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Zero Install is a means of distributing and packaging software for multiple operating systems (Linux and Unix-like, OS X, and Windows). Many distributions offer it as an additional non-default component.

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  1. falable

    Any advice on installing basin and tap?

    I'm renewing my old bathroom, and removed everything. now its time to get the replacements. First is the basin and its tap. Cooke & Lewis Blyth 1 Lever Mini Basin mixer tap | DIY at B&Q Plumbsure Falmouth Half circle Full pedestal basin | DIY at B&Q Do you guys have any tips for a beginner...
  2. M

    When installing pedestals...

    Do you guys put the waste pipe and the hot and cold inside the pedestals? Some of them are pretty tight!!!
  3. G

    Installing new toilet downstairs - extractor

    Hi - I've installed a new toilet and sink downstairs, under the staircase. The problem I have is there is no external wall to fit an extractor fan to. There is a small window, but it opens up directly into the garage, so not ideal. So my question is, how do I install an extractor fan or could I...
  4. T

    Installing dishwasher - splitter needed?

    Hi all, Would someone mind looking at the photo below and telling me if I need anything new to install a dishwasher? Our washing machine is fitted in - would I need to split the water supply to include the dishwasher? Apologies if that's an obvious question - I've very little knowledge here...
  5. M

    Installing Evohome thermostat to Greenstore cyclinder

    Good afternoon all, I'd just like to preface the following post by saying that I'm fully aware that any work completed on an unvented cylinder requires a G3 ticket, and I don't plan to make any modifications to the hardware or the wiring of the cylinder... My heating consists of a Greenstar 24...
  6. A

    Installing hive thermostat

    Good evening guys. I need some help fitting my new hive thermostat. First of all, I understood the hive thermostat requires at least 3 wires. I opened my old thermostat and I tried to see which cable is it but I couldn't understand. Can you help me with this? Please find the picture attached...
  7. Tony

    installing a new radiator taken off the old Rad in a property

    Hi Everyone, am about to install one new rad (w600 x L1800) in a property. how much can i charge as Labour and which rad work best and efficiency. Also a new central heating pump into another property what can I charge as labour. please, your contribution and advice is highly welcome. Thanks.
  8. B

    Help installing Hive receiver and thermostats

    Hello All. I have an Ideal HE18 boiler with a Honeywell ST9400C controller and two Honeywell T6360B thermostats. My understanding is that I can do a direct replacement of the ST9400C with the Hive Receiver and then disconnect the two stats BUT link out two wires to remove the open circuit so...
  9. C

    Questions about installing a thermostat for traditional boiler

    Hi, I've a traditional, non combi boiler. (with a hot water tank) I've an immersion heater. I've no central heating thermostat. I have a manual thermostat attached on the boiler which I suspect is the water temperature but i'm not sure How much of a task is it to install a brand new smart...
  10. I

    Installing a pumped Digital Shower

    I have a family bathroom, en-suite and (downstairs) shower room clustered in one corner of my house. Since they are some distance from the (vented) hot water cylinder there is a pumped hot water circulation system to them to ensure no wait for hot water when it is required. The hot and cold...
  11. M

    installing a new sink unit with a new tap position

    Hi, My mam needs a new stand alone sink unit installing. The new unit is bigger than the old one and the new mixer tap needs to be a foot or so further to the right than it presently is. Can the tap location be easily changed ? I'll be getting a plumber in to do it anyway. Also because of the...
  12. P

    Installing Mermaid laminate panels

    HI I am installing Mermaid laminate panels instead of tiles over a bath. The instructions look very straight forward as long as the walls are flat and square. Has anyone had experience of installing these panels and if so are they are tips or things to look out for?? Many thanks Paul
  13. J

    Installing Shower tray questions

    Hi All I am in the process of removing bathtub and installing 900mm quadrant shower instead. It is an upstairs bathroom with good condition floorboards. I could put in a low profile tray and bed it in with sand/cement mix etc, but have decided i would rather use one with a riser kit with easy...
  14. L

    Installing new plinth heater 10mm pipe

    My house is fitted with 10mm pipe for whole heating system and I am putting in new kitchen so a plinth heater is the way to go. Chosen a smiths over myson as most people recommend it. Question is to join heater I need 15mm so how close should I be before upscaling pipe. The heater is bigger than...
  15. P

    Installing heavy shower tray with riser kit on plastic legs

    This kit has a number of plastic screw adjustable legs with are screwed to plastic discs which are fixed to the underneath of the tray by self adhesive film. As it is 1000mm quadrant I wont be able to access the ones furthest away if adjustment is required. I'm considering whether to stick all...
  16. A

    Baxi duotec 40 flow restrictor on mains in

    Hi - just installing my own Baxi duo tec 40 as have had new water mains supply and water pressure is very powerful. On installing I noticed in the manual it says there is a flow restrictor built into the cold water inlet tail nut which connects onto the jig - my question is why would they...
  17. D

    Looking for a plumber for changes to commercial premises (Manchester, UK)

    Hi there, I am looking to start liaising with a plumber that is able to make a few changes to a commercial unit I'm about to sign a lease on. We will be needing water supply and drainage for both a sink and a commercial coffee machine on the ground floor. In the basement we will need two wall...
  18. S

    Using black MDPE pipe instead of hose pipe and connecting it to an outside tap

    My outside tap is at the front of the house and the garden I have to water is at the rear. I run the hose pipe by the shortest possible route. It runs up the front of the house, over the roof and down the rear of the house. This works fine but the hose pipe has to be renewed every few years...
  19. T

    Fused spur for shower pump

    When installing a NEW shower pump once the sparky does the fused spur and certs it does the pump need to be certed?
  20. C

    Advice wanted for new boiler and unvented heating system

    Hi, I'd really appreciate any advice or suggestions for a new system I need to install this week. It's a 3 storey, large stone built detached house. It currently has a floor mounted system boiler, open flued. The customer wants to upgrade the whole system to a new boiler and unvented...

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