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A question is an utterance which typically functions as a request for information, which is expected to be provided in the form of an answer. Questions can thus be understood as a kind of illocutionary act in the field of pragmatics or as special kinds of propositions in frameworks of formal semantics such as alternative semantics or inquisitive semantics. Questions are often conflated with interrogatives, which are the grammatical forms typically used to achieve them. Rhetorical questions, for example, are interrogative in form but may not be considered true questions as they are not expected to be answered.

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  1. tamzbackforalook

    I don't have a question

    Long time no see. Just thought i'd pop in and see what is going on in here since there is nothing on the telly.
  2. J

    Boiler sizing question

    The bigger the output of boiler Does say an 25 kw boiler have a bigger heat exchanger or more surface area in combustion chamber than say an 18?? What exactly makes a boiler haveva higher output??
  3. S

    question about TRV tabs

    my old comap TRVs hves a black tab and a grey tab, facing downwards, that can be moved up and down, next to the indicator point does these have any role in the correct use of the TVR ? thanks
  4. M

    Quick question - bath mixer in shower?

    Looking at a particular range (Vernis) of Hansgrohe taps and mixers. A 2 function bath mixer seems readily available but can only find a 1 function shower mixer. I will have a shower head and a separate hand shower so wanted a 2 function setup so I can switch between the two. Can I use the...
  5. Z

    Help with LPG Question

    Could anyone please tell me if I can transfer the LPG supply to the boiler & stove from a large outdoor tank onto a bottled LPG ? We’ve had to remove the large Flo Gas tank in the garden because we’re having a garage built in that area, so we purchased large glass bottles the kind that run...
  6. L

    Valliant VRT 350f night / day settings help

    Hello I've recently moved into a house with a Valliant VRT 350f. It is showing night mode (moon symbol) on Auto and a desired temperature of 15 even though it is day and my desired day temperature is 19.5. The date and time were wrong, but I've just managed to set these correctly and assumed...
  7. W

    First question... (probably of many)

    Hello, All. Complete DIYer here, but I'll try not to sound too ignorant.. I recently noticed that my shower pan had developed a rust hole. It wasn't huge, but I decided I'd better do the reasonable rational thing and rip the whole thing out! I thought, I can get an acrylic one from Bunnings and...
  8. O

    Unvented cylinder - usage question

    We have an unvented cylinder with a Horstmann Electronic 7 timer. The cylinder only serves a wet room which is very rarely used. The rest of the house is served by a Vaillant combi boiler. The timer on the cylinder is set to heat up water 3 times per 24 hours, which I think it is the default...
  9. S

    Vaillant boiler start up question……..

    Hi, I have a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 637 condensing boiler and its working okay, serviced about a year ago. Just something I noticed the other day, when the central heating program or hot water program (it heats an unvented cylinder twice a day) come on there is a 3 minute or so delay for the hot...
  10. D

    A question related to CO2 FGA failing on minimum rate.

    I am going back to a Worcester Greenstar 30 CDi Classic that's failing a CO2 emissions test on minimum rate only. I do adjust the gas valve but there is zero effect. I haven't mixed up the "min" and "max" adjustment screws. What could be causing this boiler to fail on minimum only? It's perfect...
  11. L

    Dishwasher plumbing question

    I have a problem with my dishwasher and I’m told there’s an issue with my plumbing. I’m after some help with understanding what the issue is (and what the solution is). My plumbing/appliance arrangement: My dishwasher is plumbed in ‘downstream’ from my sink. They therefore share a pipe to...
  12. P

    Drayton LP722 Controller Question

    Hi Ive recently changed an old UP1 controller for a new Drayton LP722. All working fine but the old white plastic extension back box with the wiring connection plate has had to be re-used as the programmer came without this. My question is can you still get these as the old extension box is...
  13. deepblue

    Worcester-Bosch 8000 repressure question (leak related)

    Currently have a 11yr old Ideal Plus35 Combi in the loft of a 3 bed bungalow serving 6 rads + UFH in lounge/kitchen. Had problems with leaks and pressure drops to boilers resulting in new mains supply pipe plus digging up internal floors. Still have pressure loss of c. 0.5 bar over 2 weeks in...
  14. N

    Circulation Pump Question

    As mentioned in my 'System Drain' thread the house has been extended in 1986. In recent years I felt the circulation was not as good as it should be . I have previously replaced a section of pipe when we had blockage at point where cold feed joins together with clean and drain, refill+...
  15. Z

    Syphon size question

    We’ve recently moved house and the downstairs toilet flush has packed up. I think the syphon looks too big for the cistern with the linkages to the handle all bodged with various bits of wire to make it work. Is there a way I can check the size of syphon that’s correct for the cistern?
  16. H

    Drain capping question

    Just before Christmas I started noticing a strange sickly smell in our Kitchen. To cut a very long and stressful story short it ended up being the result of a massive blockage in the neighbours drain (They are end of run, we are mid run). During our investigations we found that there is a...
  17. K

    American Standard faucet question

    I have an American standard colony 2 handle kitchen faucet. I am installing it without the spray attachment. My question is about the plug for the sprayer. Do any of you have any experience with these? The plug that was supplied just pops over the male end of the quick disconnect for the...
  18. R

    S-Plan Central Heating Installation Question

    I'm just putting this out here in case I am missing something. Can anyone think of a valid reason why a plumber would install a completely new S-Plan CH installation (apart from the boiler) but NOT install the necessary electrical control system to to allow the CH and HW to be turned on and off...
  19. G

    Steam Heater Question

    Good morning. I’m not a plumber but a homeowner trying to figure out an issue with an old steam unit. Basically, we bought an old house a little over a year ago. It has a complicated heating system that includes a steam unit that heats 8 radiators throughout the house (4 on the first floor, 4...
  20. L

    Oh no... another boiler noise question!

    We have a Vaillant Ecotec 415 system boiler, about 11 years old. It has been serviced annually (most recently in Sept 2021) and we've had a couple of issues with odd noises in the past (once just after servicing), but these have been resolved by a heating engineer tweaking something or other -...