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A thermostat is a regulating device component which senses the temperature of a physical system and performs actions so that the system's temperature is maintained near a desired setpoint.
Thermostats are used in any device or system that heats or cools to a setpoint temperature, examples include building heating, central heating, air conditioners, HVAC systems, water heaters, as well as kitchen equipment including ovens and refrigerators and medical and scientific incubators. In scientific literature, these devices are often broadly classified as thermostatically controlled loads (TCLs). Thermostatically controlled loads comprise roughly 50% of the overall electricity demand in the United States.A thermostat operates as a "closed loop" control device, as it seeks to reduce the error between the desired and measured temperatures. Sometimes a thermostat combines both the sensing and control action elements of a controlled system, such as in an automotive thermostat.
The word thermostat is derived from the Greek words θερμός thermos, "hot" and στατός statos, "standing, stationary".

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  1. A

    Boulter Camray 5 Room Thermostat

    Hello everyone, Looking for some advice... I have a ‘Boulter Camray 5’ boiler with a ‘Boss Therm’ programmer unit which is located in the garage. I currently have no thermostat in the house, all rads have TRV's fitted, except one in the utility room. I would like to fit a thermostat...
  2. S

    Getting a Remote Control RFWRT thermostat talking to a Worcester Boiler 28i

    Getting a Remote Control RFWRT thermostat talking to a Worcester Boiler 28i, changed the batteries, no heating, hot water working ?
  3. B

    Baxi 200 compatible with hive smart thermostat?

    Hi there, couple of questions. 1. Is the hive smart thermostat compatible with a baxi 200.combi boiler? 2. Is the hive smart thermostat compatible with the baxi duo tec 24? 3. In terms of quality and performance what are the differences between the baxi 200 and duo tec? 4. What is the best...
  4. C

    Smart thermostat solution?

    Hi all, I am after some advice with upgrading my control system on my oil fired boiler. Currently I have an trianco Eurostar combi. It supplies heating to all of my house and hot water to half. It has a standard honeywell programmer and 2 wired battery powered wall stat. Hot water for the other...
  5. D

    Advice on suitable thermostat and switch

    I've an old (50yrs) oil boiler that is manually switched on and off using a light switch outside the boiler room. The only thermostat is the one built into the boiler. This is usually set fairly high and never touched. The light switch is use to switch on and off the boiler as heat is needed...
  6. J

    Replacing Room Thermostat

    Hi, I've recently had a new Worcester Greenstar Ri gas boiler fitted and want to replace the old mechanical room thermostat. I really wanted a digital room thermostat but I understand that this isn't possible. As I understand it, a digital thermostat would need wiring directly to the boiler...
  7. S

    LP241 ignoring BOSS THERM BR1 wireless thermostat receiver

    Hi, I moved into a new house where absolutely everything was turned off. I have an LP241 dual channel programmer which works fine, turning the boiler on adn off as programmed according to the time. I have a BPS242RF room thermostat which registers the right temperature, and has an arrow when...
  8. kenjiru

    Thermostat for Vaillant ecoCOMPACT

    Hello guys, I have a Vaillant ecoCOMPACT VSC 206/4-5 90 boiler with an multiMATIC 700 module already installed. I've recently converted the house from radiator heating to under floor heating. What's the best solution to add a wireless thermostat to it? I've looked at the following solutions...
  9. T

    Where is the thermostat in this immersion?

    My hot water is too hot in the cylinder. I took the top of the heater fitting but cannot identify the thermostat. Photo attached. Any advice appreciated. Terry.
  10. G

    Thermostat or zone valve issue?

    Hi, Last week my central heating developed an issue and I’m struggling to figure out what has caused it. I have a combi boiler with 2 digital thermostats, one in the lounge, the other upstairs main bedroom. I have a fairly decent knowledge of plumbing and heating but From Last week the when...
  11. D

    Worcester boiler with wireless thermostat

    son has had Worcester style installed and has Easy Control RF thermostat, table tennis stand and Worcester Bosch easy control wireless key for bottom of boiler. Does he need internet connection in house to work thermostat or should it pick up wireless key? I'm h
  12. N

    How to connect honeywell t5+ to viesmann vitodens 100 boiler.

    I have viessmann vitodens wb1b 100 boiler and im trying to install a honeywell t5+ wifi thermostat. I currently have a 2 wire thermostat with no c-wire. Can anyone help me with directions and or pictures?
  13. chucka

    smart CH thermostat, I get .. but what about Smart HW

    I'm looking at a MiGenie Dual system to control my heating system wirelessly, as it is 'nearly' plug and play with my Dayton 722 controller Something just occurred to me... I can understand the smart C Heating temp idea as there is a change to a wireless room thermostat.. Then I notice that...
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