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Hi all

I have a bathroom mixer tap as shown in photo.

Recently and fairly suddenly i noticed it becoming stiff to operate the lever - both when lifting or rotating.

I decided something was likely wrong and likely to get worse or have something break. So figured it was best to dissasemble, check and grease.

I looked up a few videos on youtube and was able to remove the small circular cover, unscrew the allen key grub screw and remove the tap head.

I unscrewed the silver plastic nut by hand. Then unscrewed the brass nut with a spanner.

This revealed the top of the cartridge. I thought I took a photo Of this but just checking my phone now doesn't look like I did. I can take another but would have to disassemble again so will see if anyone has any ideas first.

No matter what i did i wasnt able toget the cartidge out. I applied WD40 and left for a while. I pulled upward with pliers. I tried pulling by hand. Tried wiggling back and forth. tried rotating. On the videos I watched they seem to come out easily.

If I'd pulled with any more force with the pliers I probably would have broken the plastic.

So I greased everything around the top of the cartidge and reassembled everything but intentionally didnt tighten the brass nut as much. This definitely made the tap wand easier and smoother to move and I hoped that might be it. But just a few days later and the mechanism is starting to stiffen up again.

Is there some kind of retaining device on some models? I tried to look underneath in case there was a nut or bolt etc but couldnt see much.
Think tap is a UK model.

Any advice on how to remedy much appreciated!
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