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  1. H

    Cardiff area work required

    Remove and cap off gas fire. And remove and install a radiator with some small pipe work. Quote please.
  2. M

    How do I remove the mixer catridge?

    Hi All I have a leaky cartridge on a bath mixer, its a 4 hole deck arrangement. I have the handle off and can see the cartridge but cannot for the life of me see how it dismantles. I cannot see the top cap seam, or any join. If it is joined what tool fits into there? I would appreciate any...
  3. B

    How to drain down to remove towel rail AND valves?

    Towel rail needs to be removed so that new flooring can fit over pipes. Therefore the whole thing needs to come off valves and all so that the pipe ends coming up from the floor are exposed. The bottom compression nut and olive can stay on each pipe as there will be big enough holes in the...
  4. T

    How to stop a pan connector leaking when you can't remove the toilet to replace it.

    Hi all, I'm hoping the title says it all - I've got a low level toilet in an old-fashioned community hall that is concreted to the floor and the pan connector is leaking. It's only a small leak thankfully but there's no way to get the toilet out without breaking the pan and opening up a world...
  5. B

    Plastic pipe thread snapped off inside compression fitting - how to remove?

    Hi The fitting is brass (though doesn't look it in photo), the stuck plastic threaded pipe section is off the bottom of a standard ballcock assembly (bottom inlet) . It's snapped very cleanly, dead level with the nut. So, any smart ideas on how to get it out? Thanks
  6. A

    How to remove a Semi Pedestal (no bolts showing)

    Hi I hope you can help me I’m going tomorrow to a house with a semi pedestal basin installation from the photographs sent to me by the tenants I cannot see any bolt fittings to remove the semi pedestal cover. Does this mean that the semi pedestal cover must be supported by spring clips (like...
  7. J

    Sink drain pipe: how to I remove stuck drain body/tailpiece?

    Replacing a 1970-ish pedestal sink and I can't figure out how to remove the original drain piece from the pipe. It seems to be completely seized in place. If you look at the image below, you can see the drain piece (1) and what appears to be a lock nut (2). I've been trying to unscrew the drain...
  8. C

    Can I remove a radiator off the wall if the thermastat is broken

    We have a plasterer coming this week and the radiators need to come off! A DIY friend came round and removed all but 1 radiator as he wasnt sure what to do as the thermastat on one end has been broken??? HELP if we turn the valve off at the other end will this do the job so we can just remove it...
  9. T

    How do I remove plastic compression coupling to access external waste pipe?

    I would like to remove compression coupling to gain access to external waste pipe. I can remove both ends by twisting but the middle section does not move away. Do I need to apply more force? My waste pipe is blocked so need access to try wet vac from outside as from toilet has not cleared the...
  10. A

    Radiator off the wall - Am i able to remove radiator

    Hi all, The radiator has fallen off a wall on one side - the screw into the wall seems to have been into the mortar rather than the brick and come out (see Pic1). Attached are the ends either side of the radiator - my question is, will I be able to isolate and drain this radiator myself? If...
  11. J

    Need advice on how to turn off cold water value to washing machine

    Hello, I need to disconnect my washing machine for several days however i am confused on how to turn off the cold water flow to the washing machine. I have taken a photo. There is no lever from what i can see. Do anyone know what i need to do with this?
  12. D

    Cannot remove kitchen mixer tap spout

    Hi A while ago I replaced the o rings in my kitchen mixer tap spout....simply by removing the grub screw at the back of the spout and removing it in seconds. BUT I tried to do the same job on a friends mixer tap which is leaking from the bottom of the spout where it meets the base. HOWEVER...
  13. R

    Help needed to remove Crosswater Sol cartridge

    I’m trying to remove shower thermostatic valve and for the life of me I cannot get it to move. Anyone had experience with this.
  14. A

    How to remove gas fitting from wall

    Dear All, We have this (see attached) pipe fitting next to an old brick fireplace that seems to be a gas fitting. We want to remove it but don't know how. The screws holding the bracket to the wall are behind the silver fitting and are difficult to get to with a screwdriver. Ideally we would...
  15. D

    Yet another 'how to remove this tap head?'

    Hi all, Bathroom basin hot water tap has slow drip. Want to replace the washer (if possible) but have no idea how to remove the knob head to get at the gubbins. It has no obvious grub screws 'round the back. Both knobs have always wobbled a bit and it only requires quarter-turn to go fully...
  16. M

    Trattoria Bath/shower mixer

    Hi Does anybody have any advice as to how to remove and, hence, clean the diverter in the above mixer tap? There is a plastic bit that is proving very difficult to remove - assuming it should be removed!! I have pictures but unsure how to put them on this thread. Thanks
  17. B

    How to remove a soft close lid and seat where no visible button or bolt?

    my soft close lid and seat are loose and no longer soft close. I cannot see a bolt or button to release them... There is no hole for an Allen key or any kind of release mechanism. It’s a wall hung toilet. Underneath the seat there are no bolts/screws visible. Help! Thanks
  18. T

    What is this tap and how do you remove cover?

    Does anyone know how to take off the cover to change? It's one piece. Need to take it off to adjust as water flow is poor.
  19. J

    Easiest way to remove this shower tray

    Hi all, My customer would like his shower tray replaced, but with minimal damage to surrounding tiles (if it can be done). The tray apparently is sat directly on joists, at ground floor. Obviously the 'front panel' tiles will need to come off. A low-level tray will go back in, so some tiling...
  20. SteveRobert5a

    Noob question - how to remove this tap handle?

    This is undoubtedly a dumb question, but I can't get this tap handle off. I'd assumed the little insert disk would pop out but it doesn't want to. So what am I doing wrong?