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What brand/make of 50mm waste pipe clips is the narrowest? All round band I believe may not pass a building warrant inspection and I'm planning a new small kitchen and need as much cm as possible.

I've been suggested the 77mm protusion of the standard clip of 50mm pipe is the main one but surely there's one that is about 60mm (including the 50mm pipe) that BC are happy with?
Rubber lined clip ?

Walraven Starquick
I've seen these one around but the Walraven Starquick page is the first I've seen with dimensions so many thanks. For pipe 48-51mm it gives length from wall as 66mm. This beats most others by 10mm which is great.

I've seen quite a few other brands which look exacgtly the same
Can strap it tight to the wall with galvanised band if need be- or dig out a channel in the wall , it can’t sag then
I was told a building warrant/inspector sometimes have issues with band. So I was hesistant to go down that route. Is it because a band isn't as secure in their eyes? This will be a 50mm pipe so band would be ideal to save space.

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