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  1. L

    Valliant VRT 350f night / day settings help

    Hello I've recently moved into a house with a Valliant VRT 350f. It is showing night mode (moon symbol) on Auto and a desired temperature of 15 even though it is day and my desired day temperature is 19.5. The date and time were wrong, but I've just managed to set these correctly and assumed...
  2. R

    Help with oil combustion settings

    About 12 days ago attended a boiler lock out. Apparently another plumber was there a week before to and adjusted the photo cell. .. It is a grant wall 16/21 about 10yrs old. The ones where there is no room to move ...! Doesn't look like serviced much. Opened up and heavily sooted. Bottom baffle...
  3. A

    Most efficient settings for me

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I hope someone can help me find the most efficient settings for my boiler and radiators. I moved house and I have been using approx. 30% more gas in my first two months here if compared with my previous flat in the same period last year. The settings I am...
  4. Z

    Glow Worm Ultracom2 settings

    What water and heating setting for a Glow Worm Ultracom2? Also, when the house is left vacant for a couple of weeks during the winter do I change the boiler settings or do I turn the TRVs down low?
  5. D

    Understanding DHW Cirulation

    Hi All, I trying to understand some settings or the way circulation pumps work. I recently had my Vaillant ecoTEC plus 637 fitted in my loft with a megaflo tempest tank. To control it all I'm using a sesoComfort wifi device or the app. Now there are settings for planning CH and DHW. There is...
  6. P

    Alpha Combi Boiler Settings

    Please can somebody tell me what the correct settings should be for my Alpha Combi Boiler Eco 2 Plus and Thermostat. Please see the attached photograph with all my current setting. Currently, my daily electricity usage seems to be higher than normal and it just was serviced. kind Regards...
  7. Dan

    Google Ads - New Settings

    Okay, so this is part of a wider efforts to balance the books for the forums. We're trialing it out. But it comes with some good benefits as well as a few ads. So read the whole thread please before judging and replying. :) New Ads for logged-in users unless you have any one of the below:- You...
  8. S

    Understanding CH pressure vessel settings

    I have a Valliant regular boiler. Earlier in the year I had several radiators replaced and a pressure vessel fitted in place of the FE tank. The red pointer is set to 0.75 bar and the black pointer is at about the same point. My questions are... Is 0.75 the correct setting? What should the...
  9. H

    Grundfos Alpha 3 Pump Settings for Hydronic Balancing

    Hi Forum, I am attempting to manually balance the radiators in my house, to get an average of 11c drop between Flow and Return on each radiator. I have set the boiler temprature to 65c. With the Grundfos Alpha 3, it has several control modes, with each mode needing a value set: Constant...
  10. M

    Vaillant ecoTEC settings for use with vSmart and VR66 wiring centre?

    We have a new Vaillant ecoTEC 624 boiler (installed in November), operating as a system boiler. It wasn't getting on well with our Honeywell thermostat, so we decided to get the vSmart thermostat and VR66 wiring control centre, which should work better with it. One thing that seems to be...
  11. L

    Glow-worm boiler settings help

    Hi, need some help please. we have moved into a new house which has glow-worm easicom 28 installed. The heating is set to 70 and hot water is set to 60 on the boiler and the hive is set to 22c The problem we are having is 1) that it takes almost an hour for the radiators to start heating or...
  12. B

    Velta / Upnor 3D Installer Settings

    Has anyone here had much experience with the old Velta (now upnor) UFH systems I have a customer who has a few issue and i'm trying to find some info. I've managed to download the settings doc to see the installer settings but not sure how to get into the settings menu on the Veltamat 3D unit...
  13. S

    TRV Settings on Radiators

    Looking for advice. I am a home owner with no plumbing experience. Recently we got a builder to extend a room, replacing the single radiator with two new ones with TRV's fitted. The builder brought in a plumber to attach the two new radiators to existing pipework but I was not impressed with...
  14. Inverness

    Valiant ecotec plus 831 high/low fire settings

    hi guys, came across my first valiant combi. I couldn't figure out how to get high fire and low fire to check my ratios and co2. There wasn't a manual. Any advice? I'm used to Worcester boilers.
  15. G

    Logic Combi 35 - constantly on regardless of thermostat settings

    Hi all, Just before Christmas I had an issue with my Logic Combi 35 whereby it was constantly calling for the central heating to be on. Even with my room thermostats set to 18 degrees, it was still heating the house to between 21 and 23 degrees. The only way to make the heat bearable was to...
  16. C

    TRV and Combi Boiler - Reduce Energy Costs and Settings

    Evening all Newbie question, so apologies if this has been posted elswehere. I'm attempting to make my rented flat more energy efficient and reduce costs throughout the winter months. The radiators are all fitted with TRV's (excluding the bathroom). There is a Vaillant combi boiler and no room...
  17. T

    Recommended settings for thermal store system

    Could someone advise the best settings to use on the programmer for the following system please? Home is occupied during the daytime too. Baxi EcoBlue boiler, Albion mainsflow thermal store 180litre, 3 channel central heating and hot water programmer, radiators zoned between downstairs and...
  18. B

    Recommended Thermostat Settings

    Hi, wondering if I could have some advice. Not a plumber but just a user needing a bit of help. Moved into a new build a few months ago which has underfloor heating. The rooms all have thermostats which is set on 21 degrees, and as a result we've never felt the heating on at all. I was told...
  19. M

    Convertible toilet syphon settings - possibly Dudley S90 Hydro

    Convertible 6/7/9 litre syphon in situ in our toilet, in house we moved into a few months ago. Looks most similar to the Dudley S90 Hydro, of models I've found online, but it's probably an older model. Can't see a brand on the syphon itself. It works fine just now. Hoping to make sure it uses...
  20. R

    Lifestyle LP241 fault?

    I have the above timer and having recently changed its settings to HW only, this morning it came on when programmed, but did not switch off when it should have. I have since tried other on/off times and the same happens - comes on but won't go off. I also noticed, for those familiar with it...