The Main (German pronunciation: [ˈmaɪn] (listen)) is the longest tributary of the Rhine. It rises as the White Main in the Fichtel Mountains of northeastern Bavaria and flows west through central Germany for 525 kilometres (326 mi) to meet the Rhine below Rüsselsheim, Hesse. The cities of Mainz and Wiesbaden are close to the confluence.
The largest cities on the Main are Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach am Main and Würzburg. It is the longest river lying entirely in Germany (if the Weser-Werra are considered separate).

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  1. K

    Main 24HE constantly cutting out and firing back up on HW and Heating and intermittent flame failure light.

    I am having a problem with my main 24he boiler where the flame is constantly clicking on and off with the heating and when using hot water. Some times the flame failure light comes on but it ignites again after a few seconds. The plumber has changed a couple of sensors on the boiler and checked...
  2. Sannie

    URGENT Soil Pipe Connection

    What size coupler do I need to connect soil pipe to main drain - please see photos
  3. D

    Main Eco Compact vs Worcester Bosch 1000

    hi everyone a local installer has recently quoted me £3,660 for a complete install using the main eco compact 25kw boiler i have also been waiting for more feedback and reviews of the new worcester bosch 1000 which seems to be getting quite positive initial feedback, and a few criticisms which...
  4. C

    Main combi 30 HE Safety thermostat

    Hi All, I have the boiler above and the safety thermostat has snapped at the plastic cable right where it means the thermostat. This looks like it was originally all one part but can’t find the replacement harness and thermostat only the thermostat on its own with two electrical connections...
  5. Naseemkhan1682

    Converting house into flats, do I need larger main pipe?

    Hello, I am converting a house into 11 flats run by electric only. Each flat will have a kitchen and a mini electric boiler to power the sink and the shower. We were told by a plumber that we would require a 50mm diameter supply from the water board, this is quoted at £11,000. We have also...
  6. H

    Water in main street valve

    Just moved into a house and I was going to install a new shower. I went to turn off the water on the street there was water in the drain, should I be concerned about this
  7. delaneybob

    Is this a main line and water meter

    Hi- In an apartment and the attached picture is what I have. I am looking to install a magnetic descaler on the main water line and want to know if the cylindrical thing is a meter (I don't pay for water as part of rent) and why the ball valve is 1/2 shut on what appears to be the main pipe I...
  8. C

    Main drain stoped up

    So I have a main drain that is plugged up in my apartment complex I rented a snake got it unplugged then flushed toilet paper down the toilet then it plugged right back up (I have the man hole cover off out on sidewalk ) anyway so I snake again I can feel the end of snake hitting something about...
  9. S

    Main Boiler circuit fuse blowing.

    This morning woke up to no central heating, but the hot water had been on earlier in the morning. I checked the programmer and it was indicating CH was on. Went to the room thermostat and it didnt click when rotated, but then started clicking without any input. I had a spare room thermostat...
  10. I

    Main combi eco 30 pump overrun

    Hi, I have noticed recently that when the central heating, set at 60 on boiler, goes off the pump no longer overruns for the period of 3 minutes like it always has. Is this a problem? With the dhw it does the 1 minute overrun still. Thanks.
  11. R

    Sediment Filter on main supply Block of Flats

    Hi all, I'm on the committee on a community of owners for an apartment complex in Spain. It consists of 130 apartments. We have continual problems of sediment in the incoming water supply, blocking aerator in the taps, filters in shower mixers and even flexible pipes. It's a common problem...
  12. P

    Is a Main boiler a Baxi? Yes or no

    So, we were quoted for a Baxi boiler by a local boiler man. He came out and installed a Main. He said it's a Baxi. It's not what we were quoted and he's saying that they're Baxi. I understand they're part of Baxi but they're not actually Baxi boilers right!? He also told us he needed to sort all...
  13. J

    TRV and main thermostat

    I have a Nest thermostat in my hallway which gets affected by the front door opening and closing. This thermo operates one zone (downstairs). I have one radiator the other side of the door to thermo. I have another in the study and two more in the lounge. None of the radiators have a TRV and...
  14. W

    Do I need to shutdown water heater if main is shut off?

    I noticed the other day, I had to repair a leaky valve that fed water to the refrigerator and washing machine. I noticed after I turned the main water off, that, after cutting the pipe... a bunch of hot steaming water came out. I didn't expect that to happen. Another Texas winter event is...
  15. N

    Main combi 24 HE, heating starts and stops

    Hi All, Hope someone can help with this one too. Main combi 24 HE, heating fires up as normal then stops after about 30 seconds. Any thoughts? Hot water works fine.
  16. S

    Baxi main eco 25 bolier

    Hi guys have a baxi main about 10 15yrs old. Have an error E1 33. Boiler attempts to power up when hit reset. Sometimes fire up after few attempts then goes to 71 temp for hot water and starts losing temp sounds like burner going off and on after temp goes down E1 33 appears. Had engineer out...
  17. L

    Main Medway Super: Not so Super after all

    As the header says, I have the Main Medway Super running my water heater for bath, shower and kitchen basin etc. I don't have central heating radiators as I prefer the WarmAir system I currently have. So, the Medway is now beyond economical repair and my fitter has advised a MultiPoint Combi to...
  18. C

    Extender for main shower on/off valve

    Hi all, Looking to fit shower panels inside the main walk in shower. Shower arm for the shower head will be fine with the extra 10mm the panels add but the 3 controls for the water flow/temp and hand held shower head at the other end will need extensions to the brass outlets Inside. I have...
  19. S

    Main Combi 30 Eco Elitie Temperature Issues

    Hi Guys, Just changed a sink tap for customer and when turned the hot water on the boiler temp rose to 90 within few seconds and burner cut out, temp came down to 78 and the boiler then fired up again and keeps cycling like this. Customer said this has been happening for a few months now, I...
  20. Z

    Main Eco Elite Sump Gasket

    Hello, I've got a Main Eco Elite combi with a gap in the sump gasket (pretty sure that's what they call the part) so POCs are escaping, so needs to be replaced. Has anyone got any idea how long this is likely to take? I can't work out if the hole heat exchanger needs to come out or whether the...
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