1. W

    Imit dual thermostat firebird popular

    Hi guys hope some of you can help living in rural wales its pretty hard to get tradesmen any time soon so i have learnt to do many things myself but electricity on oil.boilers is not one.. thermostat failed on firebird popular 70 ordered a replacement with them and a imit thermostat was sent...
  2. D

    Thermostat replacement

    Hi everyone. My thermostat (attached photo) doesn't work anymore. Can only turn it on or off but that's it, it doesn't detect temperature at all. You can see the dial is buggered as well. Can anyone advise on a like for like replacement? Just the easiest thing to replace this with at low...
  3. Ryooo

    Nest Thermostat to Control System Boiler with 2 Zone CH & 1 Zone HW

    Hi troopps, I'm looking to install a nest thermostat to control a 2 zoned central heating system and hot water (3 MV). From what a gather you can buy the nest 3rd Generation which does HW and CH. I'd like a another thermostat that controls the CH Zone upstairs. Struggling to find a separate...
  4. S

    How to stop water coming through a thermostat radiator

    I’ve just bought a type 22 to replace my old single radiator. I’m stuck on the thermostat end of the pipe work. I need to stop the water coming through so that I can replace the old with new. I’ve read different things but I’m still confused on what to do with the thermostat dial as I don’t want...
  5. B

    programmable thermostat to control a Mixer Valve.

    I want programmable thermostat to control a Mixer Valve. This to provide CH flow temperature from 30C to 70C from a thermal store tank at 80C
  6. B

    I want programmable thermostat to control a Mixer Valve.

    I want programmable thermostat to control a Mixer Valve. This to provide CH flow temperature from 30C to 70C from a thermal store tank at 80C
  7. S

    Dripping hot water cylinder from upper thermostat... Is it safe?

    Hello I live in a rented flat and have noticed water dripping from the top thermostat of the water cylinder (see picture). It worries me as there is clearly electric wiring nearby, and also another thermostat at the bottom that the water is dripping towards. My landlord's plumber is...
  8. S

    Can you identify this thermostat?

    Hi all, is anyone able to help me identify the male and model of my room thermostat. Photograph is attached. Thanks
  9. Z

    BossTherm BPS242RF Broken Thermostat

    Hi, my BossTherm BPS242RF has decided the ambient temperature is 36*C. We're in disagreement about this, as I'd rather like to have the heating on. I've changed the batteries, I've re-set/re-tethered with the wall receiver, and have even put it in the fridge for a few minutes, to see if it...
  10. M

    Thermostat on pipe to turn on ufh

    Can I use a pipe stat to switch on UFH Pump when it detects heat in system. The UFH is piped as an extra rad so when pipe gets hot ie house system is on And starts the pump . At present connected to a programmable stat which operates a single port valve and pump. I’ve put the valve in straight...
  11. Z

    No switched live to boiler when hot water tank thermostat demands heat + CH staying on.

    Hi folks. I have a couple of issues, any help advice much appreciated. 1. When my hot water tank thermostat demands hot water (wired into Honeywell wiring centre), I do not get a switched live to the boiler. I get 69 volts ac for both on and off wires from the tank stat. I have fitted a new tank...
  12. D

    Battery powered RF thermostat receiver OR thermostat with auxiliary temperature sensor?

    Hi, I would really appreciate your help with this issue. I'm looking a wireless boiler thermostat with a receiver that is battery powered, or a battery powered thermostat that can read a wireless temperature sensor. The problem that i'm trying to solve is that my current thermostat is located...
  13. Z

    Replacement of old Honeywell thermostat with MC6 WIFI Thermostat

    Hi Guys, just wanted to get some advice on the wiring of the new MC6 thermostat? I have attached a picture of what I am replacing and the wiring diagram of the new Thermostat. Please also see recorded voltage readings I have taken. Current Honeywell Stat := 1= 230v always (Red) 4= 230v 3= 0...
  14. stroie

    Recommanded Thermostat

    Hi, We are having a Worcester combi system. We are looking to refurbish the house and change the old thermostat. What thermostat would you recommend and why? Thanks in advance
  15. A

    Wiring Programmable Thermostat

    Hi Guys. I have a Worcester Greenstar 30i boiler and when we moved in we had our old Thermostat removed and a Nest installed, I have now removed the Nest ready to put the old thermostat back on (Honeywell CM907) but don't know where the wires are meant to go. I think I've done the boiler bit...

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