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We moved in to a new house (a 200 year old cottage) 2 months ago and had the boiler serviced just 2 weeks ago.

The guy said that the boiler has had some good money spent on it in the past and that it should be working perfectly.

However I noticed over the past few days that the water seemed to be struggling to be as hot as it usually is and today whilst having a shower (and again it struggling to get up to the temperature, which resulted in me having to turn the hot tap higher) it went completely freezing.

I've open the door to have a look and have pressed the overheat reset button at the top (assuming this is thermostat?) and also pressed the reset button on the RDB but we still don't seem to be having any luck.

Usually when we run the hot water tap the boiler makes a noise like an idle car engine and stops as soon as the tap is turned off.

Now however it is still doing the same function but not as loud - my assumption being that this means that the motor is running but perhaps it's just not lit? I don't know, I'm really no expert but would really appreciate some help as we're really struggling with no hot water!

Is there anything we can do?



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Surely a call to the person who serviced it so recently is your first out of call?


As above, phone whoever serviced it.

Note though that a service is exactly that, same as a car mot, only as good as the day it's done. It's not a guarantee that problems wont occur until the next one.

Let us know what the issue is though.


Being a combi boiler theres multiple fixes for this fault.From what you describe the fan is running without the fuel igniting.Could be as simple as a photo cell.
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Get the service guy back out and he will have you up and running in no time.The Grant combis are very reliable but they dont like sitting idle.Circulator shafts and diverters stick.

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