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A question is an utterance which typically functions as a request for information, which is expected to be provided in the form of an answer. Questions can thus be understood as a kind of illocutionary act in the field of pragmatics or as special kinds of propositions in frameworks of formal semantics such as alternative semantics or inquisitive semantics. Questions are often conflated with interrogatives, which are the grammatical forms typically used to achieve them. Rhetorical questions, for example, are interrogative in form but may not be considered true questions as they are not expected to be answered.

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  1. J

    Washing machine inlet hose Q

    Hi My washing machine is 5m away from the water mains copper pipe/valve. I've currently got a long blue inlet hose connecting the washing machine to the copper pipe/valve. Is this OK or should I get more copper pipe added and then use a shorter blue in let hose to connect the 2?
  2. M

    Hi, gutter and downpipe efficiency question.

    On bigger shed roof areas would putting 2 spitters close together into a 90 deg bend and T Junction and then downpipe significantly increase the capacity of that length of gutter and downpipe? On open sheds we run the downpipe down the shed column, and there can be very large sq/m of roof to...
  3. G

    New toilet waste question

    Hi all, I had this installed by a plumber the other day and if I’m honest, I’m not happy really. All in flexis when i think it could have been rigid and solvent welded . Then a dodgy installed clip at the bend. I kinda went with it at the time but it doesn’t seem right and I’m going to call...
  4. Bolacha

    Question about sink plumbing

    Good morning! I'm replacing my sink and I have a question about the plumbing, hope you can help. When the old one was removed I was able to add valves and resume normal operation for the rest of the house. You will see from the picture the piping coming from the main valve is doing a loop...
  5. J

    F+E tank feed question

    Moved into an old house that has a vented gravity fed system (cold water tank and feed + expansion tank in the attic). I need to replace all ceased gate valves which is all of them... The feed pipe from the F+E tank to the oil boiler/radiators has a gate valve in the open position at the...
  6. T

    Thermostatic shower part question

    Hi, First time post so apologies in advance if this is not in the correct part if the forum. I’ve got a Thermostatic shower where the cartridges have ceased up and the fascia has some scale / wear and tear and I’m looking to replace it. For the life of me I cannot find any info or branding on...
  7. N

    Cylinder question any help

    i was called out to a fault on a cylinder coil had failed that’s fine But from pics some one has put a 3 port and zone valve on both wired up so a bit confusing
  8. C

    Marley 95 degree Branch question please

    Hi folks, Attached photo of Marley 95 degree branch. Could anyone in the know let me know if the collar at the bottom where it enters the concrete floor of my bathroom is a separate piece please? Directly below the branch is a Salt glaze pipe, am I right in thinking that collar at bottom of...
  9. P

    Joint question as not seen this type of joint before.

    Hi I have a leaking joint on my mains supply. The joint is where a metal service pipe is joined to blue mpde. I have never seen a joint like this before. It says it is a 25mm or 3/4”. The joint has a tapered ridged insert but when I put 25mm mpde onto it, it is very loose. Not sure if something...
  10. joulevaillant

    A dumb question on conventional heating

    Hi, I have a conventional heating system consisting of Vaillant ECOfit (vented) and a Joule Cyclone air indirect (unvented) boilers. I had observed last winter that the Vaillant boiler was just used to heat tap water (though it has controls to set temperature for radiators as well) and Joule for...
  11. ollie74

    Boiler Expansion Vessel Question

    Hi, I have a Glow-Worm Easicom 28 boiler and i had to get a new 8 litre EV (expansion vessel) for it, which has arrived. i did check with the seller to ensure the new EV was correct for my boiler and he said it was. the query i have though is, on the original faulty EV, on the sticker, it says...
  12. M

    Not plumbing but a parts-related question!

    I'm looking for a shop/store to buy spare A/C parts in Lewisham. I'm looking for a compressor and electric board, if anyone knows of where to get them please let me know
  13. F

    Delta O2 "Touch" kitchen faucet question

    6 years old. Never a problem until it sprung a leak recently. Took the solenoid apart, cleaned things up, put it back together and no more leak. So that is not the issue. In fact, there is nothing wrong with it now but I would really like to understand how the darn 'touch' 'off' toggle works. It...
  14. J

    Boiler and heating question

    Hi, I have a question about my s plan heating. I have a Worcester 35cdi erp boiler connected to 2 heating loops and an unvented indirect cylinder via 3 switch values. If I have the radiator heating on and water heating on the system doesn’t close the heating or water switch values. So doesn’t...
  15. D

    Magnacleanse question

    Hi Hoping someone can help. Had a new boiler fitted and suspect engineer never carried out magnacleanse tho was quoted. Any suggestions to know or what could do? Thanks!
  16. S

    Question about leaking toilet

    I noticed a leak in a toilet in a house I have recently moved into. One of our other toilets is the same but is not leaking from this same "fitting". I gave the leaky one a quick turn to tighten it and it seems to have stopped leaking. Should I have done this, and what is this fitting for...
  17. D

    Dry venting question

    I cannot vent behind wc because wall not thick enough. Can I cross over to opposite wall 6' away with a 2" ?
  18. J

    10 Question ACS Test

    During Covid I had to undertake a phone consultation to pass my Gas Safe Inspection. I failed dismally even though I have over 35 years experience! I am extremely knowledgeable in my industry, but when the pressure of having to answer rapid fire questions over the phone, and with an expectation...
  19. B

    Foam insulation wrap question

    Hi everyone, I have bare pipes under the kitchen sink and also in a cupboard next to my bathroom. Is it a good idea to put foam wrap on them and if so should the wrap be on both hot and cold water pipes or just the hot water pipes? Thank you any advice would be appreciated.
  20. tamzbackforalook

    I don't have a question

    Long time no see. Just thought i'd pop in and see what is going on in here since there is nothing on the telly.
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