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Remove before flight is a safety warning often seen on removable aircraft and spacecraft components, typically in the form of a red ribbon, to indicate that a device, such as a protective cover or a pin to prevent the movement of mechanical parts, is only used when the aircraft is on the ground (parked or taxiing). On small general aviation aircraft, this may include a pitot tube cover or a control lock. The warning appears in English only. Other ribbons labelled "pull to arm" or similar are found on missiles and other weapon systems that are not mounted on aircraft.
Remove-before-flight components are often referred to as "red tag items". Typically, the ground crew will have a checklist of remove-before-flight items. Some checklists will require the ribbon or tag to be attached to the checklist to verify it has been removed. Non-removal of a labelled part has caused airplane crashes, like that of Aeroperú Flight 603 and, in 1975, a Royal Nepal Airlines Pilatus PC-6 Porter carrying the wife and daughter of Sir Edmund Hillary.It is common to see key rings, T-shirts, bag tags, belts and other such products with this ribbon, especially for people who work in aviation or are aviation enthusiasts.A green tag is sometimes used to identify components that must be attached before flight in a similar way to remove before flight components.

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  1. D

    Remove shower head rainfall from ceiling

    Hoping someone can help, not even a novice. In the bathroom there is a rainfall type shower head. I need to clean it. It is square and fitted into the ceiling and not sure how to remove. There is a 5mm gap from ceiling. Not tried unscrewing yet
  2. nukkun

    How would I remove this toilet seat?

    I'm living in a student accommodation and broke the lid. I told maintenance and they said if it it still flushes, they won't be bothered to fix it. So I've been struggling to understand on how to remove it, so I can replace it myself, and watched a few tutorials on YouTube but nothing in those...
  3. User108

    How to remove this shower valve cartridge?

    My shower temperature control knob isn't working anymore - only produces hot water. I tried replacing the cartridge but I can't seem to remove the existing one. What's the best way to remove the cartridge I've attached pictures of? It's very very stiff.
  4. cloudsix

    How to remove shower cartridge?

    I need to replace the shower cartridge as no cold water is getting through. Do I need to remove the faceplate to access a nut? The plate has been siliconed in place so I didn't want to remove if I didn't have to! There is only one tap with dual controls (both twist, one to turn it on, the other...
  5. S

    How to remove E7917 for cleaning

    Hi all, Haven’t been on here for a while but looking for some advice on Ideal Standard soft close toilet seat E791701. We’ve got three of these but the newest one has a different design & I can fathom how to remove it for cleaning! I’ve googled it with no success. There appears to be no...
  6. Marko222

    Macerator toilet blocked! How do i remove waste/water?

    Hi The toliet pipes attched to the Macerator started to leak water yesterday when flushed. The macerator made a longer than noirmal whirring noise too. None of the waters been flushed and waste has come into the bowl with water, right to the top. I've ordered a water pump vacuum from amazon...
  7. T

    Remove cartridge in Berrow mixer tap

    Hello good people. I am trying to remove a cartridge from a Cooke and Lewis Berrow single lever mixer tap. I have removed the lever and the shroud which was a push fit not a threaded one. There is no securing nut to release the cartridge. Never seen this before. The cartridge must be held in...
  8. sbj_uk

    Remove spout Insinkerator 3 in 1

    I have an Insinkerator 3 in 1 boiling tap that leaks where the rotating spout meets the tap. Have tried to see if there is a key way to pull the spount out with no luck. Removing the boiling water handle and thought I had found the retaining screw but it is round not a hex. Any suggestions...
  9. M

    vitra single button cistern lid won't come off

    Just move to a new place, toilet flush not enough water. Try to take off the lid to see vit it won't come off. Toilet has the word Vitra on it. Already unscrewed the single button off but the lid seems stuck or glued. Not even move slightly. Anyone have idea want else I could do please? Thanks
  10. A

    How to completely remove a radiator

    Hi everyone, So we have a rather oversized, poorly placed, radiator in the kitchen that we would like to fully remove. Any tips and advice would be gratefully appreciated please. Many thanks in advance
  11. S

    If i remove a radiator in the living room will there be a cold spot?

    Hi, We currently have 3 old radiators in our living room, the room feels cold in winter and radiators take ages to get warm, system has been power flushed and new pump fitted, so want to replace the radiators. The room is 5.7 x 4.9m x 2.5m but heat vents upstairs to a landing with no radiator...
  12. S

    How to remove Danfoss TRV

    Hi all, Hope you are all well. I am trying to remove this Danfoss TRV, but struggling to work it out. I assume I need to turn the grey collar, but don't want to mess too much, unless certain. Thanks
  13. S

    Advice - remove water tanks in loft, replace showers and boiler?

    Current setup: Cold water tank, and header tank in loft. Hot water tank in airing cupboard at top of stairs. Power shower (mira event xs) in main bathroom, and same in en-suite. 20 year old Baxi boiler, still going strong. Background: Need to free up as much space in loft for conversion. Enough...
  14. Y

    Removing wall mounted tap

    Hi how to remove wall mounted tap that is not a common model. Thks.
  15. D

    How do I remove this quarter turn ceramic valve?

    I cannot work out a way to actually remove the cartridge so I can replace it. Trying to fix a dripping tap! Help please….
  16. M

    How can I remove this flush valve?

    I've got water trickling into the pan of a toilet. The cistern water level is nowhere near the overflow pipe, so I suspect there's a faulty seal at the bottom of the flush valve (a Geberit model). However, I am unable to detach the flush unit to check. There don't seem to be any side clips to...
  17. J

    How to remove Shower riser rail

    Hi Trying to remove the riser rail, but cannot see any way to take it off, can't see any grub screws etc... Any help appreciated Thanks
  18. L

    How to remove top of tap?

    Tried removing stem to access the grub screw? But only succeeded in damaging chrome. Thanks for any help. It's leaking and I need to change the cartridge.
  19. P

    How to remove this tap cartridge?

    Any ideas? There seems to be a retaining ring with 4 little holes in but it ain’t budgin! Any ideas gratefully received!
  20. N

    How to remove 'top' of tap?

    I need to fix a dripping tap - I thought by removing the screw at the top of the blue section the top of the tap would lift off... no such luck... it is 'loose' but is stuck and won't lift up. How do I get it off to then replace the washer? Thanks in advance.
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