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  1. DuncanM

    Fitting auto air vent

    Been advised to fit an AAV on return of a sealed system to try and keep air out of the HEX as it keeps error coding about circulation. Power flushed the system already, this is the next step. Anyway, usually fit AAV on positive side of pump so how far away from pump to make sure AAV does not...
  2. Gasmk1

    anybody know much about the cylinders with integrated air source heat pumps

    anybody know much about the cylinders with integrated air source heat pumps
  3. A

    Air Release valve size for infra network.

    Hi all, I have more than 500meter potable water network line connecting to buildings, tanks say 25 branches which installed underground-main line starting from 125mm HDPE SDR11 to 40mm HDPE SDR11. What size of ARV to be used at ground level inside 600X600 ManHole.
  4. LouiseSJPP

    Setting up Nibe VVm320 air water heat pump

    I have had a Nibe ASHP installed, F2040 and VVM320 indoor module. The manual for setting it up goes through how to do each step, but gives no overview. There are three different ways of setting internal temperature; by setting an internal level (or an internal temperature of a thermostat is...
  5. B

    Water heating pump keeps air locking

    Hi there First post so hope I’m on the right forum! Anyhow I have an oil fired Worcester boiler approx 13 years old . Heating system open vented is original about 30 years old micro bore pipes. Feed from boiler 28mm has manual bleed valve then splits into two 22mm pipe ...lower into Grundfos...
  6. M

    Worcester fan replaced, pressure now dropped / air in pipes / constant need to top up

    Hi, We recently had a Worcester compact system boiler repaired under warranty where the fan had failed. Since this has happened, the top floor radiator has needed bleeding constantly and additional water added to the heating loop. There's no apparent leak. I'm guessing the boiler is releasing...
  7. C

    Air Source and underfloor heating in old bungalow

    Hello. I’m looking for some advice. We had a 1960’s bungalow in Cornwall with a wooden suspended floor. The old oil builder is 20 years old and so we want to replace it. We were looking at a Air Source Heat Pump with underfloor heating but the more we look at it the more concerned we are that it...
  8. P

    Air getting in to sealed system . !!

    I am collecting air in one downstairs radiator which requires bleeding once per week and a small amount on the auto bleed valve on the hot water side of the system. However, there is no pressure drop until I bleed the rad which then drops about 0.1 bar. The system was flushed couple of months...
  9. B

    Secondary Return Pump Noise / Air ?

    Hi, Recently I noticed that we were running out of HW more than expected, perhaps it’s people are taking more baths but I wanted to check out if the pair of Vaillant uniSTOR’s were both heating, thinking that maybe I had a problem with one of the Zone Valves were not heating one of the tanks...
  10. W

    Warm air heating and asbestos

    Hi, I’ve just bought a property and doing asbestos survey and my father reminded me that about 15 years ago we ripped the 1969 warm air electric heating out of our house. I knew nothing of asbestos but he said not to breathe it in and hold my breath, as I carried chunks of it (I think it was...
  11. S

    How to check if air tight trapped sealed gully was installed as designed?

    I have a Zip water heater installed in a cupboard under the kitchen island. There is not normally any discharge into the Zip "font" in the worktop other than maybe a small amount of near-boiling water. The Zip guy accused us of chucking dregs down there, which I categorically deny. There is a...
  12. J

    Air gas/ratio valve and zero governor

    was just wondering whether someone could explain the purpose/operation/faults associated with one of these valves. Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong thread I did not know where to put it.
  13. D

    Air lock in open vented system

    Replaced pump on open vented system. Potterton boiler downstairs. Boiler work okay, while heating or hot water demands on as soon the demand is not there boiler will go in to lock out. When pump over run is on burner is off the boiler is bring more heat into the boiler or the air lock. It's...
  14. W

    Wirquin neo air trap

    Looks interesting and innovative but falls short imo. Integrated rubber washer to basin waste is good as you can't knock it off and loose it down the back of the carcass but the rubber is thin and less forgiving than my "go to" macalpine . It also fails on the integrated connection to waste...
  15. T

    Where is the air coming from

    Hi, I've had a water hammer / knock. I've done the switch mains off - switch all taps on - switch main on - switch taps off procedure. It worked, no water hammer. However, few moments later, I switched on the tap in the upstairs bathroom (it's a 3 storey victorian property) and lots of air came...
  16. R

    How is air getting into system?

    Just recently, our system seems to be taking in air, and getting very noisy around 6am when the water heating starts. Less noticeable when the CH is also on. It's a 25 year old reasonably small system with a gas boiler (replaced about 10 years ago) downstairs in the kitchen, the pump and...
  17. C

    Do I have to bleed air out of the water in the boiler?

    Hi.Drained the system today after running for a week or so with radiator flush in. Turned water supply back on but,stupidly only bled upstairs radiators...Now system is not getting warm and boiler only kicks in for short stints. Bled complete system and opened valve by the 3 way / pump.lots of...
  18. PDS

    Air source heat pump and UFH

    Hi Guys, I’ve been asked to fit an air source heat pump with unvented hot water tank, and UFH on downstairs concrete slab and spreader plates upstairs. Has anyone fitted this before and taken pictures so I can see a neat or workable layout please? Look forward to hearing from you.
  19. Inverness

    Gas pipe through air bricks?

    Can't find the regs on the gas pipe work installation. Any advise would be good? WhT if you are doing a boiler swap and the excisting gas pipe goes from the meter then through a air brick under the house?
  20. A

    How to Replenish Air Gap In Unvented Cylinder?

    I have noticed water dropping intro the tundish of my Megaflo Unvented cylinder. I believe I need to replenish the air gap. Do I need to switch both the levers/valves off in the pictures attached before starting the process? Thanks in advance.