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Hi all, newbie here requesting advice please. Having had my first combi boiler installed recently to replace a 30 year old traditional system I am not convinced that it is working quite as it should. I was under the impression that these modern combis are supposed to heat up pretty quickly but my newly installed vaillant ecotec pro 28 seems to take an age to get up to operating/requsted flow temp.

System as follows
2 up 2 down mid terrace - 7 average size type 21 radiators
vaillant ecotec pro 28 with Honeywell digital wireless stat
Heating flow temp at boiler set at 65C, all other settings ie partial load, pump overrun, anti cycle at factory settings.

Example of operation
Got up this morning at 8 with temp on stat reading 17.5C, whacked it round to 24C, boiler fired up but to me it doesn't seem to fully fire up, running really quiet and flow temp increases really slowly, took over an hour for boiler flow temp to reach the set temp of 65c therefore the rads only warm up slowly, don't get me wrong when boiler flow temp is up to 65 the rads are red hot but just takes an age to get there, is this right? Cheers in advance for any advice. Merry Xmas


Gas Engineer
Has your 'Registered Professional Gas Engineer' installer balanced the system up? First port of call would be to him, as its taking a long time to heat up. Call him back, a good installer will come back and rectify any issues.
Hey, cheers for the reply Kozak. I assume so but not sure. Didn't want to call him with it being Xmas eve and all. Usually the heating fires up via programmer while at work so nice and warm when get home, only since being at home last couple days with it being holidays that noticed it taking ages to get to temp and was wondering if normal, from your reply I guess it's not?

bert large

Gas Engineer
There is an installer setting on the boiler that needs to be changed. It's not a fault with the boiler but sometimes this setting needs changing, sometimes not. I had to change it on a newly installed Vaillant 832 a couple of weeks back, only takes seconds to change.
Congrats BTW on choosing that boiler. I've been installing them for years & they've proved to be very reliable. Once it's set up correctly you won't be disappointed.
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Cheers Bert, yeah heard good things about the Vaillants.
I'll get the installer out after holidays to have a look. Anything specific I can mention about the settings you mention.


Gas Engineer
Get him to set to maximum load, 5 mins for anti cycle and make sure it is wired with a permenamt live!

He will need the password code to get into installer level for this, if he is a registered installer, he will know it.
Cheers chalked, yeah definitely gas safe legit installer.
I'll give him a call after holidays, from what all you helpful guys on here have been saying sounds like needs a bit of tweaking with settings. Thanks a lot you all
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