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no water

A combination of aqueducts, reservoirs, and tunnels supply fresh water to New York City. With three major water systems (Croton, Catskill, and Delaware) stretching up to 125 miles (201 km) away from the city, its water supply system is one of the most extensive municipal water systems in the world.
New York's water treatment process is simpler than most other American cities. This largely reflects how well protected its watersheds are. The city has sought to restrict development surrounding them. One of its largest watershed protection programs is the Land Acquisition Program, under which the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has purchased or protected, through conservation easement, over 130,000 acres (53,000 ha) since 1997. With all the care given, the city's water supply system is partially exempted from filtration requirements by both the federal and the state government, saving more than "$10 billion to build a massive filtration plant, and at least another $100 million annually on its operation". Moreover, the special topography the waterways run on allows 95% of the system's water to be supplied by gravity. The percentage of pumped water does change when the water level in the reservoirs is out of the normal range.

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  1. S

    Mega flo issue: no water flow from hot tap, cold tap ok

    Hi all, I recently re pressured my mega flo, isolated water then drained water into tundish etc. Turned on hot water tap and no water coming out. I turned on cold water two and the water pressure and flow is ok. Does anyone know why there is no water coming out of the hot tap? Thanks
  2. SondreheienNO

    Grohe Concealed Toilet Wont Flush

    Hello, I have the Grohe and show the issue in this video. The issue is that it suddenly stopped flushing out of nowhere the pneumatic button raises some mechanic inside but theres no water coming out. I were 4 days away from home and when i came back this suddenly happened and its not...
  3. S

    No water except Kitchen

    Hi All, Having a problem whereby we aren't getting any water from our taps except the cold water from the kitchen which is working fine. Going to get a plumber round to look, but any idea on what the likely cause is? My assumption is that there is a problem with the tank in the loft and I...
  4. D

    No Water After turning Supply back On

    Hi There, I work after from home 2 weeks at a time and recently started to turn off the water supply to my flat. But on the two that I have done it on my return from my trip when I turn the water back on I get nothing. Eventually I have to call a emergency plumber who is also mystified as why...
  5. K

    No water sound when turning filler tap by expansion vessel.

    Have an Ariston unvented hot water tank in airing cupboard with the red and white expansion vessels and a filler tap. As advised years ago on these forums when I hear that sound that the central heating water needs topping up I usually wait until cold so the gauge goes to zero and top up to 1...
  6. T

    Bosch dishwasher: no water entering but can hear a quiet motor

    Can’t find the model but this Bosch dishwasher is at least 10 maybe 15 years old. During the first wash for months yesterday it failed to finish, with a rather rough motor sound continuing until I eventually switched off power. It was clearly near the end, but it seemed that the final rinse had...
  7. N

    No water from hot taps.

    Hi im wondering if anyone could help. The other day I increased the pressure on my boiler and ever since then I have no water at all coming from any hot taps in the house. Heating is working fine just no water from hot taps. There is no error code or anything .. any ideas? The boiler is a...
  8. G

    Draining heating system - no water coming out

    I need to drain my heating system. I located the downstairs radiator with the drain off valve, attached a hosepipe and turned the valve...nothing comes out. I've tried this on all the downstairs radiators with drain off valve, again nothing comes out. I tried to bleed the upstairs radiators to...
  9. J

    No water in hot taps -pressurised system

    Hi - I am new too the forum. I know nothing about plumbing so I hope somebody can advise... In 2011 I had a pressurised water system installed - condenser boiler, cylinder, radiators, etc. Also installed was a solar thermal panel (evacuated tubes). Last month I had the solar system drained down...
  10. C

    Leaky overflow pipe at loft level but no water tank in my loft.

    Hi all, I live in an end of terrace house and there are two overflow pipes next to each other on my neighbours side of the fence. I assumed that the one closest to us was our overflow pipe. It has recently started dripping constantly and it is damaging our fence. Thinking it was my issue, I...
  11. S

    stopcock no water flow

    Alright so we made a bit of a mess the other day. Pulled the washing machine out and the pipe snapped off the back of it and flooded the place. It was connected to the pipe on the right. It had a stopcock on it identical the the blue circled one, but turning it wouldn't shut the water off so it...
  12. T

    why ive no water coming out of hot water tap ?

    Ive no hot water coming out of the tap, I turn it on and nothing happens
  13. M

    No water from HW taps after refilling Megaflo

    Hi issue: No water from hot taps being fed from megaflo. Was having HW pressure issues, obvious from no flow in attic but very low flow on ground floor, so decided to drain and recharge megaflo. After draining megaflo from drain cock (as on ground floor),with lower tap open and odd t&p valve...
  14. T

    Water pressure issue, sometimes results in our taps `sucking`

    We live in a row of 4 terrace houses running perpendicular to a main road, we are the end terrace furthest from the road. We often lose water pressure and sometimes we get no flow of water at all (particularly annoying when showering). When the water stops, the taps sound like they are drawing...
  15. J

    URGENT No Water in the House. Plumber gone AWOL

    Hi, hope someone can help. A few days ago I noticed that the hot water was not as hot as usual and the overflow pipe outside was pouring out water like someone had put the tap on. This was more or less continuous for the duration that the hot water was switched on. Had a plumber who came out...
  16. F

    Humming/vibrating pipes when no water is being used

    Hi Just wondering if anyone could help me please. I am getting loud vibrating/humming noises in the house when I’m not using any water. It seems to be coming from the cold feed and it’s vibrating through the house and you can hear it vibrating the boiler. I felt the pipe where the stop tap...
  17. Q

    No water from shower until i give the sink tap a quick blast.

    Hello, We have a pretty standard gravity fed system. Two cold water and one expansion tank in the loft and vented cylinder in the airing board airing cupboard on 1st floor. Pressure is terrible on both ground and first floor so we have a 4 bar pump that blasts both hot and cold water around...
  18. R

    No water pressure and loud gurgling and tapping from loft

    Hi I have for a while had bad hot and cold water pressure. At a certain time in the morning the boiler comes on and you can hear bubling coming from the radiators and much louder from the tank in the attic and like a taping noise the gradually slows down after 20 seconds, it does this circle I...
  19. S

    Valliant ecotec 637 no water sign on display and radiator flashing

    Hi. i have new installed valliant ecotec 637. The tap button is not showing on the display and the radiator is flashing on the screen. I can press the right button and change all the radiator settings but I am unable to access any of the tap settings as there is nothing on display. Please help!
  20. R

    URGENT Zero water pressure on boiler gauge

    Gas boiler shows No Water Pressure. The water feed to feed the system doesn't move gauge. Water dumps overboard. A banging noise starts when the valve to top up the system is opened.