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Settings (formerly PC settings) is a UWP app included with Windows 8 and later, Windows Server 2012 and later, and Windows 10 Mobile.

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  1. Dan

    Google Ads - New Settings

    Okay, so this is part of a wider efforts to balance the books for the forums. We're trialing it out. But it comes with some good benefits as well as a few ads. So read the whole thread please before judging and replying. :) New Ads for logged-in users unless you have any one of the below:- You...
  2. H

    Grundfos Alpha 3 Pump Settings for Hydronic Balancing

    Hi Forum, I am attempting to manually balance the radiators in my house, to get an average of 11c drop between Flow and Return on each radiator. I have set the boiler temprature to 65c. With the Grundfos Alpha 3, it has several control modes, with each mode needing a value set: Constant...
  3. M

    Vaillant ecoTEC settings for use with vSmart and VR66 wiring centre?

    We have a new Vaillant ecoTEC 624 boiler (installed in November), operating as a system boiler. It wasn't getting on well with our Honeywell thermostat, so we decided to get the vSmart thermostat and VR66 wiring control centre, which should work better with it. One thing that seems to be...
  4. L

    Glow-worm boiler settings help

    Hi, need some help please. we have moved into a new house which has glow-worm easicom 28 installed. The heating is set to 70 and hot water is set to 60 on the boiler and the hive is set to 22c The problem we are having is 1) that it takes almost an hour for the radiators to start heating or...
  5. S

    TRV Settings on Radiators

    Looking for advice. I am a home owner with no plumbing experience. Recently we got a builder to extend a room, replacing the single radiator with two new ones with TRV's fitted. The builder brought in a plumber to attach the two new radiators to existing pipework but I was not impressed with...
  6. G

    Logic Combi 35 - constantly on regardless of thermostat settings

    Hi all, Just before Christmas I had an issue with my Logic Combi 35 whereby it was constantly calling for the central heating to be on. Even with my room thermostats set to 18 degrees, it was still heating the house to between 21 and 23 degrees. The only way to make the heat bearable was to...
  7. T

    Recommended settings for thermal store system

    Could someone advise the best settings to use on the programmer for the following system please? Home is occupied during the daytime too. Baxi EcoBlue boiler, Albion mainsflow thermal store 180litre, 3 channel central heating and hot water programmer, radiators zoned between downstairs and...
  8. B

    Recommended Thermostat Settings

    Hi, wondering if I could have some advice. Not a plumber but just a user needing a bit of help. Moved into a new build a few months ago which has underfloor heating. The rooms all have thermostats which is set on 21 degrees, and as a result we've never felt the heating on at all. I was told...
  9. R

    Lifestyle LP241 fault?

    I have the above timer and having recently changed its settings to HW only, this morning it came on when programmed, but did not switch off when it should have. I have since tried other on/off times and the same happens - comes on but won't go off. I also noticed, for those familiar with it...
  10. I

    Vaillant ecoTec 831 Plus and Nest - Flow Temperature

    So, recently had the Vaillant 350f thermostat replaced with a Nest and I'm left with a problem I can't wrap my head around. Boiler is Vaillant ecoTec 831 Plus and is only a couple of years old. With the Vaillant thermostat, the flow temperature would vary based on room temp vs set temp, but...
  11. P

    Danfoss TP9000

    Hi, I am fitting a new danfoss TP 9000 controller, I've found the installer instructions online and all the settings are correct and it is set to 5/2, I have eventually gotten the week settings but I can't get the weekend settings. When I push the Day/Hol button in program mode nothing changes...
  12. P

    Grassun Towerchron QE2 problm

    Hello, I have a Grassun Towerchron QE2 control unit which keeps losing its settings. I have reset it so many times but it stays on for a day or so then loses the settings again. Even when the unit does hold its setting there is there is no hot water. I have 2x queries: 1) if the controller is...
  13. C

    Range rated boilers

    normally range rated boilers have a min,medium and max settings, so if I'm testing the heat kW input and burner pressure does the results have to be spot on one of these settings or does it just have to be within in the range of the min and max? Or do I have to do the test on maximum which would...
  14. M

    Salus rt500rf thermostat no longer controlling boiler

    I have had a Salus RT500RF Thermostat and an Ideal boiler for about 2 years now. Up to now, the thermostat has controlled the boiler without any problems. No adjustments have been made to the thermostat at all. Now, the boiler has taken on a life of it's own, and the heating just switches...
  15. S

    Vaillant ecotec pro 28

    Hi all, newbie here requesting advice please. Having had my first combi boiler installed recently to replace a 30 year old traditional system I am not convinced that it is working quite as it should. I was under the impression that these modern combis are supposed to heat up pretty quickly but...
  16. H

    Vaillant ecoTEC plus 612 query

    Hello I have a new Vaillant system boiler which is very slow to respond to heating demand. When it starts in the morning and there is a high demand for heat it only fires up to about 1/3 power and stays there for about 30 minutes, or more, before going up to full power. I touch the return pipe...
  17. S

    Potterton EP2 Controller

    Just replaced my old Potterton EP6002 unit with the Potterton EP2. The 6002 was a 3 setting on/off unit, but I can only get 2 on/off setting periods with the EP2. The set up manual states that the EP2 can be programmed for the 3 settings, but I cannot get the option screen which allows this...
  18. RGII79

    firebird enviromax c26 best settings for gas oil anyone any advise on best results

    come preset for kero tweaked air and oil this is what im getting at min fuel press 9.5b air shutter 4.6 co2 11.7 o2 5.2 eff 98.7 ratio .0003 co 37
  19. C

    Worcester Greenstar 24Ri Condensing Natural Gas Boiler

    can this be converted to a LPG by a 'Registered Professional Gas Engineer' plumber???
  20. E

    Identifying oil burner

    Hi guys, I'm new here, went to service a boiler, a Unidare 120? utility model,and very difficult acess, it was making a lot of flame noise? cleaned and new jet and much better, but no instructions for settings. burner is one I am not familiar with . It is red:smiley2: but has a blue glass? flame...