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Looks interesting and innovative but falls short imo. Integrated rubber washer to basin waste is good as you can't knock it off and loose it down the back of the carcass but the rubber is thin and less forgiving than my "go to" macalpine . It also fails on the integrated connection to waste pipe. You have to push the waste pipe through the lip seal and then tighten the locking ring. I much prefer to put the nut, slip ring and compression rubber on the waste pipe first.
Not terrible but defo not as good as expected.



Gas Engineer
Brave trying something new. I have in the past strayed from mcalpine and regretted it. Would you buy one again or back to what you know?


I Bought 3, used one, other 2 now in the skip. Always happy to try something new but I won't be "straying" again...

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