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  1. M

    Installing a drain to pick up condense?

    Hi guys. I need to run a condense pipe and 2 water softener flushes(15mm copper) to an external drain. The problem is that the nearest drain is the other side of a door way, so running some 1 1/2” pipe over to the existing drain isn’t possible. They don’t really want a soak away but there is...
  2. C

    Installing a dishwasher

    Afternoon all, Just moved house and hoping to install a free standing dishwasher. It will stand next to the sink & washing machine. I’ve identified two spare waste pipe connection options which I just need to cut ready for the waste pipe. My question is the water supply. As you can see in the...
  3. M

    Installing a pumped shower/Flange

    I need to install a pumped shower, connected to a gravity system. Hot water is in an direct cylinder on the first floor, and CWST is on the rafters in the loft. I was considering installing a Surrey Flange, but I've been unable to find the 'manufacturers fitting instructions' does anyone have...
  4. Alan Wright

    Cost of Installing an Electric Shower

    Hi Guys, In 2016 I tried to promote the fitting of ShowerPowerBooster as an alternative to electric showers with very limited success. I put this down to the relative low cost of electricity in 2016. In 2022 the cost of electricity and gas is now 28p per KWH for electricity and 7p per KWH for...
  5. joeandamber

    Installing a standpipe... what are the regs

    I'm looking for clarification with regs when it comes to installing a series of standpipes in our local community garden. The plan: My intention is to T off just after the stopcock, add an additional stopcock and double-check valve and then run MDPE around the perimeter of the garden in a...
  6. maxmmn

    Help Installing a Mono Tap

    Would appreciate advice on how to install this mono tap. The instructions with it are little more than "Shut off the water and screw it in". Unlike all the mono tap install videos I can find online, this tap has different fittings as pictured. Am guessing the threaded pipe screws into the tap...
  7. ecm200

    Installing a Drayton Wiser 3 kit with an S plan 2 zone CH + HW system

    Objective: I have an existing s-plan plus (see below for details) heating and hot water system, with 2 independent heating zones. There is a separate programmer and a simple room thermostat for zone 1 and programmable thermostat for zone 2. I have purchased the Drayton Wiser 3 zone kit and...
  8. A

    When installing double radiator boiler pressure drops.

    When replacing 500x900 ( single) radiator with exactly the same size but double the boiler pressure drops. Is this because the radiator requires more water than the original?
  9. D

    Installing a second toilet downstairs

    Hello looking for advice to see if this can be done I own a 2 story older house the wife and I are getting up in age and doing the steps several times a day to use the bathroom is getting tougher my question is I have a first floor was room with is directly under my 2nd floor bathroom I want to...
  10. P

    installing a new cistern

    hi all, i couldnt find exactly my issue, as i dont know what this design called. im fitting a new flushing and filling mechanism. the filler element is the problem, as the pipe that connects to the cistern tap (the quick shut off one) is flattened?! so its a half the thread, and the sides of...
  11. C

    Installing toilet and kitchenette in outbuilding

    I'm looking for some advice on installing a toilet in an outbuilding before I get some prices in from plumbers! I'm having an outbuilding built in my garden and would like a toilet and kitchenette in there but the problem I have is the building is about 20m away from the back of the house where...
  12. S

    Installing a Pellet Burner with Gas Boiler as Backup

    I'm an end user with limited knowledge of plumbing and just trying to get an understanding of options available to me. We currently have a Valiant Combi Boiler Sealed Unvented Heating system. It was installed 3 years ago and works perfectly well for both CH & HW. Recently we built an...
  13. N

    Installing New Mixer Tap & Valves

    Hi, I'm installing a new mixer tap in my kitchen. The current setup doesn't have any isolation valves so was thinking I'd cut the pipe, install a couple of flat faced isolation valves and then screw the flexi's into that. My question is, should I be using PTFE on the threads, joining compound on...
  14. B

    Installing Selkirk flexible vent on water heater

    I am trying to install Sellkirk flexible vent onto my water heater and I’m getting confused as to which end connects to the water heater and which end attaches to the existing vent pipe. The flexible pipe has two ends one of which is a male one of which is female but I don’t know which is which...
  15. M

    Installing 1800mm x 600mm radiator fed from above

    Hi everyone, I want to fit a tall rad in my bathroom which will be fed from above, but I would like to keep the pipework to a minimum. Is it necessary to run both pipes to the bottom of the rad, flow to the bottom and return to the top, or will it work with both to the top? I'm not sure as yet...
  16. T

    Installing washing machine. How to open water pipe?

    I know nothing about plumbing and I'm installing a new washing machine. How do I get water out of the pipe below (cold water)?
  17. B

    Installing a 50kw combi boiler

    Hi all I just had a conversation with a heating engineer and he did not want to install my requested boiler (Worcester 50kw combi boiler) saying he would only install a 25kw or 30kw boiler The reason I would like a 50kw boiler is the flow rate 20 l/min. He recommend a pressure relief value but...
  18. A

    Installing Outside Tap To Front of Terraced Property

    We are currently looking at the possibility of purchasing a new build terraced property. The outside tap is located at the back of the property. How easy would it be to install a outside tap at the front of the property? Ideally it would need to have its own valve inside so knowbody else could...
  19. T

    Installing rads for GSHP

    Hi there! Recently moved in to a new property in Sweden, previously heated with fires and electric rads. Have contracted someone to install a Ground Source Heat Pump, but will undertake the installation of rads myself. The property is around 120sqm over two floors, and I will be setting in 11...
  20. P

    Advice on smart choosing and installing thermostats

    My central heating controller (Horstmann H27XL) is getting more difficult to use due to it's age and because of a disability I have reduced dexterity in my fingers and find the buttons difficult to press. I have been looking at these so called smart thermostats such as Nest, Hive and the...