In common usage and in philosophy, ideas are the results of thought. Also in philosophy, ideas can also be mental representational images of some object. Many philosophers have considered ideas to be a fundamental ontological category of being. The capacity to create and understand the meaning of ideas is considered to be an essential and defining feature of human beings. In a popular sense, an idea arises in a reflexive, spontaneous manner, even without thinking or serious reflection, for example, when we talk about the idea of a person or a place. A new or an original idea can often lead to innovation.
Ideas embody the prototypes of objects and concepts of reality, driving civilization and governing the institutions of social life support, culture, spirituality, ideas carry a semantic weight, thus filling and motivating the purpose of the personality's existence with a special meaning.

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  1. S

    Possible Leaking Gravity Fed Hot Water Cylinder Valve

    Hi all. This ‘valve’ is at the bottom of our domestic hot water cylinder. Anyone have any idea what it is please? It must’ve been there for many years and seems to be leaking.
  2. I

    Any ideas to remove this tap?

    The unit underneath has no access to the tap and from measuring, the unit does not even go as back as where the tap is. The pipework is a mess. I think the only solution is to remove the sink as I don't think my tapex kit will get to the tap bolts from cutting from the bottom with my multitool...
  3. J

    Boiler or pipes STILL banging when CH is cooling down,any ideas?

    I posted in summer as HW system banged when cooing down it is now even worse once CH is cooing down but it's common between both systems any ideas folks, desperate now. Potterton combi boiler 10 yr old inherited 4 yr ago when I bought house, no issues until earlier this yr.
  4. ben_apprentice

    I tiled over my stopcock, I need ideas.

    Apprentice plumber here studying level 2 at college. Before I got into plumbing I tiled over my stopcock as I assumed I wouldn't ever use it, because all my outlets have isolation valves and I have an indirect gravity fed system in a small flat with a Stuart Turner pump (now as I learn more at...
  5. W

    Any ideas make or model

    Any ideas make or model. 👍
  6. R

    No fill loop, ideas on where to find one?

    Hi, We‘be recently moved into a property with a very old Potterton statesman. My husband bled the radiators last night…and since then he’s called all sorts of problems! There is now only one tiny radiator with heat in it. There is no pressure gauge on the boiler , I can’t find a full loop on...
  7. M

    Flip top plug stuck! Please help - any ideas!??

  8. R

    Any ideas on what this part is??

    Had a plumber in whilst I was on holiday to fix a leaking condensate pipe on system boiler but have noticed he’s also fitted something on my unvented cylinder on the return secondary circuit. I’ve circled the part on the two pics. Anybody got any idea of what this is? Plumber not returning any...
  9. G

    Any ideas? Unreliable heating.

    Heating issues. Had new water pump fitted 3 weeks ago, new 3 port valve 18 months ago, boiler is 4 years old. I balanced radiators when new pump was installed and for 2 weeks or so the heating and hot water worked a treat. 3 days ago, woke up to find neither working properly. Timer comes on...
  10. V

    New house, 1 cold radiator, I've run out of ideas, help!

    Moved in to bungalow recently and 1 radiator is cold. All the others get really hot when turned on. Gas system boiler, header tank in loft. I tried balancing, turning off other radiators, increasing pump speed, but best I could get at high pump speed is a tiny bit of heat in radiator, barely...
  11. Putlog Pete

    Need ideas for how to remove a very stuck soil spigot tail/cap

    I'm trying to pull a Polypipe SA62B access plug and cap out of the soil vent branch (which I think is a Floplast SP190). It's a bit of a cramped space and it feels VERY stuck. Any suggestions? I'm removing it so I can fit a pan connector. Three years ago my contractors installed my new SVP...
  12. U

    New Boiler - Ideas and suggestions

    Good afternoon all, Few days ago I woke up and I didn't have warm water nor heating. I did call British Gas straight away and they sent an engineer who came to have a look. The engineer managed to fix the warm water but he said it was not possible to fix the heating since he couldn't control...
  13. R

    URGENT Help! Any ideas how to level this corner basin?

    Hello, I’ve fitted loads of wall hung basins in my time but this one is defeating me. Whatever I do the front of the basin is much lower than the back and I can’t get it level. It’s and Ideal Standard basin with a vanity unity that goes underneath so it needs to be level. I’ve tried corner...
  14. H

    New filler valve rather loud. Any ideas?

    Morning all hope all is well. I recently needed to fix our leaky main bathroom toilet. I thought as I am taking the cistern off the wall I'd replace all the parts so I wouldn't have to worry about it for a few years at least. I installed a new flush valve and a new filler valve. Both work fine...
  15. MancAnt

    Any ideas regarding this part ??

    Hi all, Does anyone know what this part/valve is ? I know the isolator valve is at the bottom but dont know what the top one is... its making a rumbling noise on the fot feed from this part itself when hot water ran?
  16. C

    My grant 70 mk 2 heating pressure is constantly increasing in pressure. I have changed the heat exchanger as I believe that was the problem. Any ideas

    My grant 70 mk 2 heating pressure is constantly increasing in pressure. I have changed the heat exchanger as I believe that was the problem. Any ideas
  17. D

    Any ideas what this might be?

    I am wondering on the possibility of this soil pipe being made of asbestos. Before cutting with a dremel I decided it was probably better to get a second opinion on it.
  18. H

    Abnormally high water usage - need ideas

    Hello, Not strictly plumbing, but need your advice nonetheless as I'm out of ideas. We have recently moved into newly renovated apartment (victorian house converted into flats) with new individual smart meters under the pavement. According to the meter our monthly usage is about 20-25 m3 of...
  19. S

    URGENT Hi have a potterton performa 24he hot water flow is very slow. Have changed plate heat exchanger and made no difference any ideas?

    Hi have a potterton performa 24 he hot water flow is very slow. Have changed plate heat exchanger and made no difference heating is fine any ideas?
  20. D

    Drip from underneath boiler, any ideas?

    Hey all, just noticed over the past two days I have a dripping component underneath my boiler, it’s about 8 years old approx. I’ve tried to include as many photos as I can, any help appreciated
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