A cartridge or a round is a type of pre-assembled firearm ammunition packaging a projectile (bullet, shot, or slug), a propellant substance (usually either smokeless powder or black powder) and an ignition device (primer) within a metallic, paper, or plastic case that is precisely made to fit within the barrel chamber of a breechloading gun, for the practical purpose of convenient transportation and handling during shooting. Although in popular usage the term "bullet" is often informally used to refer to a complete cartridge, it is correctly used only to refer to the projectile.
Cartridges can be categorized by the type of their primers – a small charge of an impact- or electric-sensitive chemical mixture that is located: at the center of the case head (centerfire); inside the rim (rimfire); inside the walls on the fold of the case base that is shaped like a cup (cupfire, now obsolete); in a sideways projection that is shaped like a pin (pinfire, now obsolete); or a lip (lipfire, now obsolete); or in a small nipple-like bulge at the case base (teat-fire, now obsolete). Only the centerfire and rimfire survived mainstream usage today.
Military and commercial producers continue to pursue the goal of caseless ammunition. Some artillery ammunition uses the same cartridge concept as found in small arms. In other cases, the artillery shell is separate from the propellant charge.
A cartridge without a projectile is called a blank; one that is completely inert (contains no active primer and no propellant) is called a dummy; one that failed to ignite and shoot off the projectile is called a dud; and one that ignited but failed to sufficiently push the projectile out of the barrel is called a squib.

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  1. T

    Accessing Flexicom 24hx installer cartridge

    I've got a Glowworm Flexicom 24hx boiler and I'm trying to unplug the installer cartridge in order to wire up the ebus connection inside. From what I've read, it should be possible to do this without opening the boiler, but there is limited access around the boiler and I'm struggling! From the...
  2. W

    URGENT Is My Shower Cock Stop Leaking ? Can I Change The Ceramic Cartridge ??

    i can't tell if my shower tap (cock stop) is leaking or not after showering, the shower head will drip fast for 2 hours, then drip slowly after that...........i put a bucket under the shower head to collect the water for 26 hours the first time.............then 19 hours the...
  3. A

    Bristan 1901 Shower Cartridge replacement problem

    I'm replacing the shower cartridge on my Bristan 1901 Thermostatic Exposed Dual Control Shower (Top Outlet). I have removed the cap and screw but the temperature handle won't come off. Am I missing something or does it just need more force?
  4. T

    Hansgrohe T30 thermostatic cartridge (98282000) extractor

    Hi, I have a Hansgrohe T30 thermostatic cartridge (98282000) that I need to clean or replace, but I can't remove it. I've spent ages Googling this, but I just can't find the right tool to help - it's probably a custom Hansgrohe tool. Can anyone guide me? Thanks!
  5. C

    What type of tap cartridge is this please?

    Hi - trying to replace this quarter-turn cartridge from kitchen mixer tap but cannot find anything similar online. Spline length 9mm with 28 teeth; overall length 53mm. Many thanks, Chris.
  6. H

    Replacing Cooke & Lewis RICCI bath mixer cartridge - no grub screw

    How do i replace the quarter turn cartridge on this cooke & lewis ricci bath mixer tap . Normally there is a grub screw somewhere to take the handle off, but for the life of me i cannot find one on this mixer. Any helpful suggestions would be greatfully received.
  7. P

    My shower won't turn off after replacing the thermostatic cartridge.

    I've just replaced an Ultra SASF2 – M thermostatic shower cartridge together with the spring mechanism and the temperature sensor. My problem is this: If I install the thermostatic cartridge together with the spring mechanism and the temp sensor (i.e. do the job properly), the shower runs warm...
  8. D

    Ensuring water line is shutoff

    I’m wanting to replace the single handle cartridge on my basement shower since it no longer allows hot water (sink in same bathroom works fine). I have turn off the water main (at the sidewalk), cold water intake to water heater and opened up all other faucets in the house. However, the shower...
  9. P

    Replacing Thermostatic cartridge -temp control housing stuck

    I'm attempting to replace an ultra SASF2 – M thermostatic shower cartridge but, having removed the temperature control knob from the housing that incorporates the temperature 'stop' mechanism, I cannot pull this housing free from the rest of the assembly. I can see no circlip holding it in...
  10. B

    How to remove stuck washer cartridge from mixer tap

    Hi, I can’t get one cartridge to budge when trying to replace in a mixer tap. The hot side cartridge was tight but removed with wrench comfortably, but cold side is so tight Ive burred the nut on the cartridge. Any advice on how else to remove the cartridge without damaging the mixer tap is...
  11. M

    is it possible to change shower cartridge rather than the whole valve

    i currently have a valve/cartridge that controls only temperature is you turn it one way or the other. is it possible to remove the cartridge to replace it with one that can control both volume and flow rate? it may be about 30 years old/original to home. everything is accessible as i am...
  12. bradders1011

    Mira Select - Low hot water pressure

    Hello, looking for advice on this please, general direction of where to look. We have an unvented Megaflo and the pressure and temperature is perfect in every other shower and tap except this one. Think it's a Mira Select BIV but the name has rubbed off. Any pointers as to where I should start...
  13. C

    Tap cartridge identification?

    Hi - I've got a quarter-turn cartridge that I'm trying to identify please - 35mm x 58mm. It's about 25 years old and uses square profile o rings.... can't find anything online that matches and unfortunately don't have original manufacturer's details. Many thanks.
  14. Sunnee

    Need help IDing broken concealed shower Thermo Cartridge

    Hi - I'm a rank amateur DIY'er with plumbing, with practically 0 skills & I know next to nothing about it, but a few weeks ago our concealed shower's thermo cartridge finally seized completely solid. With little time or skill to try to fix the issue, I then made a rooky mistake and accidentally...
  15. S

    Dripping tap. Can’t access cartridge.

    I have a dripping bath tap. Seperate to the spout. Quarter turn level tap from the wall. I need to change the cartridge as it’s dripping lots but can’t seem to work out how to remove the housing. Has this been installed badly behind the tiles?
  16. D

    5 min of hot water in shower after cartridge change

    Our master bath shower had two shower heads. One was leaking/dripping so our plumber changed both cartridges since he was already there. That fixed the leak, but ever since one side gets too hot and the other side only stays hot for 5 minutes before slowly getting colder and colder. Our plumber...
  17. O

    Shower cartridge stuck

    Hi, I have a Aqualisa Midas thermostatic shower that has a very stiff temperature control. I have taken off the control knob and unscrewed the small cartridge screw with a hex key, but the cartridge is stuck fast inside the valve. I think it's a build up of limescale over several years and it...
  18. N

    Changing Cartridge in Shower Mixer

    Hi. I have Charlton Mixer Tap in my shower i.e. thermostat and water control. I need to change the cartridge in the tap as it is dripping badly. However, I'm really struggling to access the cartridge. The way to remove the tap appears to be to unscrew the chrome covering i.e. this will bring...
  19. Ivington

    Dripping tap cartridge replacement but problem eventually returns

    I have a dripping tap that was getting progressively worse over the period of about 4 to 6 weeks and have replaced with a brand new cartridge on 2 separate occasions, but after 4 to 6 weeks the problem returns.
  20. D

    Need help identifying shower control and cartridge?

    Single handle no markings any where. The seat rides on a cylinder and is concaved or valley shaped instead of flat. Been too every pro plumbing supply store and box store in town no help.
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