1. Z

    Gas heating thermostat ...who fits it.?.

    Hello.. I've just had a complete rewire and new gas/boiler/rad system installed into my property. When it comes to who I should expect to fit a suitable thermostat for the gas heating system would that be down to the plumber,the electrician or combination of both ?. Thank you.
  2. S

    New thermostat doesn't turn on combi boiler

    Hi, The house I've bought came without a room thermostat. Just a combi boiler with a timer. So I bought a room thermostat, installed it, but it doesn't turn on the heating. Here are some photos to illustrate. So as you see I've piggybacked of the Live and Neutral input from the boiler to...
  3. S

    Boiler not turning off

    Hi there I've got a Valliant echo plus 28 combi boiler and what I've noticed is that when I set the thermostat target to say 20 it keeps on going( not everytime tho) I changed the stat to a nest thinking that might be the problem but noticed that again when I set it to 20 I would look an hour...
  4. B

    My valiant wireless thermostat is broken (360f)

    This is connected to a valiant eco pro boiler. Batteries in the thermostat leaked onto the PCB in the thermostat and now not behaving. Can't find a replacement 360f anywhere but not sure I would want to as it is a complex thermostat and because of this I never used it properly. Can I use other...
  5. T

    honeywell thermostat model cm927 issue with low target temperature

    just turned on my heating for the first time since last winter. the thermostat will not allow me to set a target temp above 9.5 degrees. it just cycles back to!
  6. S

    Which wireless thermostat

    Hello, We are going to have a Ideal Vogue Max 40kw combi fitted, the installer has quoted for a "ESI wireless programmable room stat (boiler plus compliant)". Having suffered loads of problems with the existing Drayton wireless thermostat over the years I'm hoping for something pretty...
  7. M

    Underfloor heat thermostat

    Hi. What type of thermostat can I use for my underfloor radiant heating? I currently have the type shown in the picture and i do not dind it very accurate. Can i get a digital one?
  8. TMHM

    Replacing Drayton 3/4 wire thermostat. New BG one does not work in existing system.

    Hi Folks. I am trying to replace a damaged 4 wire (L/N/E & Switched L) Drayton Invensys RTS1 Electronic Thermostat with a replacement BG WS4 Electronic version. As can be seen from the attached pictures, both have identical wiring diagrams, however the WS4 will not work in situ. If I connect...
  9. P

    Anyone know who makes this thermostatic shower valve?

    Has no manufacturer markings at all. Thanks.
  10. I

    Problems with Vaillant thermostat

    I posted a while ago about changing batteries in the thing, and was helped here (30 seconds max to avoid losing settings). Since then got another problem. Went away for a week and turned the boiler off, from the thermostat, while away. This was principally because I've had issues with the...
  11. Z

    Thermostatic mixer shower problems

    Hi folks Firstly apologies if this has been covered before. I have just put in a new bathroom in my house. I have installed a thermostatic mixer shower and have a combi boiler system. When showering the boiler switches off and the shower goes cold, the boiler will then come back on but only...
  12. S

    Help!! Honeywell CM67 Thermostat

    Hi All Have a Honeywell CM67 Thermostat and Centaurplus C27. Trying to turn the heating back on after summer and it's not working. The Honeywell seems to be working. I increase the temperature on manual mode for example and the little flame appears but the heating does not come on. Hot water...
  13. R

    Thermostatic Shower Interoperability Problem

    Hi guys, I need to replace a shower that has 22mm inlet pipes that I have been unable to repair. I do note that the majority of thermostatic showers now have 15mm inlet pipes. My questions are: 1. Is it possible to get some kind of adaptor to convert these two 22mm outlet to a 15mm one...
  14. A

    Unknown Thermostatic Cartridge

    Hi Guys, I have a leaking thermostatic cartridge and I'm trying to replace it but I cannot find the part number or any no-name ones with similar measuring. I bought the shower from Victorian Plumbing and it is the Milan Modern Thermostatic Shower in Chrome. It was bought in 2015 and their...
  15. B

    Thermostat setting

    Hi How can I set me water tank thermostat correctly so it is using the cheapest tariff of electric . I have attached a picture . thanks
  16. R

    Can you still by Thermostatic showers with 22mm inlet pipes?

    Hi guys, Reviving an old thread, for which I have the same problem. Can one still buy thermostatic showers with 22mm (rather than 15mm) inlet pipes? I have a broken shower, and have discovered that we have established that the inlet pipes (hot and cold) to the shower are 150mm apart (centre...
  17. J

    Thermostatic electric shower cutting out due to low pressure

    So I was asked to go look at a job today I was told 3 plumbers have been at previously with the same issue still occurring. Shower is cutting out completely with the low pressure light on when the basin or sink tap is turned on. I’ve managed to have them all working together by shutting down...
  18. J

    Who provides the best warranty on Thermostatic showers?

    Warranty that covers parts at least and possibly labour. Longest I have seen so far is from Aqaulisa for 5 yrs.
  19. mgw

    TRV heads, and linking to wall thermostat?

    I have looked at a range of TRV heads costing between £10 and £60 and it seems until you buy them, you don't really know what you are getting for your money. They all use batteries, they all allow multi temperatures to be set depending on time of day and day of week. Some are direct entry only...
  20. L

    Replacing Honeywell thermostat with nest?

    Hi all, just after some advice I’m looking to replace my current thermostat with a nest system. It states that’s it’s compatible however wanted to check before purchasing and installing. My thermostat has 3 wires as shown in picture. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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