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Remove before flight is a safety warning often seen on removable aircraft and spacecraft components, typically in the form of a red ribbon, to indicate that a device, such as a protective cover or a pin to prevent the movement of mechanical parts, is only used when the aircraft is on the ground (parked or taxiing). On small general aviation aircraft, this may include a pitot tube cover or a control lock. The warning appears in English only. Other ribbons labelled "pull to arm" or similar are found on missiles and other weapon systems that are not mounted on aircraft.
Remove-before-flight components are often referred to as "red tag items". Typically, the ground crew will have a checklist of remove-before-flight items. Some checklists will require the ribbon or tag to be attached to the checklist to verify it has been removed. Non-removal of a labelled part has caused airplane crashes, like that of Aeroperú Flight 603 and, in 1975, a Royal Nepal Airlines Pilatus PC-6 Porter carrying the wife and daughter of Sir Edmund Hillary.It is common to see key rings, T-shirts, bag tags, belts and other such products with this ribbon, especially for people who work in aviation or are aviation enthusiasts.A green tag is sometimes used to identify components that must be attached before flight in a similar way to remove before flight components.

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  1. S

    Remove Brizo Faucet Handle ModelHL5332

    Hi All, I want to remove the Brizo Faucet Handle ModelHL5332 to change the valve pine. There is a small leak. The handle has no screw. I wonder how to remove it so I can change the valve pine inside the handle. I don't want to put too much force and damage the handle. Can anyone give me...
  2. I

    How to remove shower diveter valve

    This is driving me bonkers! I have a Jaquar shower mixer unit - which has started to leak from the diverter cartridge. I think it's an early Florentine model circa 2006 though not 100% sure. I've removed the faceplate, unscrewed the chrome collar - and now want to extract the diverter...
  3. A

    How do I remove a rounded off screw from kitchen mixer tap?

    I need to replace the washer of my kitchen mixer tap as it is leaking. I was able to remove the spout once by unscrewing the screw on the back of the tap. However now I can't remove it again as it seems I must have used the wrong screw head and have rounded off the head. Please see attached...
  4. B

    TRV Valve is leaking out of pin

    Rad is leaking from TRV valve, seems to be seeping out of where the pin comes up. I tried tightening up the nut below the pin, but that didn't help. I then looked online and saw that removing the nut and packing with some plumbers tape may help, but whenever I try to remove the nut a load of...
  5. O

    How do you remove this

    Hello I am changing my bathtub faucet and the spout came off but there is a fitting stuck to the end that will not come off any ideas how to get it off the threads
  6. L

    How To remove RSBAS C Tap head?

    Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help with this. The tap is a Bristan RS BAS C, the hot tap has been leaking and I've trying to get the tap off to clean the cartridges, but cant get the sphere at the end off there. Looking at the diagram, it seems that you should be able to pop the...
  7. boxer01

    How to remove siliconed rail off tiled bathroom wall

    Please can someone tell me the best way of removing a siliconed folding support rail that has been siliconed to a tiled bathroom wall at my mums. I can't get a hacksaw blade in between the wall and the plate and I can't get any thin windscreen cutter wire in as there is no gap. I don't really...
  8. I

    Any ideas to remove this tap?

    The unit underneath has no access to the tap and from measuring, the unit does not even go as back as where the tap is. The pipework is a mess. I think the only solution is to remove the sink as I don't think my tapex kit will get to the tap bolts from cutting from the bottom with my multitool...
  9. V

    How do you remove this tap handle

    I need to change the washer on the dripping hot tap in the photo, does anybody know how to remove the dome tap handle, there's no fixings or grub screw anywhere, thanks
  10. J

    Can I remove a disconnected gas fire,leaving the back boiler in place?

    Hi all, I am a plumber but I do not carry out works to boilers as the majority of my is bathrooms so I am not gas safe. I have completed a bathroom for a regular customer. She is of old age and is starting to get a little clumsy and her son has asked me to look at the old gas fire/back...
  11. D

    How do I remove this toilet seat with no buttons/levers to push/pull ?

    Sorry for asking a silly question but does anyone know how this seat comes off ? Have had advice from local plumber but even he couldn't see how to do it. The only thing that seems possibly relevant is that each bearing point has two very small rectangular gaps, one at 8 o clock and one at 4 o...
  12. S

    How do I remove this radiator thermostat?

    Hi, I’m looking for some advice on how to remove this radiator value to check if the pin is stuck. I have two similar values in the house where those radiators aren’t heating up at all. The pipe leading into the value is cold but the rest of the system is working fine. Thanks for any help/advice!
  13. T

    How to remove a Roca dual flush operating plate for concealed cistern

    I need to adjust the large flush button because water continues to run after the cistern has filled up and the button does not return to its proper position, it stays depressed. The small flush button is working OK. In which direction does the dual flush operating plate need to slide/be moved?
  14. M

    How to remove a Buchan Trap?

    Hello - could someone advise how a Buchan trap can be removed please?
  15. OldSoul71

    Remove Old Unused Flue Pipe?

    Hi, long story short, our boiler has been replaced with a combi and the loft and airing cupboard are now devoid of tanks and pipework, except.... ... this old flue pipe, which was once connected to the original boiler when our home was built in the mid-80s. It runs from a vent on the roofline...
  16. B

    How to remove stuck washer cartridge from mixer tap

    Hi, I can’t get one cartridge to budge when trying to replace in a mixer tap. The hot side cartridge was tight but removed with wrench comfortably, but cold side is so tight Ive burred the nut on the cartridge. Any advice on how else to remove the cartridge without damaging the mixer tap is...
  17. S

    how can I remove a shower mira8 brass cover plate which is scaled up

    Hi, I have just tried to repair a very old Mira 8 shower unit. However, when trying to remove the brass cover plate it's completely scaled up and it won't budge any ideas on how to free it up. We did think about trying to heat up the bass cover plate but we are concerned about the silver outer...
  18. S

    Install new internal meter and remove external meter

    Hi all, I currently have an external water meter (which is a sub-meter) of my neighbours meter. The mains supply runs into their garden and then splits off into my sub-meter. We are planning on building an extension near to the existing external sub-meter and I have sought advice from Yorkshire...
  19. T

    How to remove this kind of shower mixer?

    Hi all, I'm trying to remove this shower mixer however, I cannot see any bolts like all the other ones I see online. Please can someone advise. I've taken a picture of it: Screenshot -
  20. T

    Unable to remove lever on Methven sink mixer

    Hi All, I have a Methven mixer that is leaking around the base so I bought a Fixit-It repair kit. It does not have a red/blue cover for access to the grub screw at the front but a little indent at the back. I have tried using a 2.5mm allen key to remove the lever but cannot find the screw ...
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