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I was hoping to get some advice. I live in a three floor house with a gravity fed cold water system for all of the bathrooms. The tank is in the loft.

Due to a flush being stuck down, we managed to empty the whole tank! I got it filled up again and, using some suction got the cold taps working in the downstairs bathroom and ground floor cloakroom the toilets are filling up there too.

The problem I have is that the cold water basin tap in the top bathroom is at a lower pressure than it was and now when the toilet cistern fills up there is an audible whining. The cold tap didn't need any encouragement to come back after refilling the tank. The bath and the shower are on an electric pump.

I assume that the pressure is lower to this bathroom due to a bubble or something and that is why the toilet is making noise. Do you think this is correct? Also, what would be the best thing to do to fix this?
Could have some rubbish on the washer as the tank was emptied have you striped it down and cleaned it ?
The lower pressure in the top bathroom's cold tap and the whining noise from the toilet suggest air may be trapped in the pipes. The suggestion about cleaning the washer is a good first step. Have you checked for debris or airlocks in the pipes? You could try bleeding the system to release any trapped air? If these steps don't resolve the issue, it might be worth considering a professional inspection to ensure everything is functioning correctly.
Many thanks for your advice I will get up into the loft and have a look. As it is just one bathroom and not the lower ones I suspect an air block to that bathroom more. I think that will require a professional as I am not sure how to bleed the system or force the air out.

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