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Loctite is an American brand of adhesives, sealants, surface treatments, and other industrial chemicals that include acrylic, anaerobic, cyanoacrylate, epoxy, hot melt, silicone, urethane, and UV/light curing technologies. Loctite products are sold globally and are used in a variety of industrial and hobbyist applications.

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  1. M

    Loctite 577 on radiator tails

    Fitted a towel radiator today, I ptfe taped the radiator tails, and after installation noticed the tails were leaking a tiny amount. So de-fitted, and smeared loctite 577 on the radiator tail threads. Reassembled, refitted and now wondering how long I have to wait until pressurising the system...
  2. ShaunCorbs

    .,.,.,.,., Loctite 577.,.,.,.,.,.

    Just a heads up pretty cheap for 250ml https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Loctite-577-50ml-250ml-Fast-Cure-Medium-Strength-Pipe-Seal-fast-shipping/352877949177?pageci=66774372-c39b-40e9-9b61-2f00496a6e85
  3. EvilDrPorkChop

    Loctite 577 - Is it good?

    Bought a bottle today as seen a few people raving about it online and I use Loctite 55 all the time. Anyone used it? Any tips for using it?
  4. J

    Loctite 577 opinions?

    Anybody use this? If so what do you use it on most and what’s the verdict ? Just bought myself a bottle. Pricier than I expected o_O
  5. greekengineer

    loctite 55 as thread sealant

    Hello to all engineers,what is your opinion with regard to using loctite 55 as thread sealant? LOCTITE 55 – Thread Sealing - Information & support - Loctite
  6. cr0ft

    Loctite 55

    Is this stuff rubbish or am I just unlucky? Applied it to a 2" BSP joint as per the instructions. Each time it kept pulling out or jamming up the thread. Tired 4 times in total before opting for PTFE instead. Job done..
  7. Last Plumber

    Loctite 577

    Loctite 577, What are you paying. Have you used it a lot and what do you think of it ? Has anyone used Loctite 518 for anything ? Just curious !
  8. A

    BSP washer

    What washer is required between 1" BSP blank and hot water cylinder? Thanks
  9. L

    Weeping at teflon /PTFE brass connection Hello

    Hi I am connecting a male screw-in to my master valve. However, there is some water 'weeping' from1 side of the connection by the tape. I used PTFE/Teflon tape from a plumbing supply store (so its good quality and feels thick). I wound it around 7 times. I then tightened with a...
  10. jaydebruyne

    Thread Locking Glue

    I need to remove a shower cartridge but there is a centre piece to it which is threaded and comes out, instead of turning the entire cartridge. I read up on loctite 243 but it says the thread can still be undone with hand tools. I need something that literally sets solid and doesn't undo...
  11. D

    Using PTFE tape and Jet Blue sealing compound on a cold tank - Oops?

    Had intermittent leaky cold water tank, with help from you guys I replaced and sorted the problem. Loft now drying out at last. Unfortunately I saw the instructions from Ferham tanks after I had fitted all the pipes which says don't use any sealing compound on the cold water tank. Some older...
  12. A

    LOCTITE melt

    This is a external coupling (integral solder ring) copper to female with uponor pipe to male thread (coupling). Would the loctite melt if you solder it after tightening the fitting with loctite on ? And therefore making the fitting leak. Not been tested yet but would appreciate any insight...
  13. T

    Problem making 1inch brass female fitting watertight

    Hi, I have a couple of 1" brass female connectors on a hot water cylinder. I'm fitting 1" brass to 22mm compression fittings but I'm struggling to make the connection watertight. I have used lots of PTFE tape but it's still leaking very slightly at the joint between the female spcket and the...
  14. P

    loctite 55

    has anyone used Loctite 55 and what's your opinion thanks
  15. R

    Loctite 55

    Hi all, I've heard that loctite 55 plumbing thread is the business when it comes to getting a watertight seal - so much better than PTFE and so on. I wondered what people thought? I've not used it as I can't find it here (I live in France) however I might get some sent from the UK if it's good...
  16. D

    Rad valves

    Hi all is there a good combination of sealants that will stop a leak where the valves screw into the rad? I used ptfe tape and lsx gel and the leak was cured. Out of interest I had 7 turns of ptfe. Any thoughts?
  17. B

    pipe threads - tips&tricks

    hello colegues Im in HVAC buisiness as you but Im from Slovenia. I was looking similar forums in my country, but no luck so far (too small market) Im preparing tips&tricks manual for young plumbers in area of pippe threading (water, heating, gas). here we mostly use REMS machines which is same...
  18. A

    I just can't seal the damn thread!

    Hi all. I'm fitting a towel rail in my bathroom and thought it would be a good idea to put an electric element in for warm towels when the heating isn't running. The "T" piece which allows the combined water/element entry is a real buger to seal up :smartass2:. If I screw in the piece tght to...
  19. marvoni

    Homemade Mixer Tap Becoming An Annoyance

    A few years ago I made mixer taps for all our bathrooms. The three smaller ones on basins have all been fine but the larger one on the bath is forever dripping from the shaft seal. I've replaced this seal twice in three years and it stops dripping for a few months but then it starts again. Is...
  20. O

    Is there a Loctite type glue for plumbing joints

    Hello, I need to join two male threads into a female straight connector and want to glue them so they cannot be unscrewed and hopefully the glue would contribute to ensuring the joint is leak free. Is there a special recommended glue for this purpose. Advice, recommendations or jocular...
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