1. R

    How is air getting into system?

    Just recently, our system seems to be taking in air, and getting very noisy around 6am when the water heating starts. Less noticeable when the CH is also on. It's a 25 year old reasonably small system with a gas boiler (replaced about 10 years ago) downstairs in the kitchen, the pump and...
  2. C

    Do I have to bleed air out of the water in the boiler?

    Hi.Drained the system today after running for a week or so with radiator flush in. Turned water supply back on but,stupidly only bled upstairs radiators...Now system is not getting warm and boiler only kicks in for short stints. Bled complete system and opened valve by the 3 way / pump.lots of...
  3. PDS

    Air source heat pump and UFH

    Hi Guys, I’ve been asked to fit an air source heat pump with unvented hot water tank, and UFH on downstairs concrete slab and spreader plates upstairs. Has anyone fitted this before and taken pictures so I can see a neat or workable layout please? Look forward to hearing from you.
  4. Inverness

    Gas pipe through air bricks?

    Can't find the regs on the gas pipe work installation. Any advise would be good? WhT if you are doing a boiler swap and the excisting gas pipe goes from the meter then through a air brick under the house?
  5. A

    How to Replenish Air Gap In Unvented Cylinder?

    I have noticed water dropping intro the tundish of my Megaflo Unvented cylinder. I believe I need to replenish the air gap. Do I need to switch both the levers/valves off in the pictures attached before starting the process? Thanks in advance.
  6. J

    Kudos radiator air vent & blank plugs removal?

    Any tips for removing plugs from a new Kudox radiator?
  7. C

    Air in gas main

    Hi guys, running out of ideas for a site I'm currently working on. In brief, got a 4 year old school with air in the gas main in the science labs. For 4 years the teachers have been purging the gas in the science labs for about 10mins before they can use the bunsun burners. The next day they...
  8. J

    Grant Vortex Condensing Boiler air in fuel?

    hi I have a grant oil fired boiler that is approx 4 years old. Recently the burner has started locking out. If I press the reset button it will start and fire and heat enough water for a shower etc... but then locks out. Sometimes it will stay on for a couple of days and give hot water on demand...
  9. I


    Hello, I have already posted about this in a previous thread but it got hi jacked a little. I have a regular boiler with a header tank in the loft and the hot water is supplied by a cylinder. I drained the hot water system by turning mains feed off and turning hot taps on and draining the...
  10. R

    Air Lock in water pipes

    Hi there, Last week, the hot water (mixer) tap in the bathroom on ground floor stopped running. I assumed it was due to an air lock in the pipes. We have a gravity fed system, with a cold water tank at the top of the house and a vented hot water cylinder on the ground floor. We have a...
  11. W

    Air vent?

    hi all New to the forum and I am a diy homeowner doing as many various type improvements myself. Currently working in our downstairs cloakroom, wanting to lay a new floor and replace the sink and toilet. Excuse my ignorance, but not sure what this gray vertical pipe connection is? Looks like...
  12. N

    Air accumulating in system. No pressure loss...

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help... I have a system boiler (Worcester Bosch 18i - Unvented) in my garage. I am having to bleed top towel rad in house and magnaclean next to boiler daily. Air is getting into the system. I have no loss in pressure. I have removed the lower level rads in house...
  13. R


    I have a 20 year old boiler which I have been informed works efficiently. My pump is situated upstairs next to the hot water tank. In an adjoining vertical pipe there is a brass valve on the top to bleed air. There is no air in the radiators, and the little that accumulates in one is bleed...
  14. G

    Wolverhampton Hot Air System Upgrade

    Hi I have purchased a 60s bungalow with gas hot air heating installed underfloor. Hot water is supplied by an auxillary gas direct heater of dubious efficency all courtesy of Johnson and Starley. BUT. We like the look of it and it is effective. Reading up on this I wonder if the best option is a...
  15. D

    Pipe Threading or Press Fit for Air?

    Just curious as to which method most people use when fitting compressed air lines? We have always done it the old school way threading galv tube but have been told today our quote for a new factory was thousands more than a firm who priced the same job but using press fit. My only dealing with...
  16. K

    Can’t seem to get rid of air in my system

    Hello, Recently I noticed that my 2 living room rads were not heating up. All other rads in the house were. It was suggested to me by a plumber to turn the valves on all the working rads off only leaving the two living room rads on and they should heat up. Wait 20-30mins and then turn all rads...
  17. 6

    Single room Air con advice appreciated

    Hi all, been asked by a client to install aircon in a single room in their house. There’s a loft space above and ideally the unit would be wall mounted externally and ducted into the loft, with a ceiling grill in the room. Thinking about getting a Daikin/Mitsi Rep out to spec it, keen to hear...
  18. M

    air to air heat pump heating system

    Looking for advice, my son is moving to a house that has no gas but has an air to air heat pump heating system, the question is do you still need to balance the radiators? Any advice and links. Thank you.
  19. D

    Air and Micro Bubbles

    Have a new (6 mth old) ideal vogue system boiler doing heating and unvented water tank (megaflow) via 2 port valves, all rads have electronic trv's and a bypass fitted before the 2 ports (rads and a lot of pipework was new 3yr ago system was cleaned when new boiler fitted). Under normal heating...
  20. M

    Bottle Auto Air Value

    I need 3 auto air value for my CH system. Any suggestions to a good quality 15mm product. I was going to buy the unbranded screwfix ones but some of the reviews are terrible. Thanks folks.
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