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Hi Troops, I hope everyone is enjoying a well deserved Sunday off.

I've just purchased a VW Crafter MWB, my last van was Vauxhall Vivaro. I racked it out with Plywood shelfing purchased from Vanify. It was okay but I really like the look of Botts Smartvan. Never seen anyone have it other than pictures I've seen on social media. It's very expensive though, probably around 3k mark. Does anyone have any experience of it, or other manufacturers that do similar van Racking modules?

Other investment I'm thinking about on this Sunday morning is buying a pressing tool? What brands do you use? Anyone know any good deals? Brands to avoid? Good points & bad points? Just a general idea I guess. I'm just at the very beginning stage.

Everyone that has one that I know, absolutely loves them. I do particularly enjoy soldering, I have a 1st apprentice who I would rather learn how to solder first too which is a negative.

Sunday morning expensive thoughts I guess...


I've got Sortimo in my VW Transporter Kombi - not cheap BUT I can find everything and if I need to move shelves up or down I can

When I did research, I needed to make sure my Dewalt boxes fitted on the shelves - and found that not all were deep enough.

Hope this helps


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Bot are decent and there crash rated (which is important)

You could Go down the route or diy eg ply etc prob save around a k

have a look at novopress aco103 decent bit of kit upto 35mm and doesn’t break the bank too much


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Novopress runs Milwaukee batter

aco103 m12
Aco 203 m18

Timmy D

Gas Engineer
Ryoo send me a pm buddy. Might be able to help you with some second hand Sortimo racking.

Jim Goodenough

Hi thanks. How is this for size? Pretty standard? Which pressing gun runs of the Milwaukee battery?
Hi Ryooo, cool for size, excellent bit of kit, has Bluetooth so every press is recorded if you download the NovoPress app.

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