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    Banging pipes and trouble heating water

    Hi everyone, really hoping someone can help me as I’m a complete novice. I moved into a house over a year ago. The house has an open fire, and oil heating. however if we have the fire lit or oil heating on it has never heated the water. Every day we would need to switch on the electrical...
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    Central heating pipe banging new baxi 228

    Just installed a baxi 228 2 weeks ago flushed the system out as there was a fair amount of sludge ,boiler was running fine but now the ch pipes below are banging occasionally but kept them up throughout the night ,the boiler doesn’t even have to get to temperature on the heating .ive tried the...
  3. A

    Viessman Vitodesn 100 banging

    Hi guys, I have a Viessman Vitodens 100 heat only open vent boiler that was fitted around 4 years ago. It has been serviced when required and overall runs great and very efficient. However, at the end of last year we had an extension built and the flue had to be extended around 2 meters...
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    boiler mate 2 banging noises

    Hi I have a 20 year old Gledhill Boiler Mate 2 thermal store (BM2). It's been working with a Potterton 24kW Pro Max boiler for many years. It was recently inspected and all working well. The Potterton boiler died and was replaced with a Vaillant 32kW open vent heat only boiler, and the whole...
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    Honeywell Zone valve banging on closing

    Honeywell 4043H1056 just installed to replace ESi which was leaking. HW is banging on closing whereas ESi didn't!! Both are power opening, spring closing. HW was installed in the same direction in the return pipework. Arrow points towards the tank. Is that correct? Need another to replace my 2nd...
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    Banging pipes when not drawing water

    Hi I have banging water pipe when I am not drawing any water please can any one help as it’s driving me nuts Thanks steve
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    Banging cold water pipes.

    Hi all. So for some reason I started to get a random banging in what I believe to be my cold water pipes. There’s a clunk noise coming from what sounds like the stop tap/ water meter area every time I turn off the cold water taps in the house. But also we get the same noise coming randomly...
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    Shower making loud banging noise

    I am going to a job tommorow and the customer says there is a loud noise coming when using shower in morning and seems to change when opening a tap and stops after a few minutes. The 2 showers are on a pump that are no way connected to taps, although both are teed into hot and cold rather then...
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    new megaflow PVR bangs loud why

    i have had a new prv fitted on my megaflow 170L unvented tank when i turn on the hot water it bangs i have tried to pressurise but it makes no change
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    Banging pipes when flushing or using shower

    Hello! Bit of background: We live in a 3 storey block of flats on the top floor in a 1 bed, 1 bathroom flat (built around 1987). There is no gas supply and heating is via x3 storage heaters. We have a System boiler (?) with a tank in a cupboard next to the kitchen. The water pressure is quite...
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    UFH Manifold Banging

    Hi all, first post here so be gentle! We have recently installed UFH in around 60M2 of our house. It is a John Guest 3 port manifold assembly with 3 speed John Guest pump & Blending Valve. Each port has an electronic actuator head fitted. The boiler has recently moved into the loft and is a...
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    Banging Pipes After New Megaflo Cylinder Installed

    I recently had a new Megaflo unvented cylinder installed and have noticed that when the washing machine is running there is a significant banging noise coming from the pipework by the cylinder. This noise was not present before the new cylinder was installed. Could this be water hammer? Any...
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    Random clanking from cold water pipes

    Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help me. At random times throughout the day there is a loud banging coming from what I believe are the the coldwater pipes. It's not a central heating issue as it was happening prior to our boiler being reconnected, and it's not to do with flushing the...
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    Expansion vessel saga continues...

    Evening all, i’m looking for advice... Technical: I have PP150B Santon direct unvented hot water cylinder, cold water regulator at 3.5 bar and expansion vessel at 3.5bar. All the pipes are “clipped”. Information from plumber. I’ve only just moved in to my first house, which is approx. 13 years...
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    Banging expansion vessel when turning on taps

    Hi, had a new pressurised system put in about a year ago...long long story bu the guy whom put it in does not have the greatest aftercare available...lets leave it at that! Anyway, all is working fine with the exception of when the taps have not been used for a short while, if you turn them on...
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    Banging hot water pipes

    Hi, I have recently had a new bathroom fitted and ever since my hot water pipes clatter when it reaches it's temperature and shuts off the boiler. I don't believe it is due to the work that's been done but possibly due to the system being drained several times? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Boiler cuts off and makes loud bang sometimes

    I've been renting a flat I never lived in for the past 5 months. The tenants noticed that when using the shower the temperature of the water fluctuates from time to time. They turned up the water temperature on the boiler itself - which seemed to keep a consistent temperature when using the...
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    Banging noise from Glow-worm boiler

    Hi guys, I've got a Glow-worm Ultimate 30c making really loud banging, clanging noises when operating DHW and just after closing it. Apparently it happens also on heating but not as often and while there, I didn't test it long enough on heating to find out. The flow temperature on the display...
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    Firebird Oil Enviromax C35KW Banging and Gurgling after water drawn off

    The boiler was new 2014, we moved into it in 2015 with no paperwork for anything and we started hearing gurgling/ knocking noises after hot water was drawn off for up to 45 minutes afterwards. We have had the following work carried out:- New heat store thermostat New circuit board New hot...
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    Banging from hot basin tap when on low flow???

    Hi if anyone could help that would be brilliant. I've got a long banging noise coming from 3 basin mixer taps but only on the hot side when run on a really rate? I was going to change the tap washers but only being on the hot and all 3 I was wondering if someone suspected anything else going on...