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Hi guys,
A layman here. Have got this gas heater/boiler at home and it stopped heating hot water. The real estate is getting a new boiler but I'd like to ask anyway. I was told that if I hold the reset button for about 10 second I should have a hot water regardless if it works but the tap must be opened. I did that but the LED where the radiator setting is started to flash and the water was still cold but it wasn't the freezing one from the cold water pipe. Is there a way how to get a hot water from this awful thing? It's probably going to take a week before they fit the new one as the call on visit is scheduled for Monday. I have had an issue with that before and it looked like the temperature gauge that suppose to take readings from the heating circuit showed me high temperature while the radiator were cold when I opened the sink hot water tap. A plumber replaced a sensor and it worked fine then. I was told that there is air in the circuit and the radiators need bleeding but it shouldn't affect the hot water flow imho. Thanks!


What colour is the flashing light.

Green flashing - fan pressure switch fault
( give the boiler a good bang on top right hand corner [ fairly hard ] - might fix )
Orange Flashing - insufficient system pressure
Constant orange - you cant fix being a layman
Constant red - try reset, if it fails you cant fix as a layman

Hope this helps
Hi oz-plumber,
Thanks for the advice!
Orange flashing I'm afraid. There was also a little leak when I tried to use both sink and shower hot water at the same time because the sink hot water worked while the shower was freezing cold for a couple of days before both stopped working. The pressure drops to 0.4bar every time after the heating sequence stops and the boiler also started to resonate after the plumber visit(a good bang??). Before that the heating worked just fine and the issue was only the hot water. Also the washing machine(uses the boiler, not electric) was being filled with water but last week it was really a lot.

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