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  1. T

    Unable to get air lock out of Hot water system? Please help!

    Hello just wondering if any of you can help me, I’ve fit a drain off and double check valve on the CW mains at the base of a twin immersion heater I’ve refilled the cyclinder and unable to get any hot water, I’ve tried the hose pipe trick for 2 hours and still no luck l, also tried turning the...
  2. L

    Air Admittance Valve question for bad smell

    Hi Everyone, We have a new house that may not have been piped correctly. There is a sewer smell in the laundry room and I am thinking of adding an air admittance valve to the standpipe in the laundry room since I do not know if the drain is connected to a vent pipe. Would that be okay to do to...
  3. whatsthenews

    Combi system.One radiator getting air in

    New Combi system (boiler and microbore re-pipe)about a year old. All radiators have TRV's apart from one of the bathrooms Started noticing a single loud bang,possibly from the hall radiator shortly after radiators have gone off. I say possibly because the radiator in the room above the hall...
  4. Meady

    Filling loops + automatic air vents for sale.

    I have 16 x Tradefix 15mm Straight Filling loops for sale, would like to sell them all together for £90 posted mainland UK. I also have 17 x Emmeti Tecno Varia 1/2 inch automatic air vents for sale, looking for £10 each posted for these to mainland UK. Cheers
  5. E

    Fitted air con in bungalow

    Phew down here in Hampshire this must be the 3rd or 4th successive summer of blistering temperatures and very likely to continue every year. This subject is a difficult one to pigeon hole as many skill sets used in installations. Perhaps this forum should have a section on air con. Does anyone...
  6. gmartine

    ASHP air condtioning

    After a few restless days and nights I'm seriously thinking about installing some air con...don't know really know much about it but there are some pre-gassed kits about that are tempting pricewise but the iQool gear looks like Chinese cr*p or should I go for a traditional Japanese brand? Any...
  7. SimonG

    Grant Vortex Air Boiler

    Anybody had any experience with a grant vortex air? Apparently a grant blue flame heat only boiler linked to a air source heat pump. Customer wants one!
  8. M

    boxed in air admittance valve

    I'm renovating our upstairs bathroom. At the moment the soil stack is boxed in a corner within the room and exits straight through the roof. I was reading up on air admittance valves and I believe the regs say it has to be more than 200mm above the highest point of entry to the soil pipe. So I...
  9. A

    Is this pump installed correctly? Pictures keep getting air though the hot water.

    Hello everyone I was wondering if you could help me solve an issue I'm having with air in my hot pipes. I had a positive head pump installed in the airing cupboard as shown in the picture but it would not start without putting the shower head in the bath to increase the pressure. After a month...
  10. P

    Automatic Air Vents?

    Hello My new boiler has a built-in AAV. The old AAV in the airing cupboard upstairs is gunked up and not working. I assume there's no need to replace this..? Thanks Chris
  11. P

    Air Pressure Fault - Heatline Boiler

    Morning all, We inherited a c.2007 Heatline Compact boiler when we moved into our house. On Friday the boiler developed an air pressure fault. I first tested the air pressure switch in both the Common-normally closed and Common-normally open positions and both are working ok. I even tried a...
  12. S

    Air lock in toilet system

    All 3 toilets won't refill as there is an air lock in our system. They are fed from a water harvester in the garden. The water travels to a tank in the loft and then filters to the toilets. We've had it happen 3 times in the last 2 years. A plumber comes and attaches a hose to the sink tap...
  13. E

    Air switch leaking on whirlpool bath

    Hi, I have a Spa/Whirlpool bath and the on/off switch is letting water in from the top of the chrome switch. There is only a slight gap as can be seen in the first picture, but when showering, water gets into the switch and then comes out of the two small holes in the bottom of the switch, as...
  14. J

    Air inlet within the property regulation??

    Went to a property earlier today, the vaillant ecotec has a variable flu kit installed. The outlet of the flu goes through the roof, the air inlet in inside a built in side way with a plastic roof. I at risked the boiler and want to send the relevant regulation to the client explaining what I...
  15. R

    Air Admittance valve

    Morning all. Quick bit of advice, yesterady and this morning there was a musty smell in my downstairs loo. Ive had this problem before where it turned out the air admittance valve had failed. This was replaced and cured the problem, however, ever since the new one was fitted, the valve makes a...
  16. I

    UFH Air removal - Beginner's Questions

    Hi all. If I may, I'd like to ask some beginner's questions. The situation: We think we may have air trapped in our UFH system. Therefore, we're considering refilling the circuits. However, there are a few details we need to clear up first. First of all, we need (?) to buy some hose end...
  17. B

    Servicing for Arotherm Vaillant 15KW Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

    Moved into a new property around 4 years ago with full 15Kw Vaillant Arotherm ASHP setup, after quite a few initial teething problems seems to run well over last couple of years. Long term just wondering if anyone can advise on servicing (in Berkshire area). Are there any independent specialist...
  18. T

    Regulating a manual & automatic air vent valve from Emmeti

    I'm using a manual & automatic air vent valve from Emmeti. It has 2 caps, a gray one that suppose to be automatic and a black one (on the top) that is manual. I could understand if I suppose to let the grey cap (auto) closed all the time. Does one know how it works? Thanks.
  19. L

    System sucking in air - suggested fix is convert to closed - looking for more info

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here, a layperson homeowner, stopping by in desperation to try and get a better understanding of my options regarding a diagnosis. I have a conventional gravity heating system (cold water tank). British Gas put in a new boiler and replaced most of the other bits...
  20. R

    Cast Iron breather pipe - Internal air valve?

    Hi all, Anyone help on what part I need to get to fit to a 340mm diameter cast iron downpipe that does not serve the main sewage run? I'm told I need an ' Internal air inlet valve with rubber joiner'. The cast iron pipe will be cut, sealed then boxed in internally in a conservatory. Links to...

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