than the dual shower heads, but it shows the supply being teed from some existing hot and cold water supplies. There are already a number of hot/cold pipes in the loft running to a loft en-suite bathroom and I was planning to feed from these by teeing into them, but this examples suggests that shouldn't be done, or am I missing the point? How else can a hot/cold supply be provided? Even running new pipes from the source of the supplies would require teeing into some pipes somewhere in the system!

FYI: My hot water is via an unvented cylinder, under mains pressure, reduced to 3 bar. A Vaillant ecotec 637 system boiler heats the water. The cold water mains supply is also reduced to 3 bar.

Thanks in advance and a merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who help people like me on these forums. I value your knowledge and advice.
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