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  1. stiggy77

    How do I remove this toilet lid?

    Hello I can't get access to the fixings of this toilet lid. Could someone please advise on how to remove it? I've tried sliding it to the side but that doesn't work. Thanks Stephen
  2. A

    I'd like to remove a gas stove and put a real fireplace instead, do I need a plumber?

    Hi team, We just moved into a new property that has a gas stove where once there was a fireplace. The chimney is still there so we would like to remove the gas stove and put there a real fireplace. From what I can see, there's a metal tube that goes from my gas meter into this stove. Do I need...
  3. R

    Fitting new tap. How to remove this old one?

    the nut is huge I don’t have a socket that big. I’m assuming I have to undo that to release the tap?
  4. J

    Cannot remove tap cover

    My Millenia basin taps have a slightly domed cover to remove to get at the tap washers etc. However I have tried with a fine blade to prize off the top without success? Any ideas? Thanks
  5. R

    How to remove brass male iron threads from LCS socket?

    Hi, As some of you are aware, I am currently stuck in Italy running a shop that has nothing to do with plumbing :( Yesterday I thought I'd got most of what I needed to get done by lunchtime and was able to take the rest of the day 'off' (which actually means try to get done the things that are...
  6. R

    How do remove valve?

    My tap is leaking. Removed the cover but how do I get the valve out?
  7. T

    Cannot remove cartridge from tap handle.

    Hi, I hope someone can help or point me in the right direction. We have a leaky kitchen mixer tap. I thought it would be a straight-forward cartridge change but I'm having difficulties removing the actual cartridge from the tap handle. I unscrewed the tap handle from the mixer unit, expecting...
  8. I

    Unusual knob fixing - How to remove a tap knob with an unusual fixing?

    Is anyone familiar with the fixing on this 1960-70's "OSY" branded mixer tap knob? I am trying to change the washers but there seems to be no obvious way to remove the knobs. There is no screw or nut to release them. It might be push-fit but don't want to force it before confirming that is the...
  9. G

    How do I remove the handle from a Bristan Colonial Thermostatic Shower.

    I have unscrewed the handle and removed the grub screw underneath but can not remove the outer body! The instructions say it should just pull off? TIA
  10. L

    How can i remove the end of the tap to clean filter

    Purchased swirl minimalist mixer basin tap - how can I clean the aerator at the end of the tap?
  11. B

    How to remove this bad boy....

    So I've been told this relatively simple... However in my world nothing is ever that simple!! I have a leak which is now identified however for the life of me I can't see how to remove this fitting to reseal.. Any help or should I just cut beneath the joint and then replace the entire fitting...
  12. M

    URGENT Expansion vessel insert, should I remove?

    Has anyone installed a Refix potable expansion tank? There's a plastic insert inside the 3/4 threaded connector - should it be left in? I though it maybe to space the diaphragm off the inlet point, but not sure if it's just a protector insert which will stop the tank operating - nothing in...
  13. WornBadly

    Which tool would remove this mixer tap cartridge?

    I have a shower mixer tap that will no longer go hot, so I assume I need a new cartridge. But what tool would I need to use to get this thing out? I'm guessing I need a spanner that can grab and turn it where I've drawn the lines, so would a correctly sized basin spanner work? Or is there some...
  14. A

    My new gas range won't slide all the way in. Can I remove the 90 degree elbow?

    Hey guys. Looking for some advice on the best way to make my new range slide all the way in. Currently, the pipe and gas connector sticks out 6" from the wall. The range has a 4" deep recess. So I have to reduce the stick-out by 2". I was thinking about just removing the 90 degree elbow (circled...
  15. A

    Remove an ‘Edwardian’ shower diverter valve

    Hi all, Hoping you can help? The spindle has snapped on our diverter valve so presumably it needs to be changed. I’m struggling to get the old one out though...is it just brute force turning it anti-clockwise? Driving me crazy? Thanks
  16. C

    Can't remove air from central heating after replacing pump

    I have what I believe is a fairly standard open vented Y-plan heating system with a header tank and cold water tank in the loft (I have attached a picture of what I have worked out). I am not a plumber, but I am confident with pipe work - normally I would call a plumber but with the current...
  17. K

    How to remove toilet push button (no inner screws, doesn't unscrew)

    Due to ever more frequent dribbling after flushing with one of our toilets I want to repair/replace the flush mechanism depending on what I find. However I am stuck on how to remove the button without getting the Dremel out as I've not seen this type before. It prevents the lid from lifting...
  18. P

    how do i remove concealed shower diverter?

    I have a leaking concealed shower diverter tap but cannot work out what make it is and how to remove it. See pics, its the top one in the picture of both controls. Any suggestions as to how this is removed? It doesn't have anything to get a spanner onto, the only thing I can see are two small...
  19. H

    Temporarily Remove Bath

    Hi, I need to temporarily remove my bathtub in order to fix a damp wall. Water was going behind the bath due to some dodgy tiles, as a result it has rotted the wall behind it. My question is, once I have disconnected the water supply, do I need to temporarily cap the pips whilst I do the...
  20. H

    Cardiff area work required

    Remove and cap off gas fire. And remove and install a radiator with some small pipe work. Quote please.