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  1. S

    Drayton Digistat 2RF - Heating & Hot Water not working

    Heating and hot water is not working. Plenty of heating oil. I have replaced batteries in thermostat and it seems to be working ok, showing flame to call for heat, and the receiver seems to be working ok with green light, but heating is just not firing. I really am not sure what the problem is...
  2. P

    URGENT Drayton Digistat No Working! No Heating Upstairs!

    Morning All I have a Valliant Ecotec Plus boiler which runs our under floor heating at ground floor and rads on the first and second floors. Both systems are controlled via a Drayton Digistat SCR with a receiver on the ground floor and the other on the first floor. All has been working well...
  3. S

    DT20RF digistat

    Hi all, I’m needing some advice. I’ve contacted Drayton but no response. I have a Greenstar 32cdi compact installed with a DT20RF programmer. The digistat is RF562. I think the digistat has been dropped as the screen is failing - no bottom line and the flame and ‘et’ is missing from the screen...
  4. R

    Digistat 1 Room Thermostat Problem

    So my Digistat 1 room thermostat is giving problems. Battery warning light on even with new batteries and I suspect I need to replace it - but with what? Short term it now wont switch on the heating so how do I bypass the thermostat and set the heating to on. There are three contacts Common...
  5. Audronius

    New Home Struggle - Vaillant Ecotec + Drayton Digistat

    Hello, Recently moved into a new rental place, struggling with the heating equipment. I'm not a plumber or heating expert, did the troubleshoot I could think of with no success so seeking help from more knowledgeable people here. Equipment: Vaillant EcoTec Pro 24 boiler plus Drayton Digistat+...
  6. stuart st paul

    Boiler not starting from one of four Digistat feeds

    House is in 4 x sections. 4 x Thermostats. I not starting the boiler. Have switch out the broken section to another section and it starts that other good section. Have put good pair on bad section, no start. Have pulled out the mass of wiring and checked all connections are good. They are. Have...
  7. H

    Drayton Digistat 1 Room Thermostat loses display

    I have a Drayton Digistat 1 Room Thermostat which ran out of Battery. I replaced with a new set and it ran out within a month. I've now replaced with another new set of Alkaline Batteries (GP Ultra) and it again ran out within minutes. Is there a short somewhere which is draining the Batteries...
  8. P

    Drayton Digistat + RF with Keston Combi boiler want to upgrade to Nest

    Hi all, Been researching to see if I can install a Nest 3rd generation control myself. I have opened up my existing Drayton Digistat and discovered the L is hooked up to 1 and I don't seem to have an earth. The system works with my wall thermostat calling the receiver, but I am just confused...
  9. J

    Drayton Digistat +1 problem

    Hi Can anyone help with this please? Not sure this thermostat is working properly. I turned it on this morning and temp in room was 21....thermostat set to 23 and heating came on but after only about a minute or 2 it went off!!! I then turned it up to 25 and it then stayed on but obviously...
  10. S

    Drayton Digistat +3RF Room Thermostat - HELP PLEASE

    Drayton Digistat +3RF Room Thermostat Moved into a house a few months back. The heating setup is controlled by a Drayton Digistat +3RF and a wireless reciever in the boiler room. Few issues: Temp reading on the digistat doesnt always appear to be correct. Heating comes on at random times...
  11. S

    Help with Drayton Digistat +RF Room Thermostat

    Morning hoping someone may have had a similar issue to mine to be able to help I have a drayton digistat thermostat and wireless receiver which stopped working and my plumber advised I needed a new set which was installed 1 day ago. However after replacing them the same issue is occurring that...
  12. J

    drayton digistat 1

    drayton digistat 1 the battery indicator is flashing low despite new batteries fitted can anyone advise please
  13. J

    worcester digistat problem

    i am trying to set a 5-2 (mon - fri, + sat/sun) timing for the central heating but can only get 7 day (mon - sun) flashing when trying to programme any help? Phill
  14. J

    drayton 1 digistat blank

    Hi all,New to this so bare with me.recently my digital went blank.replaced batteries and it came back to life!! Hot water but no heating still.I've read that the system has to be recommissioned before heating will return but not being able to find any instructions on how to do this I contacted a...
  15. B

    Drayton Digistat + thermostat

    Hi to all I have installed a new Drayton Digistat +, the question I have is if I set it to 19 and the display is reading 19.5 why does it keep firing up every 6 mins. I have noticed that in time when it reaches 20 it will turn of more often for longer periods. Do thermostats work within a...
  16. E

    Wiring a drayton digistat to a Worcester greenstar combi

    Hi there Can someone please help me I want to wire a Drayton digistat to a Worcester bosch greenstar 24i. According to Worcester Bosch , LR is wired to ON, LS wired to COM and NS TO N (neutral) but the thermostat doesn't seem to work. Have they given me the wrong info?
  17. A

    Worcester Digistat Optimiser DT10RF - error code

    Hi I have a 2009 DT10RF and we have just had to change the batteries and having done so we get what appears to be an error code on the transmitter which says EI5 or E15. Worcester told me I have to replace the transmitter which is going to be £140+. Anyone any ideas what the code means and can...
  18. M

    Worcester DT10RF programming issues

    Hi there, We have recently had the Worcester 28i Greenstar junior combi boiler fiitted along with the DT10RF and digistat controller. Firstly, am i correct in thinking that i need to set desired times on both the boiler itself (for hot water) and the digistat for the heating times and...
  19. T

    Digistat Frayton System water not heating for Kingfisher boiler

    Hello, . I have a kingfisher boiler and a separate iflo (drayton) wireless heating system. Recently the water has stopped heating up in isolation and will only heat up if the central heating is on. Previously I could heat water through the boiler without the heating being on i.e during summer...
  20. M

    Worcester Greenstar 30Si + DT10RF Digistat (MK II)

    Getting a bit confused about timer settings with my Greenstar 30Si and DT10RF Digistat. Previously I would change the timings on the boiler itself and all would be well. But I'm currently finding that the central heating comes on when I'm not expecting it to and certainly not within the time...
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